Anthony Davis joins Tribute Quartet

Tribute Quartet bass singer Dennis Dugger, a founding member of the group, has left the group; he will be replaced by Anthony Davis. Davis, at only 28 years old, will be one of the youngest bass singers on the Southern Gospel circuit.

Gary Casto says that Dugger leaves on good terms: “This is a bittersweet time for us. We have enjoyed traveling with Dennis, and we appreciate his years of loyalty and dedication to Tribute. He leaves the group with our best wishes.”

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  1. Is this the Anthony Davis formerly of Firm Foundation Quartet?

    • That’s what I’m hearing, but I hadn’t heard anything from Firm Foundation when he was with them (though I vaguely recall having heard the name.)

  2. pretty good, just from the sounds of the video.

  3. I saw Tribute Quartet last night with their new bass, Anthony Davis. What a delightful young man! I think he’s going to fit in just fine with Tribute. There will probably be some YouTube videos crop up in the days to come, and I honestly don’t think it’s fair to pick apart anyone’s performance after only having been with a group a few days. So, I’ll leave the vocal critiques to someone else. I will say that I saw and heard a confident bass vocalist who didn’t sound like a newbie to the group. He looked very comfortable on stage and has a nice bass tone that blended well with the group. He has that rare ability to blend well, sing the low notes, and also deliver a strong solo vocal. He has a wonderful engaging personality that people are going to fall in love with. His solos were sang very well and he spoke on stage to set up one song and he was certainly very comfortable behind the mic in that respect. He definitely has the goods, vocally and personality-wise, to be in this business as long as he wants.

    • Thank you so much for this review.

  4. I’m a bit surprised and disappointed that no videos have surfaced yet.

    • Well remember that they had the bus fire not long after Davis joined. That’s probably delaying the process of having videos go up on Youtube.

      • Yes and no. I believe it was only one weekend of concerts that was canceled. They’ve still been out for a couple weeks since then.

  5. Josh, last week was the group’s first week back since the fire. And because of the bus fire, I’m sure the group has more pressing things to tend to than to upload footage of their concerts. While I know we are all anticiapting hearing the new bass singer, you have to realize that when the fire occurred, it destroyed all their personal belongings, most notably their suits. So, I’m sure most of their down time has been spent finding clothes to wear on stage, dealing with insurance companies and fire investigators, and trying to find another ride to get them down the road to the next dates–dates that include Bill Bailey’s big sing this weekend, the cruise in a week or two, and an extended trip out west, from the looks of their schedule. And if I’m not mistaken, they’re also trying to record a new project. I’m sure they will post something as soon as they can catch their breath, but right now I am sure that it’s not on the top of their list to get something up on youtube, and I can totally understand that.

    • Brady, I had lunch with them yesterday – all except Andy were in the studio – and your assessment is pretty much on target. They have a list of things that need done that require a pretty nearly superhuman effort to get done, especially before the long west coast tour – so I am sure they would appreciate all the prayer and other support that can be offered.

    • BTW I wasn’t saying it had to be the group itself who uploaded the video.


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