Pianist Tim Parton to fill in with Legacy Five

Roger Bennett, pianist for Legacy Five, will be spending several months off the road while preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from his stem cell transplant. Legacy Five announced in their most recent e-newsletter that Tim Parton will play piano for Legacy Five until Bennett comes back on the road.

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  1. I’ve seen Tim with the Gaither Homecoming Tour last April and I’ll be interested to see how he does with L5. I hope I’ll get to see him in January during their annual stop at Roswell Street Baptist in Marietta, GA – – – where it all started for L5!

  2. We saw Tim Parton with L5 this past weekend, and he was GREAT! Not the same as Mr. Bennett, of course, but I thought he was a good fit with the group and their style, and a nice guy.

  3. Just had L5 and Tim Parton in Idaho last night. I’m a pianist for a SG group and really enjoyed listening to him play. He is a precise, clean player with a great jazz feel. I enjoyed talking to him and eating with L5 after the concert. They are all great guys -Tim just fits right in.

  4. I’m glad to hear that Tim is able to help L5 out. I agree he is a gifted player and have had the honor of playing music with him.