Upcoming Contest, Next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, SouthernGospelBlog.com plans to launch a contest to see who can come up with the best and most interesting predictions concerning Southern Gospel and its assorted luminaries in 2011. So get your thinking caps on, and start thinking up some great ideas!

(But don’t post them yet! Entries posted now do not count!)

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  1. Do they have to be serious, or can we get goofy?

    • I’m going to put either all of them or, say, ten of the best up in a public poll, so pick the one(s) you think would resonate with the most people!

      • Meaning they can be ridiculous if we want? 😉

        Also, how negative can they be, like if we’re predicting group turnover…

      • About the only one that would be safe to say on this site would be a prediction that Tim Riley gradually retires and phases Chris West in – but there, I just said it, and I wouldn’t count it as a prediction, either, since Danny has all but said that (even on this site.)

      • So we can’t even make jokes about something more drastic…?

      • NSF, it doesn’t matter, we’re all thinking them. I mean, even if you don’t think it in a mean way, it’s the most obvious thing to jump into your head when you hear “predictions for 2011.” 🙂

      • Thing is, I’m hoping for some creativity. If every submission is obvious, I’ll keep my word and give out the prizes I’ll promise . . . but it’ll be a one-time event instead of an annual one. 🙂

      • So we can predict things that we know won’t happen just to be funny? 😀

      • Funny is OK. Predicting that Rodney Griffin will retire from the road wouldn’t be. (And to quench any rumors, no, I’ve heard nothing of the sort; that was just the first random thing that popped into my head.)

      • You’re kidding me, right?? This is really a contest????

  2. Can we predict the Son will be shining at the Singing in the Sun in April?

  3. Can’t wait . . . gold city will have up to three personel changes, someone (perhaps several) will do Cathedral Tributes or covers (yawn), and there will be appearances by the Reunionized GVB – including as many out of work alumni that will work cheap!

  4. I’ll mention one rule that I already had in mind early, since it seems to have come up: Only the first comment with a given prediction will count.

    In this thread, we’ve already mentioned Chris West phasing into Gold City, Cathedral Tributes, and GVB reunion appearances. (But I don’t think any of those would have been winning entries, anyhow – I’m hoping that the winning entry is incredibly creative!)

    • Besides, entries posted here aren’t supposed to count anyway.

  5. This is going to be so much fun! I think I’m more excited about this then what I will have under the tree in the morning! I will predict this, Daniel will be editing, and deleting more posts then ever! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Monopoly!

  6. Daniel,

    Maybe you should wait until next Dec, and then have a grand prize for the prediction/s that were most true, or most closely fulfilled..

    I am reminded of a Pauline injunction here :-):

    “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge” (1Cor 14:29)

    • I like your idea!

  7. You’re kidding me, right? THIS is a CONTEST???