Tim Duncan leaves Ernie Haase and Signature Sound; Ian Owens joins

Tim Duncan, original bass singer for Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, is resigning after an eight-year run with the group.

“I have been feeling in my heart that my time [with Signature Sound] has come to an end,” Duncan stated. He added that he is “sad on one hand yet excited on the other.”

Tenor/manager Ernie Haase stated: “We will always be grateful for Tim’s contribution to the group over these past years. We love Tim and wish him and his family great success.”

Duncan will be replaced by Ian Owens. Owens got his start in Southern Gospel with the Cumberland Quartet; during his two years with the group, he was nominated for Horizon Individual. In 2003, when Armond Morales left the Imperials, Owens was hired to sing bass with the group. (Also in 2003, he married Meagan, and they have two children, Liam and Taylor Renee.)

For a preview of Owens’ voice, check out this video clip of him singing “Arise, My Love” with the Imperials.

For Ernie Haase’s thoughts on Ian, check out question 20 in the interview we posted last week.

Some research and reporting by NewSoGoFan.

UPDATE, 1/19/2011, 6:38 PM: Commenter Josh, below, offers some additional information. Duncan shared at a concert over the weekend that he has not fully recovered from his stroke last July, and has been losing weight. He decided before the Christmas Tour that he would have to leave the group for these health reasons, so it was not a sudden departure.

UPDATE, 1/20/2011, 6:31 AM: Commenter Diane, below, indicates that nothing was said from stage about Duncan’s departure at the concert in question, calling into question the veracity of the remainder of the account (though not, I must hasten to add, of Josh, who was just passing along what he saw on a message board and indicated that clearly).

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  1. This is sad news. Tim was one of the first voices that brought me into southern gospel music, and it hurts to see him go. He will always remain one of my favorite bass singers.

    Goodbye, Tim. I’ll miss you.

    • I agree Tim Duncan got my attention and I grew to love Ernie Haase And Signature sound. I recently bought tickets to see them in Watkins Glen this april. I am very let down that Tim will not be there. But I understand that things happen and I hope he is alright. I would like to see a full recovery from Tim and have him rejoin the group or join Ryan Seaton and SHINE! Loveem aLL!!!!

  2. Wow. An ordinary day – one last check before I leave work – and an SG bombshell drops. After seeing Ernie’s interview the other day, though, I’m going to guess that they will handle this just fine.

    • Bombshell is right. However, I think people are going to like Ian. He should fit in well, and I know Ernie has a lot of confidence in him.

      • I saw these guys in concert with both Tim and Ian. There is no comparison. Tim is the much better singer and showman. Sorry to say but SS will never be the same.

    • This was a great shock. You are great and we will miss you dearly. We love you and hope everything goes well with you. The lord always know best. You are great.

      • Tim, This was a shock that you left SS. I love you as a singer and a good Christan person. I’ll really miss you, and hope your future plans will continue your travels, and do solo work for all of your fans to enjoy. Keep us posted about your future plans. I’m going to a SS concert on April 1st, and will really miss you. God Bless! Doris Hamme Fernandez

  3. The first thing I thought of was the interview with Daniel and him mentioning Ian. I wondered if he would get him to sing with them if Tim ever left. Did not expect him to leave right now though???!

  4. WOW! Didn’t see that one coming. Geez… that’s 2 Tims in 1 week…(technically!)

    • I know. With all the predictions we were making last year for 2011, I don’t think anyone could possibly have made this one!

  5. So in less than a week, my two favorite quartets had to replace bass singers. Maybe I’m bad luck…?

    In all seriousness, Tim will be greatly missed. It will be interesting to see how the new guy fits in.

  6. Oh no! I’m speechless! Oh no!

  7. If Ian Owens wasn’t as good as he is, I would view this as nothing less than a disaster. But he’s that good. Still a little sad that Tim won’t be there by the time I see the group in March, but this makes me REALLY glad that I saw them with Tim back in June and got an autograph!! I only wish I’d caught him in time to get the Tribute project signed.

    • I have tickets to see them Friday. I don’t know what it is about us in Portland. Last time EHSSQ was here it was Devin’s first week!

  8. Hey, does anybody know where Tim is going now?

    • Yes.

      But whether anyone commenting here knows is a different story altogether!

      • Good point. Someone knows even if we don’t (whether or not that includes you Daniel πŸ˜‰ ).

      • Well, lets spill the beans Daniel!!! Now, of course now if Bill Gaither were to step back a bit and let a REAL bass singer in….:))

    • If I had to guess, I’d say he’s coming off the road. He’s got two boys in high school, so he probably wants to spend more time with them before they go off to college and stuff.

      • Yeah, but obviously he would need to have a position somewhere. Perhaps with his church?

        Still, he said he’s “excited,” so that indicates some kind of new opportunity.

      • There is a distinct possibility that he is excited about having weekends to share with his family. πŸ˜‰

      • C’mon Daniel, why do you always have to beat me to it…. πŸ™‚

      • How many words per minute do you type? Therein may lie your answer. πŸ™‚

      • Maybe he’s excited to spend more time with his wife and boys? πŸ™‚

      • True, very true. That could be a very exciting prospect indeed. πŸ™‚

        Still, just wondering what he plans to do now in the way of a job—if he were a lead/baritone, the natural next step would be a solo career, but he’s a bass.

  9. I read somewhere that both his daddy and granddaddy were bass singers as well. Found this clip of his dad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnLVtyuum08

  10. From Ian’s Facebook account:

    On the road again!!! I’ve just been blessed with a huge honor. I am the new bass singer for Ernie Haase and Signature Sound! I’m so excited and blessed beyond words! Please pray for me as I take this step and my family makes this transition. Praise God!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Josh, do you have a link? I can’t find his account.

      • Aha. I’m not on facebook hence his message isn’t showing up.

        So, any guesses as to whether they’ll ask him to shave his beard? πŸ˜‰

  11. They could not have picked a better bass singer than Ian–he is a true bass and master talent!!! Met him several times with The Imperials and he is the real deal–Christian and bass singer!!!

  12. For those who don’t have the right software or the time to check out Ernie’s audio comments on Ian, here’s a transcript:

    He’s just a great singer, reminds me of George. What people used to say about George or George would say about himself is “I’m a singer first who happens to have a bass voice.” And that’s what this guy is.

  13. What would really be exciting, is the prediction that BG will step down from VB and Tim be his replacement. Last part of the statement was not part of the prediction.

    • It would be awesome now if Bill Gaither would use his incredible talent as a director. Gaither is Southern Gospel Music’s icon. Tim Duncan would be a great bass for the VB. No disrespect whatever intended but BG is getting up there. It would be great to know that this music will go on, perhaps lead and manaaged by Mark Lowery. Of course, at one time I thought and hoped that Guy Penrod would take that role.

      • I agree that Duncan would be a great GVB bass, but number one I don’t think he has immediate plans to return to the road, and number two Gene McDonald would be a more natural fit since he’s already “on the Gaither circuit” and in fact has sung the bass part for the VB in concert.

      • I’m sure you remember, but Tim Duncan also sang with the GVB in concert while the GVB and EHSS were doing their “Together” tour. While it may not have been totally GVB songs they sang, he did get a feel for the blend, although this is a completely different GVB, except for Wes. Personally I would love to see either Tim or Gene sing bass with the GVB. This would add another dimension to the group, since you can’t hardly ever hear Bill singing, except on end notes or lead-ins. Also, it would secure the longevity of the group for years to come, since we all know that Bill isn’t getting any younger πŸ™‚



  14. From that video he seems to have a good sound. NOW, Ernie is going to have a brand new sounding quartet, can’t wait to hear a new album from this group!

  15. A crazy thought…….I can think of 3 other close friends of Tim that might make a GREAT group! The names Ryan, Guy, and Marshall come to mind……………

    • Ha. Yes, file that one under the “too good to be true” category. πŸ˜‰

      • Plus, who would sing tenor?

    • Or, Wes/Ryan/Marsh/Tim –

      The new “Homecoming Vocal Band” that’s a better balance I think!

      • I’m ready to hear that group anytime! Bring it on………..

      • The VB today is not nearly as good as it was with Guy. [edit…] Marshall is also saddly missed.

      • Guy and Marshall are talented for sure, but the VB today is great as well. Michael has had his struggles since joining (surgery etc.), but hopefully they are behind him and his voice comes back. It is natural to have favorites and of course Guy was with them a lot of years. However, people were saying the same thing in reverse when Michael left.

    • My thoughts exactly. Would this not be the greastest!!

    • That would be a GREAT group, I miss Tim, guy and Marshall. All of them together all I can say is WOW

  16. Big news! I really liked Tim’s voice, it is good to have him as part of the EHSS history, and in a funny kind of way he linked back to George, I love that last “Suppertime” video!

    Could have come over as a disaster – yet it doesn’t and the comments on Ian seem genuine. Strange Ernie mentioned him in the interview – or maybe not? – maybe Ernie knew last week?

    Either way, if it is God’s plan for Ernie and the quartet it won’t work out as a crisis or a problem. The new guy seems to have a good solid testimony which is nice to hear highlighted.

    We will all look forward to hearing the ‘new’ EHSS sound.

    Hope Doug hangs around a bit – solo album or no – would be sad to see Ernie being the only Sig Sound original. Maybe Ernie & Doug will be the George & Glen of EHSS for 50 years, Lord willing.

    • I’m guessing that Ernie knew, and they chose to release the story at an appropriate time.

      You know though, it would be a great idea for groups if changes could, when possible, not be “effective immediately.” The transitioning with Billy Hodges comes to mind – a few farewell dates would be a good thing. It leaves a good feeling in the groups that are able to manage that.

      • Yeah, this does seem like yanking the cord out…really sudden. I wondered about that myself.

      • Totally agree, think of the impact if Ernie had announced at the Tribute Taping that Tim was leaving at end of 2010.

        The added poignancy and edge to the concert would have produced goose bumps all over the place!

        Swansong on ‘This Old House’ – 3 encores and not a dry eye!

        Missed a trick their Ernie boyo….

        Just saying :-), but illustrates the Amy’s point about PLANNED and ANNOUNCED departures.

        When will the SG industry learn how not to shoot themselves in their collective feet, continually?

      • Um, but if he’d announced it back in July, it would have taken Tim quite by surprise, and would not exactly have had the impact you describe!

      • Er, yeah… if Tim made the decision around November, that certainly wouldn’t have your imagined effect!

      • I meant if Tim had decided in consultation with the group that he wanted to leave – and the opportunity was taken to announce it then, with delayed effect. Thus cutting out this repetitive “yank the cord” scenario we seem to have gotten used to in SG Quartet Musical Chairs.

        Not suggesting that Ernie sacked Tim on stage πŸ™‚ that sure would have been a downer Daniel!

      • But as has been discussed elsewhere in this thread, that could create awkwardness in concerts…

      • But it would kill awakward speculation and conjecture.

        Planned and managed change generates far less destabilization than sudden change, hence much less loss of confidence and/or speculation as to the future stability of the entity – be it singing group or conglomerate!

      • New word?

        “Laying awake at night worrying about awkward decisions etc” =


      • The Tribute scenario is just an [extreme] example, the point in principle is surely valid?

      • I don’t understand how you can say groups are shooting themselves in the foot by not announcing to the fans ahead of time that a change is going to happen. What rights do we have as fans to know the changes being made in a group ahead of time?

        Personally, I’d find it more difficult to be in Parton’s shoes than Duncan’s.

        You say it “kills awkward speculation and conjecture”, but I think it would create more awkwardness for Tim. Speculation will always be there, no matter when the announcement is made.

      • Josh bro,

        If ‘fans’ are paying customers/clients, then they DO have ‘rights’ – specifically the right to know that the product they have invested in does what it says on the label.

        If I booked tickets to hear EHSS [just for example] in Feb – I expected to hear Tim sing bass, and Ernie kid him for ‘showing off’…

        That is part of the EHSS package – which not so long ago used to have Ryan have his leg pulled by Ernie too…

        SO, if the fan-base gets affected by seemingly unplanned change, then they get shaky in their support, and….

        just take a minute and read the full thread here!

        Yesterday was full of “Oh NO!!!” all oveer the show, now it seems we all have the Knowledge and are pacified, yet the EHSS corporation could actually have announced the retirement of one of their board members 3 months ago.

        Well, I still believe they should have, and, also the reason for tim’s departure. In point of fact the ‘reasons’ updated by Daniel at the headline comment are still not current on EHSS official announcement – even though I, for one, believe what I read at the top of the page.

        Yet before the end of the page we are asking “Has Tim Duncan Cancer?”

        Surely the point is proven?

        It is NOT beyond the bounds of convention to a) agree a ‘bowing out’ period with the outgoing member.
        b) appoint a replacement and a start date.
        c) announce the change in advance, who is leaving when/why and who is coming in, when from.

        I think this simple model would alleviate a lot of the speculation and sensationalism in SG group changes – though it might reduce the blog-column-inches as well πŸ™‚

      • You are a paying customer at WalMart too…do you expect them to contact you weeks before they make a personnel change in order to gain your approval of it?

        While we may be paying customers, we are also on the outside looking in on the business of the southern gospel industry.

        No matter how much information is or isn’t given, there will ALWAYS be speculation. That’s just human nature.

      • Whether nor not you or I agree or disagree with David Mac, the WalMart comparison is not a good one. A better comparison is to buy merchandise there that says it is one color or made by one manufacturer and get something partially different than we paid for.

        Warning NSGF, another food analogy coming. πŸ˜‰
        Or maybe order a turkey, bacon, American cheese sub on white bread and get one with swiss cheese or on wheat bread. The point is, the EHSS that was bought by him is not the same one. That bothers some more than others.

        I saw the Gaither Homecoming in Indy. When I bought the tickets, I thought I would see Michael English with them. However, he had the surgery and wasn’t back. Did I enjoy myself still? Yes. Did I want a refund? No, those things aren’t really in their control. Was I disappointed? Yes, some.

      • I agree—and I like the food analogy! πŸ˜›

        My family and I have tickets to see the group in March which were bought months in advance. I was looking forward to seeing Tim again in concert, this time with mostly Tribute material. Now that I know Tim won’t be there, that does take a bit of edge off the excitement, even though I wish Tim all the best and I don’t hold it against anybody that he stepped down.

        It’s always hard to know how to balance your man’s best interests with keeping fans happy.

      • Was that sandwich bought months in advance?

      • I mentioned the “months in advance” simply to emphasize the point that we were secure in what we were expecting. The core point that quartet-man was making is the same, namely that an investment was made in a product that we ultimately are not getting as we expected. It may still taste good, or sound good, but it still requires what feels like a sudden adjustment.

      • ….but who knows, it may even taste better than what you thought you were getting!

      • But I’ve never had a swiss cheese and wheat bread sandwich before…but cheddar and white have been a personal favorite for my whole life.

        This is getting silly… πŸ™‚

      • “Was that sandwich bought months in advance?”

        No, but there isn’t much danger of them not having it when it is time to get it.

        If it makes you feel better, how about if you wait in line at the movie theater for days to see your favorite actor in a movie. You finally get the ticket and find out that the actor has been replaced with another one. Would you like it?

        I am not unreasonable, in this field and with tickets things like that are bound to happen. It is a shame though that it was known back then and not told, but I also understand that. I really do. I guess it was sold as Ernie Haase and Signature Sound and members were not specified. However, one would presume when the tickets were gotten that the bass singer of all those years would still be there. (This is no slam towards Tim or Ernie). Had the info been out there (and I understand why it wasn’t) at least the decision could have been made whether to get the tickets or not. Perhaps the best thing would be to offer refunds, but that would be tough too. Maybe those who considered it a deal breaker could sell their tickets and maybe even make some money for their initial $ investment, time investment etc.

      • For my part, I’ll keep my ticket. We still support the group, and two of my favorite singers (Ernie and Doug) will still be there. And I am curious and interested to see and hear Ian in action with the group.

      • I’m with David on this one. One adjustment – I think such news would probably have put a damper on the Tribute project; two big events like that should be separated as possible.

        Another factor that’s occurring to me as I look at it in this light is that it would probably have decreased sales some. Many people might hold off on buying a project and wait for the next lineup.

        That said, I think it’s weird that anyone would feel that it would cause awkwardness for a group member to give a one-month notice before they leave. The group owner knows; the group member knows; the process of replacement is on already. Why should it be a problem? It would also show solidarity and decrease the never-ending speculation, “Did he get fired?” (Although I hope none of us are going there in this case. But y’all know that’s what people invariable do – look for the worst.)

        Remember when Jason left GV. Jacob actually traveled with them for some time, as I remember, getting in some training before the switch happen. (Does my memory fail?) I’m not aware that it created any awkwardness.

  17. I’m excited about Ian joining.

    Tim and Mercy’s Mark?

    • I understand both sides! I saw them right after their last change. It didn’t affect me because I had never seen them before and I did not have a favorite of any member. I agree that it is their life and they have to do what is best for the group and their families.

      On the other hand, I love the GVB. When I go to see them I get my ticket way ahead of time to get a great seat. I had tickets last year during the time Michael English was out. I was disappointed, but it didn’t keep me from going and having a great time. The main reason for that was my favorite is Mark Lowry. I love the GVB’s music and all the guys, but if something had happened and Mark quit or was sick I would not have wanted to go, and probably would have tried to give my ticket to someone else. Some people drive great distances to see their favorite groups, and I can understand they disappointment. When I saw EHSS they were only 20 minutes from my house, but the GVB has never been withing two hours of me and that’s not every year. Sometimes I’ve driven 5 to 6 hours to see the GVB. On the other hand I drove from Texas to Shipshewana, Ind. to see Mark Lowry. We go where we want for who we want!

      Bottom line is this is their careers and although they are called by God, it is still a job, and they have a right to their privacy, even at the risk of disappointing and upsetting their fans!

  18. Wow. I am surprised. Did Ernie give such a short notice when Ryan left the group? I mean, he gave the fans a 3 day notice. πŸ™‚

    I’m looking forward to hearing the new sound, though I’ll really miss Tim’s voice.

  19. Here’s a Facebook comment from Jeremie Hudson (currently of Three Bridges, formerly of The Imperials):

    Ian Owens was part of The Imperials for about 8 years. He took over the position from the legendary Armond Morales, who had been the bass for 40 years!!! Armond Morales hand picked Ian to take his place. Believe me, SS will be just fine!!!!!!

  20. I am saddened to learn of Tim’s departure. Sure hope he doesn’t quit singing. Tim is a great bass singer. Will miss him with EHSS.

  21. Tickets in hand for the show on Friday. Something about Portland and EHSS. Last year when we saw them it was Devin’s third show.

    • Is it Portland, or you? πŸ˜‰

  22. In any case, I hope they don’t do something insane like re-cutting Timmy’s vocals on the Tribute project. I can’t stand it when groups do that, but I’m 99.99999% sure that EHSS will not do that here. They better not. Else they shall feel my wrath. πŸ˜€

    • I think you see that more with groups that have an unsteady line-up. I doubt we’ll see it happen.

    • NSF you having a nightmare? or you juat not asleep?

      That is a very scary thought! I think you got the 0.00001% right – Ernie?? – but in all seriousness, though the transition seems to have been managed without trauma it will be difficult on a tour as focused as “Tribute” to settle the new guy in – seems like 2 days practise at most. I’ve no doubt he knows the songs πŸ™‚ and the reference to Armond is reassuring,

      BUT, seriously folks, Ernie needs to steady the ship and settle in this line-up for a good spell. 50% turnover in 12 months or thereabouts is plenty.

      On a seismic shift scale of 0 – 10 [maybe GC about 9] EHSS just shifted a point or two. It is not quite their “George Amon” moment [steady Doug bro], yet George & Glen went on to greater things form their 2/3 departure!

      God bless them all – Timmy too – right now, may their plans and projects be fully in His will.

      May we all be, as Roger used to say, “In His Grip”.

      • maybe that should read, ‘from their 3/5 departure’, but I guess you know what i mean!

  23. Ernie sure seems to play the “we’re doing this or that to honor George” card pretty often…

    • Tim had more of a connection to George than Ian does. Ernie only mentioned George in connection with Ian because he says Ian’s voice reminds him of George. Not exactly “playing a card…”

      • I’m not talking about this Duncan departure. I’m talking about building a studio, doing recordings, marketing certain products, etc. all in “honor of George”.

      • In that case, you probably have the wrong thread. It was just confusing to post that here—the StowTown discussion was in the interview.

      • Aside from singing in the same general range, Ian Owens sounds nothing at all like George Younce.

        Saying he does is either playing a card or hearing something that isn’t there because you want it to be there (AKA self-fulfilling prophecy).

      • Ernie never said that Ian sounds like George. Here it is again:

        He’s just a great singer, reminds me of George. What people used to say about George or George would say about himself is β€œI’m a singer first who happens to have a bass voice.” And that’s what this guy is.

        “Reminds me of” and “sounds like” are two different things.

      • Josh – wow, and kudos. You’re completely right, and that was a nuance that I completely missed, just as much as David did.

  24. Incidentally, I saw a facebook comment from a lady who said that she saw the group earlier this month, and Tim looked really wrung out…circles under his eyes, just exhausted. Isn’t it possible that he’s just running out of steam?

    • Sometimes people do leave groups for health reasons, but I think it’s not in good taste to speculate as to specifics, so let’s not go in the direction of guessing what it may have been (if indeed it was health).

      • I wasn’t going to speculate as to specifics, just saying that I think it’s likely the schedule has just worn Tim out, which seems entirely reasonable.

    • This is what I’ve heard. I know Daniel isn’t wanting speculation, but this is what I read on the EHSS fans message board: (I’ve edited slightly for easier reading)

      His last concert was Saturday in Louisiana. Tim said that he needed time to regain his health, he has lost so much weight and has not fully recovered from his stroke about a year ago…The audience was in tears when he sang his last song.

      Tim is OK with his decision, which he made before the Christmas Tour, about 2 months ago, but EHSSQ did not tell.

      • Thanks!

      • Oh, and I really hope somebody captured video from that event. I’ll be scouring Youtube.

      • Thank you Josh. This is saddening but makes me all the more convinced that this change is for Timmy’s good.

      • Thanks for sharing this, Josh! It helps to put speculations to rest. I too hope that someone got a video of Tim’s last performance with EHSSQ–I would love to see it!

      • (Not related to New SoGo Fan…) πŸ˜€

      • I read the post on the EHSS fans message board. The poster acquired the “information” via a chat with a friend on Facebook. She didn’t say if the friend was actually at the concert in Louisiana.

        I emailed a friend who was at the concert. She told me nothing was said about Tim leaving and the audience was not in tears. Therefore, I question the accuracy of this information.

      • That’s odd. Ah well, I guess it shows how info can get a little bent out of shape when it’s passed from mouth to mouth…

  25. This is Sad! I was just getting tickets for the concert in Chambersburg, PA & I heard this. I wish like others mentioned there would be a farewell period where you could still hear the leaving members. Ah, well, you could do that but it’d never be long enough to satisfy everyone.
    Sure will miss Tim! Hope to see him some more as he’s too good just to go into hiding.

    • My guess is he’ll be taking some time off the road for at least a while, but I agree that it would be a shame to see such a great bass go unused.

  26. I’m so glad , this year at NQC, i stood in the line to meet them all , and have a nice picture taken with all of them including Tim. They were ALL so friendly. I would say one of the friendliest groups i had stopped to talk to.

    • Yes they are. Doug Anderson is one of the sweetest, most genuine guys I’ve ever met. His talent doesn’t compare to his heart. That says a lot.

  27. I am deeply saddened at Tim’s departure from EHSS. He is my favorite bass singer.I hope that he is well and pray for the Lord’s blessing on whatever he chooses to do. I hope that he continues to sing so we can see and hear him. Otherwise, he’ll be greatly missed.

  28. THIS IS SO SAD!!! πŸ™ Why is everyone leaving EHSS?

  29. Sad to hear Tim is leaving the road. I thought he had a really good sound especially when he was with the Poet Voices.

    However, from strictly a financial viewpoint… why do most groups just “yank the cord” as others have put it?? It seems to me that your tickets sales and cd/ticket sales would definitely increase if an audience knew this would probably be the last time they would see that member with the group. Not only that but these groups need to understand that people are not just “church goer’s”… they are fans. They are the groups livelihood and there is always an emotional.spiritual attachment to the groups members.
    Just a thought… feel free to expound.
    Would make more sense to do at least a brief farewell period.

    • It would have to be incredibly tough on the person leaving during that period, unless he’s been there so long as to be a legend. After concerts, he’d have constant inquiries about his health, where he was going, why he was leaving, what kind of terms he was leaving on, ad infinitum. Put yourself in that person’s shoes, and it quickly becomes a whole lot easier to see why some people don’t want that kind of fuss!

      • I can imagine that would be tough. Pastor’s go through a similar situation. Even in the best of situations, the questions and comments can be difficult. The “we will miss you” is appreciated. The “God told me you’re supposed to stay” becomes frustrating.

      • Great thought Daniel.
        Thanks for the point of view.

      • No problem! I’ve seen enough to know that that’s why many people hesitate to go through long departure periods.

  30. Important question: Does anyone know whether Tim’s weight loss was a sudden thing?

    If he has been having extensive, unexplained weight loss, this could be a very serious thing. He needs to get some testing and a diagnosis.

    • It sounded to me like there was a connection between that and the stroke.

      • That’s not a normal stroke-related symptom. If there’s an illness to which it’s connected, it’s cancer.

      • Actually, there can be a connection. I’ll email.

      • Correction: It’s not a normal stroke-related symptom unless of course the stroke left one incapable of eating. But Tim’s was relatively mild.

      • NSF, ease up!

        That’s not speculating, it’s scare-mongering,

        even if you meant no harm. Somebody will be tweeting in an hours time that Daniel’s blog reported Tim Duncan as having cancer!

        Which it, or you didn’t but there are enough scares and realities in the world in general and SGM history in particular to be very cautious with that blog-nosis!

      • Eg. “Tim Duncan is leaving EHSS because of a [2nd] mini-stroke” –


        just a wrong reading of an old post!

      • “blog-nosis” I LOVE it!

  31. Fans have No right to such information!!. For your 10, 15 or 20 dollars you Do Not get the right to know unpublished information nor who will sing what song!!!..one of the many problems with SG !..Fans think they own the artists!~ What you Do have a right to is to see the group you paid for!.. It. That group now consists of different members or if they have the members switched around..So Be It !~ If you go to a game and a certain player does not play?!?. Get real!

    • Take it easy, man. No need to get so upset.

      • For the record, this was not me! I did not realize that there was another JC that was on this blog. I will have to make sure and use my last name every time so that we do not get confused. LOL!

      • Well you have a gravatar, so that helps. πŸ˜›

      • This is true. LOL!

    • He could’ve worded it differently to take off some of the harshness of the post, but I agree with the sports comparison.

      • Well last time I checked, a quartet did not have 11 members, nor a subs bench.

        [Unless at the GVB or Cat’s Reunion :-)]

        “four guys singing flat-footed round a piano”, somebody famous once said – it is kind of reassuring to see the same five faces abovethe suits.

        Also, in a major departure from food or sport analogies: when some of us listen we “see” – by faith? – the guys we imagine are there.

      • Yes it is reassuring to see the same five guys. And yes, I also “see” the guys when I’m listening to the CD.

        But since the four guys started out back in 2002, there have been just 3 changes (Ryan replaced Garry, Devin replaced Ryan, Ian replaced Tim). That is far more stability than many SG groups have had.

        Change is hard, there’s no doubting that. But as much as we may not like it, we should still accept it. If change means you’re not going to follow a certain group as closely, so be it. I’m not one of them, though.

      • I think you mean that Ryan replaced Shane.

      • Aww, shoot. I had Garry on the mind for some reason.

      • Because he went too;

        Roy replaced Garry.
        Ryan replaced Shane.
        Wayne replaced Roy.
        Devin replaced Ryan.
        Ian replaced Tim.

        2 arrangers, 3 pianists, 3 leads & 2 basses.

        Ernie needs to steady his ship and keep a tight crew for a while to lower his alteration-averages again.

        The new recipe might change the taste [again] then the brand might be weakened.

        Doug, pleeeze sit tight bro!

  32. This business of the misinformation intrigues me…I wonder if perhaps there was a concert at which all that was taking place, but the message got altered in translation and it was actually a DIFFERENT concert.

  33. All this speculation is getting to a point of some “prayer chains” in the local church.
    The first caller passes on information that a member is going in for a out patient visit at the hospital.
    The tenth caller give a message to the next caaller saying the member is in the hospital with unknown complications after all the speculating and assumptions were added to the request.
    Prayer to God does alot more than thinking out loud.

  34. I will say this. It seems (to me) like there is far less speculation with this change than when Devin stepped in for Ryan last year. A lot of people questioning why the press release was so vague, whether he was fired, etc.

    This change seems so much more peaceful. Maybe people see how well the last change worked out, so its not as big of a deal.

    • The first change probably came as more of a shock, since it was the first in years for the group.

  35. My wife and I met Tim and all the boys in Branson a few weeks ago. I am thankful we got to meet Tim. I love his deep voice. We wish him the best in life and health.

  36. So many people seem to see personnel change as a bad thing; sad, dissapointing, frustrating, etc. I, however, have a slightly different view of the matter. Although it is sad in a way, I’ve always thought of it as having a sort of beauty. First, you have the tearful goodbye of the current group member and you watch him “walk off into the sunset” if you will. Next, there is the excitement of seeing a new face and seeing how well he jells with the group. So, although sad, it is also very exciting. However, I like it when these kinds of changes are few and far between and not when they’re too many and too close together.

  37. I first heard Tim way back when he was w/ a group called Masters Voice. I remember being amazed @ his voice then and its only gotten better. It is sad to see him go but, it’s alway sad when a fan favorite leaves. Ian is a good singer and will fit in nicely. Although the sound may be slightly different we all know that EHSS will continue to put out great music and bless us all. Change isn’t always a bad thing

  38. Tim posted this on Facebook tonight… should end the speculation about his health!

    Hello Everyone
    Just wanted to touch base with all of my dear friends in fb land.
    Several of you have messaged me about my health. Im in the best physical shape of my life.I ran 5 miles today and done my chest workout…..i feel great!!
    Cant wait to see what God has in store for me.Continue to remember me and my family in your prayers

    • Well, that’s great news… but I’m still scratching my head as to where that info from the concert came from! Color me thankful, but puzzled.

      • Which just goes to show that the above should have been on the EHSS web-release, at least?

        Which – as argued – does NOT tell us why Tim left, but it DOES put a lot of kindly hearts at rest as to how he is, mentally, physically & spiritually.

      • If a person was leaving to spend time with his family or was tired and needed a break – fans would understand that so I don’t know why that would be secretive. He was with SSQ for 8 years, so we would have understood.

      • Ernie discusses Tim’s decision in the video intro of Ian Owens.

      • I don’t think its about him being scretive. Its about the fans not really needing to know. It’s the deciasion of Tim and his family to step off the road. To me, needing to know reasons is almost to a point of invasion of privacy.

        If artists feel that their followers need to know why a change happens, then they will give one. But that does not mean that we as fans should expect to hear a reason for every personnel change.

  39. Ernie picked well.
    The new guy done good, very good!
    [He is nothing like GY or TD. He sings like Ian Owens].
    Timmy is well.

    The Lord is on His Throne. All is at peace.


  40. Ernie has only had 3 guys to leave in 8 years. Roger and Shane were with a different group!.. Tim apparently wants to do something different than what EHSS does. To each his own. Ian is great.

  41. Ernie has indeed lost five members, not three. Shane Dunlap was Sig Sound’s original lead singer around the ’02/’03ish time period. Also, Garry Jones was the pianist at that time, as well as co-owner. Btw, there has never been a guy named Roger in Sig Sound, so I can’t imagine who would have said that. Have a blessed evening! πŸ™‚

    • It depends on how big a part of the group you consider the pianist. It’s 3 if you just count the quartet members, 5 if you include the pianist as well.

  42. Yes, that’s a good point; however, I was mostly responding to the above poster’s comment “Roger and Shane were with a different group!” So I let her know that Shane Dunlap was indeed with Sig Sound, and they had a pianist named Garry Jones. I’m not sure who she meant by Roger. Perhaps someone on here got Garry Jones confused with Roger Bennett. Anyway, have a blessed day.

    • Yeah, I’m guessing it was probably just a typo.

  43. I know it’s not our business why someone is no longer with a group. But if it’s known that a member is leaving, I think, as fans and supporters, we should be made aware of that – not the reason but told he/she is leaving.

    I’ve been sick and am now catching up on some readings (including the SN commment thread on the article). With that said, I wonder who’s decision it was for Tim to leave? I just want to leave it at that because Daniel doesn’t want negativity on his site (which is good).

    • As has been said earlier, Tim told Ernie around the start of the Christmas tour that he was ready to move on. He stayed on board until a replacement was in place.

      • The rest of that particular account has already been proven inaccurate, so we cannot be sure this is accurate. These specifics were not in the press release and have not been stated publicly by Tim.

      • Actually, Ernie said that Tim came to him “a couple months ago” and said he felt like his work was done.

  44. I saw Tim Duncan and his wife dining with another couple at Texas Roadhouse in Hendersonville, TN on New Years Eve. I noticed how thin he appeared. He will be missed. Really enjoy his voice.

    • I have been attending Signature Sound concerts regularly for six and a half years; at least three to four concerts a year. Tim has always been thin. The last time I saw him, after Thanksgiving, I thought he looked fine and so did my daughter when she saw EHSS in mid-December. I shared in a previous comment what Tim posted on Facebook on January 21 and will post it again.

      Hello Everyone
      Just wanted to touch base with all of my dear friends in fb land.
      Several of you have messaged me about my health. Im in the best physical shape of my life.I ran 5 miles today and done my chest workout…..i feel great!!
      Cant wait to see what God has in store for me.Continue to remember me and my family in your prayers

  45. I will miss Tim. Oh, Yes!!!
    But am praying for him each day that whatever is going on in his life it will be successful.
    God bless you Tim.

  46. I saw them in concert last night at Tullahoma, TN. Best I have ever heard them. The new bass is fantastic! Most beautiful bass solo voice I have EVER heard!

    • I am glad for the “good rap” Ian is getting. He deserves it!

  47. Saw EHSS last night in concert….boy did they try to sell the new guy to the audience…and he was good but he was his own not TD. [edit]

    • I don’t think they’re trying to say that Tim Duncan is “replaceable.” I think they’re just trying to make Ian feel welcome and give him a chance to shine in his own way. Doesn’t it make sense that they would want to present him as well as they can so people will accept him?

  48. Tim is the greatest and will be missed more than he could ever guess. My prayers are with him.

  49. Tim Duncan is greatly missed. With Ryan and Tim both gone now, I don’t know if the group will ever be the same now!!

    • It won’t be the same, but the sound is still great in its own way.

  50. I sure wish EH&SS would come to the Virgin Islands…in any combination of singers…I would admit that I still miss Roy Webb…

  51. Really missed Tim’s voice at the recent concert. Ian has a beautiful solo voice but sure did not add the great bass parts to the quartet arrangement

  52. I recently bought the video”get away jordan” the group is fantastic, They are such great singers and after watching I feel as if I had been to church. I wish Tim and ryan the very best but I wish it had not changed.Tim you are in my prayers and you will be missed by all good luck and enjoy your family.Ryan I hope to find the group you are in called “shine” A fan

  53. I love Tim Duncan. He has, I think, the best bass voice I have heard. We heard Ernie Hass and Signature Sound in concert with Gaither Homecoming a couple years ago and it was awesome. I wish him the best in whatever he does. May God bless him and strengthen his health. I hope he doesn’t stop singing completely, but a man has to do what he is led to do by the Holy Spirit.

  54. All of you people need to move on!!! Tim has, Ernie has, etc. Who cares when the decision was made– that ship has sailed. From all reports, Tim needs time off the road to recover his health. They’ve found a new bass… MOVE ON! They were at our church last summer and we greatly enjoyed them. Would love to see them again, but the fact that Tim is no longer with them would NOT make us stay away. MOVE ON! (and quit yammering about it!)

    • It looks like people had moved on for a while until you moved the thread up. With all due respect, you don’t really control who “yammers” or not. For that matter, even if you had the opinion members don’t matter to you and that they should not be discussed, you surely could have offered those opinions in a much better spirit. At least the way you come across is not with a very good one.

      • Q-M — Totally agree, my thoughts exactly.

  55. How very sad. My two favorite performers are Tim and Guy. Best wishes to these two fine men. Truly hope to see them perform in another group.

    • Tim is currently performing with Canton Junction.

  56. Tim duncan is my wife second cousin if eany one knows eany thing about him please email me ..

  57. I missed you bass singer Tim Duncan


    • Do you mean Roy Webb? He’s selling real estate in Cincinnati, last I heard.

  59. Finally had a chance to see Signature sound at Bearcreek Farm this past Saturday Sept. 22 2012. What a show and would go again. Missed Tim but Ian did a wonderful job .The pianist did a great job also. Best wishes are sent to the group and then also to Tim and his family. The Lord works in mysterious ways and all we have to do is to accept the change and go on. I will always be a fan of Tim;s but let us give Ian the chance and say a prayer for him and the the rest of Signature Sound. ” Keep on Keepin on Ernie” God Bless

  60. I will miss Tim Duncan in Signature Sound. He is the best bass i have ever heard. The group was so fantastic with him. Frankly, I can’t imagine the same success of the group without him!! I hope Tim enjoys his time with Canton Express. [edit]. Best wishes to Tim and his family.

  61. I recently saw Tim on tv singing in another group with Matthew Hagee and one of the Crabb twins(not sure which twin)! this was just a couple of months ago, so Tim seems to be doing alright!

  62. I just remembered. He is singing with Canton Junction with Matt Hagee and Aaron Crabb.


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