The 2011 Southern Gospel Predictions Contest: Tiebreaker Poll

The results for the 2011 Southern Gospel Predictions Contest are in . . . sort of. The problem is, a flurry of last minute votes leaves a tie at every turn: There’s a two-way tie for first/second place (7 votes), a two-way tie for third/fourth place (5 votes), and a three-way tie for fifth/sixth/seventh place. The options are to either flip a coin or leave the decision in your hands; choosing the latter, here is a far simpler second-round tiebreaker ballot of your top seven choices:

[polldaddy poll=4329826]

This poll will be open for about 24 hours, until about 6 AM EST tomorrow. You may vote for any choice you like, and you may also enlist friends and family to cast votes.

My apologies to all contestants and voters who were expecting the contest to end this morning! Next year, if we do this again—and this has been so interesting that I am inclined to—let’s plan in advance on a two-ballot process.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the runners-up, in a three-way tie for eighth/ninth/tenth place:

  • Albums: The Collingsworth family will ink a deal with Lari Goss and begin work on a brand new project (NewSoGoFan)
  • Albums: Gold City will go ahead with their release of the Mike English cover of “Heaven,” only with Craig West featured, and it will be singled. (Kyle)
  • Group changes: Taranda Greene restarts The Greenes. (Meagan)

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