Sony’s Thoughts: Do You Understand Your Need?

Do we need You enough?
Do we want You enough?
Lord, if we do
Why are we in a rush?
What has taken our time?
What has blinded our eyes?
We claim to love You heart, soul and mind
But, Lord, if we do
Why aren’t we waiting on You?

It’s easy to make the statement, “I need Jesus.” I think every Christian knows that in theory but do we truly take the time to wait on Him, to hear His voice, to learn of Him and what He desires of us? There’s more to the Christian life than just a name. The word Christian implies that one is a follower of Christ but I see so many people who claim to be Christians continuing to follow their own lusts and passions. What separates us from the rest of the world?

In our instant society, we want everything right now. We don’t have to learn patience because everything’s quick. A microwave can make a meal in a fraction of the time an oven can. Turn on the heat and, voila, it’s instant. No more waiting to start a fire and heat the house gradually. If you’re on the run, pull into a drive-thru and you instantly have your meal. Christianity, however, is not a quick-fix. It’s a lifestyle of learning to wait, not bombing ahead, until we know what our Lord desires to speak. As you get used to listening and obeying, you will begin to hear His voice more instantly. However, He still desires time with you. He still longs for you to spend time with Him as if there’s no other person you would rather be with. In reality, there shouldn’t be anyone or anything in your life more important than Him but I bet few of us can make that statement honestly.

Today, I’d just like to encourage you to evaluate your priorities. Examine your heart to know if you are truly spending time with God like you should be. He desires it. No matter how many people call to Him and look to Him as Lord, He still desires you. He will still meet you whenever you get to the place where you truly understand your need for Him. Time with Him is never a waste but is a necessity if you desire to live for Him.

(Song at beginning quoted from “Why Aren’t We Waiting on You” written by Chaz Bosarge, sung by the Booth Brothers on their self-titled CD)

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