The 2011 Southern Gospel Predictions Contest: Nominations

What do you think will happen in Southern Gospel in 2011?

It’s been a few months, so it’s about time for another contest here.

Entry rules:

  • Submit as many predictions as you like.
  • Don’t submit a prediction that someone else has already submitted. Only the first entry of a given prediction will count.
  • It’s OK to email/message your friends to ask them to vote for your entries; just remember that if you do submit multiple entries, this might result in splitting your votes.
  • Don’t predict any specific lineup changes for groups. That would be like predicting that one of your co-workers would quit or get firedβ€”even if you see it coming, some things are better left unsaid! (Speaking of this, I actually have one specific prediction in mindβ€”that involves a group that has had a steady vocal lineup for most of my lifetime. I will refrain from posting it for this reason, but I have shared the prediction with several regular commenters here and can refer to them and to this somewhat vague reference if it comes to pass!)

Nominations will be open for about 48 hours; two days from now, Lord willing, I’ll close nominations and post a poll with either all eligible predictions or the best of the predictions, depending on how many submissions there are and any technological limitations of the polling software.

At least three CDs will be given away in prizes; five will be given away if there are more than 10 submissions. The three or five participants whose predictions receive the most votes will get their pick (in order, with the highest vote-getter picking first) from these CDs:

  • Kingdom Heirs, True to the Call
  • Bishops, Great Things
  • Legacy Five, Heroes of the Faith
  • Mark Bishop, Everyday
  • Kingsmen, Good Good God
  • NQC Live Vol. 9 DVD/CD

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  1. 1.Live bands will experience a resurgence in Southern Gospel Music and many top tier groups will resume carrying one.

    2. Bill Gaither will take a role in planning and strategizing for NQC.

    I thought i’d get my wishful thinking predictions out of the way first.

    • These are both valid entries – and to quote the man himself on #2, “Why not?” πŸ™‚

  2. The Collingsworth family will ink a deal with Lari Goss and begin work on a brand new project. This would be a big step for the group even if several other artists have done it this year. It could potentially be what launches them into the big, big time.

    • This one’s a valid entry. I’d love to see it happen!

    • I knew this one sounded vaguely familiar; it was Megan’s submission in the 12 days of Christmas contest last year:

      • I knew somebody had wished it at one point. However, I think the group is coming closer to the point where that particular wish might come true. πŸ™‚

      • That’s great! I had completely forgotten I submitted that! I’m still hoping for it though!

  3. 1. A virtually unknown group by the name of the Dunaways will get their first #1 song on the Singing News Charts with the song, “When There’s No Hope, There Is Grace”.

    • I assume this was somewhat tongue in cheek? SN’s website is listing it as #1 on the February 2011 chart. πŸ™‚

      But I suppose it can be valid if you want it to be! πŸ™‚

      • I wouldn’t call The Dunaways virtually unknown either.

      • Chris, to individuals like us you are correct, but to the majority of Southern Gospel fans I would venture to say they don’t have a clue.

        But the success of that song should change that.

      • Thank you Chris. 20 years of singing and more than a few charting songs … before that #1.

        I think there are quite a few more folks out there than just the ones you think count.

  4. It is nice when you already have a few facts to properly predict events in 2011. And yes, consider my original post tongue in cheek.

    • Ok, fair enough! You nearly had me there for a minute, and then something rang a bell and I decided to double-check before replying! πŸ™‚

  5. I was so excited about this I only slept a little over 8hrs last night! πŸ™‚ Here we go!

    #1. Daniel will delete at least 4 of my posts this year.
    #2. Daniel will once again see me at NQC and pretend he doesn’t know that I’m sourceofpower. πŸ™‚ (Fun, J/K)

    #3. The Bishops will Re-Unite but Phil Cross will sing the baritone, (2 great song writers in the group, might compete with Greater Vision)I don’t think the dad will ever come back. Everyone else has re-united they should as well!

    #4. We are going to see an increase in “Circus Acts” in SGM more “Stunts” with Daisy the Dancing Dog, as well as 13 children singing, and trying to cram into a VW along with a Sound System! (If you can’t sing you have to be tricky)

    #5. Daywind will be making huge changes in their company, possibly merging or selling.

    #6. Bill Gaither will be a guest judge on “American Idol” (wishful thinking) Bill Gaither will sell more DVD’s/CD’s then anyone else in SGM. (That was an easy one)

    • As to #2, if you set up your avatar ( powers avatars for most WordPress blogs, including this one), there is a better chance I would recognize you. πŸ™‚

    • Let me put it another way: If I did meet you at NQC, you didn’t look the lightest bit like the ghostly image next to your username. I would surely have noticed that!

  6. Southern Gospel Blog is gonna have a record number of readers/hits during 2011.

    • Valid prediction, though if you’re talking about daily/weekly/monthly records, hopefully it isn’t for as sad of a reason!

      (When Tony Greene passed away, the Greene’s site and Singing News’s site both crashed, but my server held up, so people ended up coming here for the updates, and set an all-time record.)

  7. LOL Thats funny Daniel! I love it!

  8. Not the sad part the Avatar part is funny.

  9. Prediction: The revived mercy’s mark will catch on and do more dates than expected!

    Bonus prediction: a retired Tim Riley will join MM for a few select dates

    • Yeah, that’s a very good prediction.

    • Steven – both valid predictions! Do you want me to combine them into one (combine your votes) or put them in two separate poll options (chances at winning two)?

      • Lets have them be two separate options or whichever is easiest and is most clear.

  10. Daniel will start a quartet (and won’t sing tenor). πŸ™‚

    • Rolling on the floor laughing Andrew… πŸ™‚

    • Remember, Ernie was told to change to lead that he would never make it as a tenor. He ended up being tenor in one of the tops groups and co-started his own top group and sings tenor. Hmmm. πŸ˜€

      • Ha!

        No, my range is undeniably more naturally at the second tenor/lead spot. I only sang the tenor part because (a) it was a Danny Funderburk song, therefore it wasn’t all that high and (b) there were two other lead/baritones, and no tenors at all.

    • This will wake Brian Free up again.

      • Is that a 2011 prediction entry? “Brian Free will wake up”? πŸ™‚

      • Still waiting for my “Andrew, valid prediction.” πŸ˜€

      • I guess, if you want it to be πŸ™‚

        . . . but I can tell you that it’s not happening.

      • Nooooo… just picking.

  11. I thought I remembered seeing a clip of Daniel singing tenor with a group of guys. However, I have searched and cannot find it.

    • Well I remember that he and a few other bloggers did a quartet rendition of “Boundless Love” at NQC one year (Aaron Swain sang bass I think). They even got Brian Free’s attention! πŸ˜†

      • Yes, the clip exists, and yes, you cannot find it. πŸ™‚ NSF – the issue wasn’t my pitch, but that my voice naturally is so much louder than the others that they were having a hard time finding their parts. πŸ™‚

      • LOL! That’s funny. I remember thinking that you did much better with it than I would have done.

        I would love to see the video again, though.

      • I thought you didn’t allow fibs to be posted on your blog.

        You were louder, though, it’s true…as in “calf in a hailstorm.” :o)

  12. #1. Mike Huckabee will make a surprise appearance on stage playing bass with Legacy Five at NQC (perhaps just before or just after announcing a run for president in 2012).

    #2. Guy Penrod will release his much-anticipated follow-up solo release (and Daniel will refuse to listen to it because it’s not 100% gospel in content…at least he won’t ADMIT to listening to it!). πŸ™‚

    #3. Daniel and I will have at least one theological disagreement/debate across at least two blogs.

    • Oh yeah, one more….Gold City will go ahead with their release of the Mike English cover of “Heaven,” only with Craig West featured, and it will be singled.

      • It would make a lot of sense to feature Craig West on “Heaven” because he sounds so much like English (except I enjoy Craig’s voice more).

    • Kyle – all valid predictions! I had to laugh at #2 – entirely true. And in point of fact, I do not have and have not listened to Guy’s Breathe Deep project, though I have heard some of the 30-second clips that played in the background on his site.

  13. Gold City will have a personnel change. I am not wishing that for them, but with the way things have gone think it is a reasonable prediction.

    • Sorry, I can’t put this one in the poll – re-read rule #4. πŸ˜‰

      • I guess I looked at the first two rules, so “re-read” isn’t accurate. It should be more “read”. πŸ˜‰ However, I never made a specific change (as in member X will leave or be fired). Nonetheless, I wasn’t so much entering the contest as predicting. I do want to go on record as saying Gold City has been one of my favorite groups since the early eighties. I wish them well. I know sometimes changes are inevitable (not always). I have no idea where Gold City’s fall, but was just looking at their recent (last few years) history. I meant no harm or slam towards Gold City or its members.

      • Got it.

  14. 1. TaRanda Greene will become a featured vocalist on the Gaither Homecoming tour.
    2. Sisters & the Booth Brothers will record an album together (the Brothers & Sisters idea).
    3. Roger & Debra Talley will come off the road.
    4. Mike Hopper will sing full-time.
    5. Tim Riley will join the Gaither tour to be in the bass section.
    6. The Hinsons will do a reunion tour. πŸ™‚
    7. Martin Cook will officially take on a “Jim Hamill” job with the Inspirations. He will be emcee and will play the piano on special songs.
    8. “Love Came Calling” will be the 2011 Song of the Year.
    9. Libbi Perry Stuffle will record a solo album.
    10.The Alaskan Homecoming/Majesty dvds (Gaither) will debut at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

    • I’m impressed!

      #4 is, actually, quite similar to the thought I had in the prediction I did not specify.

      #3 is ineligible under rule #4; all the others are eligible.

      • Daniel, I realized that it was ineligible after I clicked the submit comment button. How about an addition to make mine 10..

        The Collingsworth Family will make the SN cover.

  15. Ivan Parker will form a mixed quartet with existing well-known soloist for an evening of soloists and mixed quartet music. Janet Paschal is a most likely member.

    • Intriguing (and valid!) But I don’t know too many bass singer soloists . . . unless Ivan can talk Tim Riley into his quartet. Ivan, Tim, Janet, and . . . what shall we say, Guy Penrod?

      Now that would be QUITE the foursome!

      • Gene McDonald? Keith Plott?

      • Ah. Two very good ones there.

  16. Someone will bring up homosexuality on averyfineline and many of us will rehash the same arguments we have had the last few times it has happened. πŸ˜€

    • Terry, Daniel told us to be CREATIVE, remember? πŸ˜‰

  17. Quartet-man will buy too many SG CDs in 2011. πŸ˜‰

    • By the way, do you want this and the AVFL one to go into the poll / contest, or are these just for fun?

      • Well, this one would be subjective and since I have control over it wouldn’t be fair. On the avery one, I guess I will use Bill’s question and ask “why not?” πŸ˜€

  18. Rick Hendricks will do his thing if Kyle’s #1 prediction (December 28, 2010 at 11:38 am) comes true at the NQC.

  19. (1) The Kingdom Heirs new release in the spring with Jerry Martin on tenor will have at least two #1 hits on it.

    Mrs. Dianne Wilkinson writes some of the best southern gospel songs and I feel that their new album will have several of her songs on it.

  20. My prediction is a prayer that many lives will be ministered to through Southern Gospel Music in 2011. Hopefully more than ever before.

    • I suppose this counts as a valid prediction, even if it (except possibly the last phrase) is virtually 100% guaranteed to happen.

  21. A rumor will run rampant that Scott Fowler is running for office in 2012 and Scott will have to compose an “open letter” to quash said rumor.

    • Actually Clarence I predict that Scott will issue a letter announcing his intention before the rumor starts… on the 1st day of the 4th month of the year, to be precise. πŸ˜€

  22. Statement of Faith will (1)sign with Faith Music Missions/Bible Truth, (2) expand into a quartet, (3) add a pianist/fifth vocal
    Part B: The Epleys will become a major group, except without Jon.
    Actually, I just predict (off the record) that Sam Epley (Jon’s brother) will be the new SoF baritone.

  23. The Inspirations will record a song that doesn’t fit their usual sound and it will be a major hit(think Kingsmen/Wish You Were Here).

    • Valid – and intriguing! I’d love to hear that.

  24. The Singing Americans will hit the road with at least two members that were on board in the 80s.

    • Valid. If they get Danny Funderburk, I’d sure go see them!

  25. 1. A song about Heaven will dominate the Singing News charts in 2011 and spend the most weeks in the top 10.
    2. An averagely popular trio or quartet will quit, disband or fall apart.
    3. Tribute Quartet will soar to new heights in 2011.
    4. After Tim Riley’s retirement, the remaining members of Gold City will stay together for at least a year.
    5. Rodney Griffin will participate in a much tighter race for Songwriter of the Year.
    6. At the NQC, another conservative politician will make an appearance.
    7. The Booth Brothers will not “sweep” their respective vocal parts for the Fan Awards (obviously, favorite bass not included).
    8. Lari Goss will produce his last full project (for at least a little while).
    9. Daniel Mount will debate with someone about ( insert group ) on whether or not they are CCM, Progressive, or Southern Gospel.
    10. Someone will leave The Dixie Melody Boys.

    • I laughed at loud at #1!

      Do you mean to enter all of these into the contest? Or were some of the more tongue-in-cheek ones just for fun?

      • What? would #1 be too vague? Well most of them were fun. Ok, #2 and #3 were pretty vague. and i’m not submitting #9, obviously. Not everyone would ever know the results in a Favorite Songwriter ballot, so #5 has got to go. #4 and #10 are probably safe to happen anyways. I guess that leaves #6, #7, and #8.

      • Sounds good – I’ll enter those three!

        I could, of course, put in the incredibly vague ones, but I rather doubt anyone would use their vote on them! πŸ™‚

  26. 1] Bill Gaither will retire from a full-time singing position with the GVB.

    2] Tim Riley will take over the bass slot for at least one year.

    3] Bill will continue as emcee for GVB and as “Mr Home Coming” but announce details of “Last World Tour”

    4] EHSS will hire a full-time pianist as Wayne Hawn has too many committments to travel on all their tours.

    5] Ryan Seaton will form a new SG Quartet.

    6] RSGQ will release a top selling studio CD and announce a 2012 tour schedule.

    • #5 I hope Aaron McCune would be in that quartet.

      • You know, I thought about predicting that Ryan would start a group, but I just don’t know. It would be exciting if it came true though!

    • David, I think 3 and 4 are definite possibilities. We could be looking at Gene McDonald coming on board with the GVB as the official bass .

      As for who EHSS will ultimately hire as pianist… I will go out on a limb and say that they will land with Bryan Eliot. (I know this doesn’t count because it’s a specific group member prediction.)

      • NSF – do you want the Gene McDonald prediction to go down as an official prediction?

      • Well… isn’t that a little too specific also?

        If it’s eligible, sure. πŸ™‚

      • :shrugs shoulders:

        It’s borderline, naturally, but since it involves (a) a soloist (b) being added to an existing group (c) for whom he already sometimes sings, I think (c) gives me enough ground to say that it’s OK. He’s been singing off and on with them at different events for several years now.

        So, in my book, it’s less a “Bryan Elliott leaves Gold City and joins EHSS” sort of thing and more “Gene McDonald, who already sits offstage or in the artist circle and already sings with the GVB, starts standing with them when he sings. πŸ˜‰

    • David – I’ll be combining a couple of these (e.g. 5 and 6) since they’re so related, to give them a better shot.

  27. What? would #1 be too vague? Well most of them were fun. Ok, #2 and #3 were pretty vague. and i’m not submitting #9, obviously. Not everyone would ever know the results in a Favorite Songwriter ballot, so #5 has got to go. #4 and #10 are probably safe to happen anyways. I guess that leaves #6, #7, and #8.

  28. [edit – sorry, wrong blog for that sort of comment]

  29. #1. Riley Clark will be in the Top 5 for Horizon Individual. #2. Dailey & Vincent will record a gospel bluegrass album. #3 Tim Greene will come back on the road for a limited schedule. #4. Amber Thompson will win Young Artist.

    • 1. Riley Clark will WIN Horizon Individual

      • Josh – I rather hope so! I’m rooting for him, I think. (I only say “I think” because there’s an outside chance that I’ve forgotten someone else who’s incredibly awesome.)

      • If Gus Gaches is once again nominated; I predict he will win “Horizon Individual.” Riley will win though sometime in the future I am sure of that…

  30. Jamie Dailey did say on stage at a bluegrass festival that a gospel album and another Singing the Statler Brothers songs album was being planned for 2011.

  31. 1. Marshall Hall will get back into the SGM limelight in some way.

    2. The Isaacs will record a hymns-only project.

    3. Karlye Hopper will start singing more frequently onstage.

    4. The Sneed Family of Glasgow, KY ( and the Conquerors Quartet of Louisville, KY ( will gain more national exposure.

    5. Statement of Faith trio will become a quartet and obtain a pianist.

    6. Sheri Easter will write a book. (I included this in last year’s contest. However, after getting the opportunity to sit down with her early this fall and do an in-depth interview for my newspaper, I would love to see this happen even more.)

    7. Jimmy Yeary takes a more active role with The Isaacs group.

    8. Taranda Greene restarts The Greenes.

    9. The Talley Trio will become a quartet.

    10. The original Crabb Family will get back together full-time.

    11. Someone else wins the Singing News Fan Awards that Kim Hopper (favorite female vocalist/favorite soprano) and Rodney Griffin (Songwriter of the Year) have won for so long. I love them both and they have earned every single one of those awards, but I think it’s time for new people to gain some attention.

    12. Charlotte Ritchie’s solo career will take off more.

    13. Allison Durham Speer will either join or create a mixed quartet.

    14. Greater Vision will take some of the SN Fan Awards that the Booth Brothers swept with last year. Having Chris Allman back is wonderful!

    15. The Isaacs will record a tribute to Dottie Rambo project.

    16. Wes Hampton will come off the road. (This is NOT what I want to happen, just something I could SEE happening.)

    • Meagan – they all look to be valid except #16 (see rule 4).

    • I’m not sure Taranda will restart the Greenes, and a full-time Crabb reunion seems like wishful thinking with Jason’s solo success.

      But, as you and others have said, I predict that next year won’t just be a clean sweep for the Booth Brothers anymore. The monopoly has to end some time, after all!

    • Wes Hampton has stated many times that he will be with the GVB until it ceases to exist, plus he so obviously loves what he’s doing, so not sure how anyone could think this.

      • Just doing some random, silly speculation – JCW. I don’t really see him leaving any time soon either. However, life has a way of changing our best laid plans, so who knows what the future holds for Wes or any of us really?

  32. HeavenBound returns. Mark and Kenny, Jr. reform the Bishops. Some other singer from Faith Music Mission/Bible Truth will join a major trio/quartet (somewhat like Jon Epley).
    One I hate to see: The Dove Brothers go either partially or completely country.
    Here’s something I would like to see in 2011, but some wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be the same: a former Cathedrals member with the blessing of the Younce/Payne families brings back the Cathedrals name.

    • Wow, I can definitely not imagine a rebirth of the Cathedrals name! That would definitely be a big shock!

      • I hate to see the Cathedrals name disappear, but I would rather it stay unused at this point. Had Ernie, Scott, and Roger gone on to continue with the group THEN maybe keep the name. Even then, it would have been hard to swallow with both Glen and George gone, but it would have been easier than now. Let the Cathedrals legacy go on with us remembering them as they were.

      • I agree.

        One need look no further than the other most popular quartet of the ’90s to see the dangers of retaining a name after its leading personality(ies) come off the road.

        That’s not to say, of course, that it can’t be done – just that there are dangers. And since the leading former Cathedrals -the members from 1981 on – have done so well with their own group names, I’m in agreement to leave well enough alone here. πŸ™‚

      • Yep. What they said. The Cathedrals name was retired with dignity, and it should stay there. Better that than dragging it on until it’s just a token….

      • [edit] HeavenBound returns. Mark and Kenny, Jr. reform the Bishops. Some other singer from Faith Music Mission/Bible Truth will join a major trio/quartet (somewhat like Jon Epley).
        One I hate to see: The Dove Brothers go either partially or completely country.

  33. Interesting… wrong blog? All I said was that Tim Riley would never be a part of the GVB or the Homecoming Tour, that [edit]

    Doesn’t seem much different than the other entries . . .

    • It’s not so much what was said as how it was said. Please be as constructive as possible.

      • See if this is better. . .
        I predict that even more groups will adopt the super-produced sound of Lari Goss, and the sound will be very similar to so many others who have done it before.


        I predict that the most used subject matter in songs will be the same few bible stories that have been used in the past.

      • I suppose those are improved enough. Thanks for re-phrasing!

  34. I must say this has been a very interesting list of predictions. Some of these later posts got me to thinking, how bout the
    Ryan Seaton with Wes Hampton, Marshall Hall, and Gene McDonald I think this would really sell some tickets, and Mr. Gaither wouldn’t have to stray to far from his camp to push this “New Quartet.” Maybe call it the “Homecoming Quartet” now that would be fun!

    • That would be a really good quartet!

      • …Except that I’ve already predicted Gene McDonald will take over bass duties for the vocal band. But then this wouldn’t be the first pair of contradictory predictions here. πŸ™‚

      • Unless the GVB disband, i.e. Mark stops singing fulltime; David goes solo fulltime; Mike can’t sing fulltime; Bill goes emcee fulltime [as already predicted] and so…

        The four above form the “Home Coming Quartet” – some lineup too!

      • Yes, and since Wes and Marshall have already sung together, they already have that chemistry there. Gene is already a familiar face on the Homecoming stage, and Ryan would fit right in there as well.

        That could potentially become one of my favorite quartets!

      • sourceofpower et al, I’ll have to pass on this one since it’s so similar to several preceding predictions.

  35. 1. The Fan Awards will move back to NQC.
    2. The Mark Trammell Quartet will join Legacy Five, Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision in “Jubilee”.
    3. The Crabb Family will reunite.
    4. Caleb Garms will tour with Legacy Five singing his signature song, “I Feeling Fine.” πŸ™‚ (You don’t have to add that one; it’s just for laughs!)

    • Valid – I’ll add 1-3. πŸ™‚

      • I put number 3 (Crabb Family reuniting) as one of mine also when I posted last night! Good minds think alike!

    • Oops – when I replied to your (Garms Family’s) comment, I’d forgotten that Crabb Family reuniting had been predicted earlier.

  36. Another prediction: Groups will start including a “non-disclosure” clause in all hiring packages stating that anyone who leaves the group, wilingly or otherwise, is not allowed to discuss the reasons behind their departure/dismissal with the public.

    Also, Gold City will hire someone to handle public relations.

    • #1 is intriguing

      #2 – do you really want that going in the poll?

  37. (2) The Lefevre Quartet with the addition of Mike Allen will become one of Southern Gospel’s premiere quartets!!

  38. Some SG singers will realize how sad and/or mad they look on their CD covers and actually start smiling again… πŸ™‚

  39. 1)Southern Gospel’s decline will take a nose dive.
    2)A lot of people will hate the next Vocal Band release.
    3)There won’t be anything exciting to report in SGM so people will visit AVFL for a good laugh.
    4)A dutch SG trio will make it big…and be responsable for the #1 entry of this list.
    5) a lot of rehashed music will come out on Gaither video’s..oops DVD’s..
    6) It will be the 20th anniversary of the Gaither Homecoming concept.
    7) A lot of good groups will be unheard.
    8)Greater Vision will crank out a great record.
    9)Mark Trammell will rejoin GV.
    10)Rodney Griffin will focus on writing and family.

    • It looks like 3, 4, 6, and 8 are, at any rate, valid.

      I laughed out loud at #6!

  40. Here’s a good one. The Gospel Singing Jubilee TV program will return with Greater Vision, Legacy Five, the Booth Brothers, a fourth group (Mark Trammell Quartet or the Perrys), and also with a guest group on each episode.

    • Valid! I really like the sound of that one!

    • Samuel, when I commented earlier, I forgot that this was the second time this particular prediction was made in this contest. My apologies for forgetting!

  41. Hubert Cooke will acquire recording rights to country song Roll On Big Mama due to an unforseen shortage of good mama songs in the southern gospel genre. Tongue in.

  42. [Edit, edit, edit, EDIT!!!!]

  43. I got anothe good one! A new southern gospel blog will be started. And it can’t be mine since it was already started. Okay, so maybe valid for my new blog would be that it becomes another popular blog in 2011.

  44. All right, we’re past 6:00 now, poll preparation is under way, and prediction submissions are closed.

    The thread will remain open for any ongoing discussion desired; however, any predictions submitted after this point shall not be counted.