Saturday News Roundup #63

It has been a crazy week in Southern Gospel—the first week in over a month so busy as to require a news roundup post to wrap up the week. Of course, the headline news stories over the past week were Ian Owens replacing Tim Duncan with Signature Sound and ongoing discussion about Tim Parton leaving Legacy Five to be a music minister at the Seventh-Day-Adventist TV network 3ABN.

Other News Stories:

  • Tribute Quartet’s bus was totally destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. A right passenger back tire blew out and caught the bus on fire. The group was unable to put the fire out; they were able to save some important documents, products, and equipment, but lost their personal belongings, including suits and casual clothing.
  • All personal belongings were lost, but there were no injuries.
  • AbsolutelyGospel announced the nominees for their 2011 Ovation awards. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.] The Gaither Vocal Band and Wayne Haun led the group and individual nominations. Voting begins February 1. 
  • Mary Lester, wife of the late Herschel Lester and mother of Brian Lester of the Lesters, passed away on Thursday; an obituary is here.  (Hat tip, LP.) [UPDATE, 5/3/13: Broken link removed.]
  • The Gospel Chicken House, a Southern Gospel concert venue for decades in Montpelier, Virginia, has closed. (Hat tip, CH.)

Also, welcome Adam Edwards back to the Southern Gospel blogosphere. His review of the Perrys’ Blue Skies project is well-done—and Adam, please make sure it doesn’t take another WordPress upgrade and new theme design before we see you around again! [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]

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  1. Wow, sad to hear about Tribute. I got a bit of a deja vu feeling remembering the Freedom Singers, except that was a van, not a bus.

    Losing the bus is perhaps worse than losing their personal belongings, but the whole thing must be hard to cope with. Prayers going out for them.