Jon Epley joins Inspirations

Jon Epley has announced on his Facebook page that he is joining the Inspirations, following Melton Campbell’s recent departure. Epley presently sings baritone for Jacob Kitson’s Statement of Faith; his replacement with Statement of Faith will be announced shortly.

Statement of Faith’s debut release was one of this year’s strongest debut releases—in point of fact, one of the year’s strongest releases, period. Epley is a solid singer and, incidentally, pianist, which means he would be able to fill in on any dates pianist/manager Martin Cook would have to miss.

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  1. There are still great things in store for the Inspirations! Keep the faith guys, God’s not finished with you yet!

  2. Jon is a good friend of mine and I know he will do great with them! I am super excited about his future in gospel music and hope that many people get to know the man who is very talented yet very humble. Good luck Jon! Excited to see you soon!

    • Looking back, this comment brings a chuckle or two. I think we all know who Steve is now, LOL! 🙂

      • Yes, this comment is indeed pretty cool in retrospect!

  3. Cool! I can’t wait to hear them with him.

  4. I think Jon will do a good job with the Inspirations, but I am sure Jacob Kitson and Statement of Faith will make a big statement in 2011 and will be a truly outstanding group….

  5. I wonder if they’ll enlist brother-in-law David Mann to sing with them….

  6. Jonathan says on his Facebook that he is singing baritone for the Inspirations this week. Is he for sure a permanent replacement? Where can this be confirmed for sure?

    • I am in a position to know and have confirmed it with a variety of sources—and if you don’t believe me, check out who he lists as his employer on his FB page. 🙂

  7. Maybe Sam Epley will be the new baritone. He’s got a good range. Actually he would have been a good choice had the trio become a quartet. He’s a bass singer as well.

  8. What is going on with The Inspirations? They had such consistancy for soooo long and now in the last two years two new tenors, new lead, new baritone etc… new lineup every time I see them? Ilove The Inspirations but they Are Not the group they used to be. Nothing negative just disappointed. Martin what is going on?

    • Perhaps certain members, such as Melton, had a mental commitment that they were going to stay on the bus and hold the lineup steady at least through Archie’s retirement.

      • That is what I am thinking too Daniel! They were steady through Archie’s years. However, after he left, there has been several changes. In my opinion, the Inspirations sounded better last time I heard them than they ever have (Hosterman, Ragan, Campbell, Holcomb). I really think that they will stay steady after this change. I am looking forward to hearing the new lineup. Thanks for the heads up Daniel.

  9. Looks like David Mann is leaving the Blackwoods to join Jacob Kitson and Statement of Faith. The Blackwoods just announced his leaving to sing with his brother-in-laws, he will be replaced by Michael Helwig.

  10. I’ve been going to their concerts every time they are in the area since 1979(7 yrs old then:) and have loved them ever since. Saw the new group last night and at walking in was disappointed seeing another change but then then Singing and Holy Spirit filled the church and my honest opinion is….”Incredible”! i thoroughly love each one. The new baritone is GREAT!

  11. I just heard the Inspirations this past weekend and the new baritone Jon was wonderful! He fits in just great! The Lords spirit was definitely with them.

    [EDIT on second half: Let’s just not go there. Thanks! – Editor.]

  12. jon and his family used to come to my church and sing often. I think whatever group Jon is a part of that group will be honored by having them singing with them.

  13. I have been a fan of The Inspirations for years. I can always feel the Spirit of God whenever they sing. I feel they are not in it just for the money but they are christians and love God.
    However, my favorite line up was Matt, Melton, Mike, and Archie. To me, that was: The Perfect Inspiration Quartet!!!!
    I have heard Dallas and David and they were good singers as well. I plan on seeing them in Charleston, WV on 03/25/11 and am looking forward to good gospel singing but am very disappointed there have been so many changes in the group since Archie left.
    This doesn’t mean I am critisizing the new members, I’m sure they sing very well. It is just hard to get use to changes.
    The main thing is for the new members to be christians, know the Lord as their personal Savior and sing to his glory!!! I’m sure they are or I don’t think Martin would hire them.
    However, I agree with one of the other comments, what is going on Martin???
    I wish the new singers well and I also wish the same for all the former singers of the group. I really do miss Matt and Melton very much.
    Good luck to ALL CHRISTIAN GROUPS out there singing the gospel of Christ!!

  14. It really is not fair for people to ask, “What is going on Martin?” Especially when people do not know the whole story behind why a group member leaves. Martin Cook, or any other group owner and manager, does not control their singers’ everyday lives and the choices they make. Never judge a group or an individual when you have no idea of the facts behind certain developments. What if the problem was not with the group or manager, but with the individual? As fans we cannot be certain of any of this. And when a singer has to leave a group, I believe they also have to be replaced, and that would mean hiring a new face. I’m thankful that God and his message through song is not limited to certain faces and individuals.

  15. Can anyone tell me what Melton Campbell is doing since he left the Inspirations? Is he with another group? Thanks for anything anyone can share. I sure enjoyed Melton when he was with the Inspirations.