Quick Thoughts: Tribute Quartet (Asheville, NC)

This evening, I saw Tribute Quartet in concert at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, NC. Between the late hour of the night and the full schedule of posts for the following days, a full review is not feasible. But here are a few quick thoughts:

  • Tenor Riley Clark, who just turned nineteen, improves every time I see the group. If he keeps improving, he will be one of the ten best tenor singers in Southern Gospel within five years. He has a certain charisma that you just have to be born with, and his voice has a power and quality that makes listeners perk up and take notice. His stage presence has also moved forward since NQC—the two strongest moments of the night were his two big features, “One Holy Lamb” and “Calvary Wins Again.”
  • Speaking of “Calvary Wins Again,” while Tribute Quartet offers a professionally strong delivery of all their songs, they approach this song with a certain confidence in the power of the lyric and melody that offers a foretaste of what they could accomplish if they pick up enough other top-tier songs to become one of Southern Gospel’s top-tier groups.

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  1. Riley has a pure sound and very correct technique. At this point he just needs to get that “effortless” touch in his singing so he can loosen up a little more on those high notes. I could see him being on a par with Wes Hampton in a few years.

  2. Thank you for the nice mention of my song, Calvary Wins Again. And if I may agree, Riley nails this song, especially the modulation at the beginning of the last chorus. He is truly one of the brightest talents to come along in gospel music in the last 5-10 years, in my opinion. His voice, range, and stage presence are only surpassed by his sincere heart and love for the Lord. He’s a keeper! I beleive he has what it takes to be in this industry as long as he wants.

    Interestingly, Tribute is the first and only group I pitched this song to, because Gary Casto put it on hold basically when I sang it to him over the phone. Just a bit of useless trivia! LOL!

    • No question, Riley’s certainly a keeper. 🙂

  3. Riley is one of my top 5-10 favorites in all SG music. (not just tenors, either)