The 2011 Southern Gospel Predictions Contest: The Results

Thank you for your patience with a second (tiebreaker) round and an additional day of waiting. Without further ado, we have our results! Here are your top 5 Southern Gospel predictions for 2011:

  1. TaRanda Greene will become a featured vocalist on the Gaither Homecoming tour. (Andrew S)
  2. The Kingdom Heirs’ new release in the spring with Jerry Martin on tenor will have at least two #1 hits on it. (J.C. Johnson)
  3. The Fan Awards will move back to NQC. (Garms Family)
  4. The Collingsworths will be featured on the cover of Singing News (Andrew S)
  5. Bill Gaither will retire from a full-time singing position with the GVB, continuing as emcee and “Mr. Homecoming,” but announce details of “Last World Tour.” (David Mac)

We also had five runners-up:

  • The Hinsons will do a reunion tour. (Andrew S)
  • Guy Penrod will release his much-anticipated follow-up solo release (and Daniel will refuse to listen to it because it’s not 100% gospel in content…at least he won’t ADMIT to listening to it) (Kyle)
  • The Collingsworth family will ink a deal with Lari Goss and begin work on a brand new project (NewSoGoFan)
  • Gold City will go ahead with their release of the Mike English cover of “Heaven,” only with Craig West featured, and it will be singled. (Kyle)
  • Taranda Greene restarts The Greenes. (Meagan)

The CDs offered as prizes will shortly be on the way to the winners. Thank you for participating!

And now, for once, instead of agreeing or disagreeing with me, here is your chance to agree or disagree with yourselves—or, I suppose more precisely, with each other. How accurate do you think these predictions will be? And did the most likely ones (or, perhaps, the most likely ones without being obvious or virtually guaranteed to happen) indeed rise to the top?

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  1. I voted for Kyle’s about Penrod’s cd and you. 😀 However, I think all of the top 5 (except maybe #5) could happen this year or not long after. Also in the runner ups, I think it is a matter of time when the Collingsworths make the cover and it would be a great move if Gold City releases “Heaven” with Craig West.

    • Agreed.

      From the list, I think the least likely one is TaRanda restarting the Greenes – I believe the one of Tim restarting (with Amy Lambert, though that wasn’t mentioned) is more likely, from what I’m hearing.

  2. I think 1 and 4 are the most likely. #2 is the one I voted for and would like to see the most. Kingdom Heirs + Jerry Martin + a good dose of Dianne Wilkinson = probably my favorite album of 2011.

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners. That was a lot of fun Daniel. You definitely need to do this again next year. I think that the predictions are likely. Most of them. I think that it is a very good possibility that TaRanda goes with the Homecoming Tour but I do not know if Bill will retire. I would love to see Gene McDonald step in and sing bass for GVB though. However, that is just a dream of mine! LOL! I really feel that the Kingdom Heirs new album is going to be unbelievable. Like Brian said, “Kingdom Heirs + Jerry Martin + a good dose of Dianne Wilkinson = probably my favorite album of 2011.” Brian, that is exactly what I am thinking too. Mrs. Dianne is such an awesome songwriter and the last two KH albums have been heavily saturated (for lack of a better term at the moment) with Dianne’s songs. Those last two albums “True to the Call” & “When You Look At Me” are my two favorite KH albums to date so I am thinking that the new one will just add to this list. And I mean, Jerry Martin, come on!!! What an awesome addition! I can’t wait for the YouTube videos to start posting.

  4. I voted for the Garms family’s prediction that the fan awards would move back to NQC. It seemed really probable to me.

    I don’t think Taranda will restart the Greenes, but Andrew’s prediction that she’ll become a featured Homecoming vocalist seems pretty obvious.

  5. Wahoo! We were all so excited to see our prediction actually made it to #3, and look forward to the new CD for our collection. Thanks, Daniel! Congrats, everyone! 🙂

    The reason we said the Fan Awards would return to NQC is, in our opinion, the SN Fan Awards are one of the greatest “selling points” of the whole week! If we would go (someday), they would be a huge highlight for our family.

    Plus, after people have already spent so much money and devoted so much time to attend NQC, it doesn’t seem reasonable for (most) people to attend the Fan Awards at Dollywood. It’s definitely more convenient to hold the ceremony at NQC.

    What do you think? (Or are we just late to hear everyone’s thoughts on this? 🙂 )

    Yes, Taranda Greene joining the Homecoming Tour seems extremely likely, as Bill Gaither has stated (on a Homecoming Radio broadcast), she is one of his favorite young singers.

    BTW: Do you think Bill Gaither would actually retire from the Vocal Band? 🙂

    Joy in the Journey!
    The Garms Gang

    • I think there’s a pretty decent chance of it happening – just not sure on the year.

      • Yes, that’s true…it’s very probable the move back won’t be this year. But we’re hoping it will happen soon! 😉

      • I am, likewise!

      • I will be honest. I missed the Singing News award last year. I have been the NQC 4 out the last 5 years and last year just did not seem right with the awards show not being there. I hope that they bring it back to NQC because like was stated earlier, people can not afford to do both. Well, a lot of people can’t afford to go both places. Great prediction!

  6. Regarding Bill’s retirement… I would say it’s only a matter of time, and it could well be this year. But maybe next year is more likely. At any rate, Bill isn’t even singing every night…

    • I only think Bill will retire if his voice or health force him to, he has other things he wants to do behind the scenes (or songwriting), he wants to have time to make preparations for keeping things going without him someday (meaning time to develop them and over see their continuance) or something like. I am sure he has lost some drive since so many legends have gone on, but maybe the Vocal Band reconfiguration has given him a boost. Face it, his work is his hobby and short of his wife, grandkids and the like, are his main interests. Of course he sees it as a ministry too and loves God. As much as he loves his family, I don’t see him being content without being involved in some fashion, but I guess we are talking about just foregoing the singing and not the other things necessarily.

      • Yeah, that’s what we all meant, I think. Like David says, he would still be “Mr. Homecoming,” for sure! Just that in terms of vocals… hmmm.