Video: Gold City with Craig West

Via Dinana and Nate, here’s our first look at Gold City with their new lead singer, Craig West, from his debut night with the group:

It has been a turbulent six months for the group, but this lineup shows enough promise that it is now fair to say something which some thought might never happen again: If it sticks together, this lineup looks like they just might be worthy of the mantle and name “Gold City.”

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  1. I have been expectantly awaiting the preview of the new/old sound of Gold City. Thanks Daniel and Dinana for not letting me down. Great sound, and Craig does not struggle at all with the song which was Ivan’s signature for years.

    Will see them in March in Terrell, Texas

  2. Wow.

    Okay, that’s it. Craig West has now become my favorite lead singer currently singing in a quartet. Before it was Guy Penrod. Now it’s Craig. He’s that good.

    Rarely have I seen such power and maturity in someone that young. Astonishing.

    • Well, it’s not like your favorite lead singer in a quartet could be Guy Penrod at this point… 🙂

  3. I agree NSGF. IMHO, this is probably the best lineup the since Ivan Parker era.

  4. I second NewSoGoFan, awesome!

  5. I can’t stop watching the second verse. It’s addictive.

  6. I have to say it… wow. Excellent.

    I am still not sold on the tenor, but that lead is incredible. Way to go guys!!

  7. Love the voice but that dude has the personality of a rock on stage.

    • :shrugs shoulders:

      Solemn performers don’t really bug me. In fact, sometimes they’re the most professional. Craig is a professional.

    • Give him a little time – this was his very first GC performance. I’m sure Craig will loosen up more when he knows the songs really well.

  8. They honestly sound very, very good. I didn’t hear any pitch issues, and the blend was great. I personally don’t prefer all the “jumping through hoops” Craig (and everyone else) does on the verses, but that’s a style thing. I prefer the way Ivan originally did it, with relatively straightforward singing. The melody and rhythm just kinda go to pieces for me like this. But that small quibble aside, if they can stay together, they’ve got more than enough vocals to be a hit. Unfortunately, this lineup seems to keep them in the more country/progressive sort of realm. Nothing wrong with that…I just prefer straight up, traditional quartet music.

    • i agree. his vocals are too strong to the point that the vocal dancing are unnecessary…having said that, what a power they have at the lead position! thought he was the best choice for them… [EDIT . . . Ben and NSF, I know what you’re thinking, but let’s just not go there!]

      • fair enough…ben leads the league in edits

      • I know in this case you didn’t mean to cause trouble, so I hope nobody takes it wrong. Thanks!

      • I don’t even know what got edited out!

  9. He sounds a lot like Danny Riley on this song. That’s good, because Danny is one of my favorite singers. Ever.

    • Well, if everyone is comparing him to their favorite singers – English fans to English, Ivan fans to Ivan, and Danny Riley fans to Danny – that has to be a good thing, right? 🙂

      • True…. although I wouldn’t say he sounds like English(English fan here) but he IS a tremendous singer.

      • Others have said that, though…

      • Yes, I think it would be fair to compare English to him. 😉

      • But you don’t like English, and you do like him, and you’re comparing English to him… not sure I follow! 🙂

      • My point is that Craig has some elements of Michael in him, but he does the “Michael sound” much better than Michael himself. Therefore I consider it more fair to see how Michael measures up to Craig than the other way around. 🙂

      • I see!

      • Honestly, the first time I played it, I thought Ivan Parker. But as I keep hearing him, I hear more and more Mike English.

      • i don’t see how anyone could listen to craig sing…then listen to mike english on “live and alive” and not think…hey these guys sound a lot alike…i’ve been listening to ivan and mike for over 20 yrs and to me sounds nothing like ivan…but soooo much like mike, which to all of us that used to make up groups and ask the question “what would mike english sound like with gold city?” well, here’s our answer

  10. They sound very good! Hoping to have them back to the church next fall!

    • Hopefully it’s the same “version” of Gold City that you hear in this clip. 🙁

      • Yeah…I certainly hope so.

  11. I haven’t so much heard Riley in him (except maybe early on when Riley was going for the Michael English sound 😉 ). He did sound a lot like the nineties English on the GVB cover (probably by design). He sounds more like Parker here on his lower tones and is using a more weighty tone on his higher tones (more like English did before in the Singing Americans and more recently).

  12. Awesome!

    Like some others, I’m unsure when it comes to Brent. Not that he isn’t good but at how well he sits GC.

    And as for Daniel Riley, you’d be hard pressed to find a better singer in any genre. He knows how to deliver a song.

  13. Sounds great. Unfortunately, I cant see this group staying together even a year. Great sound, though. Tim is a great singer!

  14. Great singer and WoW! What a way to carry a song. As for the vocal hoops, let him add his own flare ( a little ). I don’t think even Ivan sings it the same way anymore. Please, please let this be the last change for a long, long while. BTW get a new CD out! I am wearing out my current collection. Way to go Gold City, keep moving up.

    • Heard them Saturday night in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada… awesome line-up! The Gold City sound is back. Love Craig West and Brent Mitchell. Brian’s great on the piano too!

  15. I think what most impresses me as I re-watch this clip is the ease with which Craig sings.

    Whatever you may think of his style, to be able to hit those notes with that little effort is just impressive.

  16. Gold City is getting better with every
    new change. I’m sold on both the new
    guys. They are sounding more balanced
    as a quartet than ever. Brent Mitchell
    and Craig West are keepers for sure and
    I hope they stay for a while!!!