If you invited an unsaved friend to a Southern Gospel concert…

If you wanted to invite an unsaved friend to a Southern Gospel concert, and could pick a concert by any group, which group’s concert would you take your friend to?

I started a thread on the Singing News forums asking this question. It will be interesting to watch the responses.

But here is how I would answer the question: It all depends on the person.

If the person was a member of the MTV generation, I would probably take them to a Signature Sound concert. That would unquestionably get their attention, and hopefully they would be ready to hear the Gospel message contained in songs like “Forgiven Again” or “Oh, What a Savior.”

But, truth be told, I don’t believe I have any unsaved friends near my own age. I probably have more unsaved friends over 40 than under. Who would I take them to hear?

This question is a little harder to answer. One of the first groups that comes to mind might be the Mark Trammell Trio, because Mark lays out the Gospel so clearly and many of his concerts are specifically evangelistic in nature. But I don’t really know which group I would most prefer to invite an unsaved friend to hear. It will be interesting to read your perspectives, both in the Singing News forum and in the comments here.

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  1. If I was taking a teenage or young adult unsaved friend to a concert I would take them to see my favorite group Signature Sound. Why? Well, I think that SSQ would be able to “capture” their attention with their choregraphy on stage and then “wham” hit them with the Gospel message when they don’t have their barrier up. I realize that alot of people don’t like SSQ for the above mentioned, but I believe that it is one of their tools to reaching young people. (I’m a young person myself)
    Another group I would take an unsaved friend to is Legacy Five. Why? Simply because I think that Frank Seamans has a wonderful testimony. (I’m sure many have heard him tell it.)
    There are more that I could elaborate on like Kirk Talley, Kenny Bishop, Randy Keeling (from thekeelings.org), and I’m sure there are even more than the above mentioned. These are just a handfew, and ones that I know of.
    I guess I mostly focused on people that have “stories,”, so to speak, rather than what the messages are that they speak about. Maybe that is because in the world today alot of what has happened in these peoples lives is still happening and God could use their stories of how God brought them from the rough to him.. Even Ernie Haase has a story of how God healed him from a severe case of spinal meningitis. (He doesn’t tell it at concerts, but it is in his Bio on their website)
    WOW!! How God works even today!!!!

  2. Booth Brothers.

  3. I don’t think taking them to see the hippest group, in terms of appearance, would be the key to winning them over.

    Taking them to see the most talented group would do the trick.

    If I wanted to introduce them to male quartet music, I’d go with Gold City, the Dove Brothers or Triumphant.

    If I wanted them to discover progressive SG, the best bet for the next few months would still be the Crabb Family.

  4. Well, this post is four years old, but today I think it’s obvious…it would have to be the Collingsworth family.

    Honestly though, I think you could have an unsaved friend who really couldn’t appreciate any group you took him to—regardless of their talent. He may have questions about the evidences of Christianity that require an *intellectual* response—something to show him the scientific or historical justification for our faith.

    By the way, I would completely agree that EHSS would be perfect for a young person. Again, unless they’re asking the kind of questions that can’t really be answered by a concert, a solid dose of gospel music can be a powerful witnessing tool. With their dynamic stage presence and young look, EHSS would be the most appealing sort of group to a teen looking for something “cool,” but they simultaneously deliver a message in their music (some of their music anyway—some of it is just fun :-D). But that’s my point—hook ’em with the fun, save ’em with the gospel.

    • I agree with both groups you mention.

      Yes, some people actively care, and have intellectual questions. Meet them where they are and do your best to answer those questions with God’s Word.

      Where a concert can make the most difference is for someone who is going along in life without devoting much attention at all to the things of God but does like music – and there are millions of people like that out there.

      • Exactly. And plenty of people, especially young people, are just confused and hurt, and all they need to hear is that they are significant, and that somebody loved them enough to die for them. If they also like music, then a gospel concert would be perfect for them.

  5. Yep…Ernie/Signature Sound
    Then I would choose Brian Free and Assurance and Karen Peck and New River.

    So many good ones

  6. I would have to say Ernie Haase & Signature Sound because it would be a very fun concert & the message they get would be one that would stay with them.Ernie has the heart of a minister & gives a good message.
    But EHSS is not just for young people , you see every age at their concerts & the older people love them & they show so much love to all their fans.