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  1. This is a little surprising. I’ve always thought Doug could handle solo really well, but I didn’t think he would release an album while still with the group.

    Hope this doesn’t mean anything more significant than it did when Wes Hampton cut his solo album…

  2. For once NSGFAN I agree with you! 🙂 LOL J/K Many times it seems when this happens it seems the member is on their way out. Really hope not! (Exceptions family groups Hoppers, Talleys, Whisnants, etc.) I was very shocked to see this!

    • I know it can seem that way… I just pray that’s not what it means here! Doug is irreplaceable!

  3. Who would put such a poor quality video on YouTube? With entries like this one, it can’t be long before there are pat-down searches for cameras at concerts!

    • It’s pretty terrible, but the fact that you can still tell what a good singer Doug is provides an amazing testament to his greatness…!

  4. Great point jim! Thats very true!

    • Doug Anderson has a great voice. I would really miss him if he left EHSS and so would alot of other fans.

  5. Doug is easily the best vocalist in the group.

    • He’s certainly a vital part of their sound, that’s for sure!

  6. NewSoGoFan so was Ryan…. Sorry, but no one is “irreplaceable!”

    • Bill Gaither might disagree with you there. On the contrary, he says “No one is replaceable.”

  7. I have never had the honor of meeting Bill Gaither so I have no idea what he would say, and I’m not sure I even know what that means. Especially coming from Bill Gaither, he’s been the best at “replacing” “placing” and “replacing” again: but always seeming to put a team on the floor that sells tickets, cd’s, dvds, t’shirts, posters, song books, sloppy joe’s, paper cups, magnets, board games etc. etc. etc. Could you explain what he meant and the context he was speaking? KJV only! 🙂 LOL

    • He’s always said that you can’t “replace” a member. When one group member leaves, you then move on to somebody with his own style, his own strengths and weaknesses, different from the other guy but (hopefully) just as good in his own way. But you don’t think of it as a “replacement.” You just think as something different.

  8. Oh I see thanks

  9. Incidentally, I think Ryan was a more powerful singer than Doug, but Doug has always been more versatile.

  10. I agree 100% with that.

    • Bit of friendly advice: It’ll make it easier to see what you’re responding to if you click the “reply” button under a comment and write your reply there. 🙂

      • like this? is this what you meant?

      • Yep, you got it. Then you create a chain, like I’m doing right now. 🙂

      • That’s the sound of the “fan” workin’ on the Chain, gang. 😉

      • wow ok i see.. i always wondered how you all did dat dare ckeol stuf lik yer all done there.

    • Agree, but not totally.

      Ryan is/was a great lead, Doug IS a great baritone.

      Both guys were/are great with Sig Sound.

      Bill G is right – up to a point – it is just that he is good at “replacing”.

      Ryan’s departure changed the tenor and tone of EHSS, Doug’s departure would be more so, and then some!

      Let’s hope and pray his solo album is a) a true reflection of his range and quality, b) backed by EHSS, c) no indication of more line-up changes in what has been a [fairly] settled and stellar group in the forefront of SGM.

      • Amen, Amen, and Amen.

      • “And all the Lord’s people said….”

  11. “Jesus Is Holding My Hand” seems to be the title of the song.

    Also, since the backdrop for the Doug Anderson video looks like the Cathedrals Tribute setup, I’m guessing this was done during an Ernie Haase/SS concert — so that must mean the solo CD is being promoted by Ernie. (I don’t think the Ryan Seaton project started out that way; he had already left the group before the first radio single released.)

    • Yes, thats the correct title. Looks like a misprint on DJM’s part.

      There is NO indication that this CD means the end of Doug’s tenure with EHSS.

      • At the moment, we have no reason to think so. It’s just that some people (read: me) are constantly thinking of the worst possibility, even when the worst possibility isn’t necessarily true.

      • By the way Daniel, thanks for the plug

  12. BTW Folks, I’m not sure we should make a big link between the [quoted] fb comment and the [cellphone] video…

    It looks like a practise sing with half a band, and since the video is recorded at footlight level there is no indication of an audience!

    Maybe Doug IS releasing a solo album from within EHSS – maybe this video is nothing to do with it, and maybe the news was NOT meant to be cross-fed off “farce-book”?

    Maybe Ernie or Doug might comment, here or on EHSS Web site. Speculation gets for 2+2 to 22 pretty quick – not always with the right answer!

    • I’m not sure what you are trying to say here?

      I see band members Wayne Haun and David Griffith on stage, and you can tell there are camera flashes going off as well.

      The facebook quote was from Doug himself, and he said the song in the Youtube video is the first single off the project, so I’m not sure what speculation you are referring to.

      I have heard no indication, nor did I speculate on my blog post, that Doug Anderson would be leaving EHSS. Please let me know if my blog post may have misled you to believe he was leaving the group, because all I said he was doing is releasing a solo CD.

      • I got the info straight from the horses mouth on Sun., Jan. 9. Doug has the support of Ernie & Wayne for his solo project. He is not planning to leave the group and, in fact, Ernie asked him to sing his single at the concert, which he did.

      • Well that’s a relief! I was pretty sure that Doug had everybody else’s support for the project, I just wasn’t sure whether he was perhaps laying the groundwork for a solo career later.

  13. By the way, I like the sound of the song, at least what I could hear of it.

  14. Finally! I am so happy to hear Doug releasing a solo album. I can’t get enough of him on the group CD’s, so yipee! A whole CD!

    • I just hope he picked good songs.

  15. Doug Anderson has one of the best voices today…if he left EHSS would implode..so rest assured he ain’t going nowhere…Ernie wouldn’t let him.

    • I don’t know if “implode” is the right word, but I am having trouble thinking of a good replacement. My guess is Ernie would pick up Andrew Goldman though, since he’s pointed him out before as a bright young talent.

  16. Doug Anderson has a great voice and a ready smileI would sure miss him if he left EHSS and so would alot of other fans.

  17. Doug said he needed to put on the SSQ website that he’s not leaving SSQ.

    He can put on his own website now. I think it’s dougandersonmusic.com?

    • Does he? I checked that domain and it was empty.

  18. his web site will be live on April 30. As per the email I received this morning his cd can be pre-order EHSS web site.

  19. Doug Anderson is a great baritone and I would be disappointed if he would leave EHSS. I have his CD on order and I can’t wait to get it.