Tony Jarman joins Down East Boys

Singing News is reporting that after eight years with the Down East Boys, tenor Jason Runnels is leaving to pursue a career in retail management and to become more active in his church’s music ministry. Group manager Ricky Carden indicates that he leaves on good terms: “Jason joined The Down East Boys eight years ago and he’s been faithful to our work. Daryl Paschal, Stuart Cary, and I wish Jason nothing but the absolute best in his new endeavors.”

Tony Jarman will be joining the group in Runnels’ place. He is a quartet veteran who has been a member of Poet Voices, Legacy Five, and the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet. Carden states: “We’re delighted that Tony Jarman has accepted our invitation to return to full-time Southern Gospel music. . . . He’s excited about being on a quartet bus again, and we’re equally excited to introduce him to our audiences.” Jarman’s first date with the group will be January 13.

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  1. i’ve always thought Tony was one of the most underrated tenors of any era. i’m glad he’s back.

  2. I enjoy hearing Tony sing because he has good full-bodied tones.

  3. I’ve got a big full body and two tones of hair, does that count? 😉

    • 😆 😆 😆

      • No.

        [filler, filler]


      • You’d better watch all of that “[filler, filler]” or you’ll have a full body too. 😉

  4. I’ll miss seeing Jason around. He’s a great guy and a fantastic tenor. I wish him the best.

  5. Wow, that’s great! I really enjoyed his L5 singing.

  6. wow what a tenor he will be a great asset to the down east boys will bring experience and professional talent to al;ready a great under rated quartet. I think one of the best 5 groups in sgm quartets.

  7. I am so happy that Tony Jarmon is back singing full-time and I think Down East Boys are beginning to see just how many fans Tony has in southern gospel country! The concert in Winona, TX Sunday night was great! I hope you guys will come back to Texas more often.

  8. Tony is a great singer ,We are so glad he is returning ,hope you will come to Calif.soon .Our Grandson,s brother -in -law. Love to hear him singing in a Quartet,


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