Singing News reinstates Favorite Band category

As mentioned yesterday, Singing News announced last night that Favorite Band category is returning to the Singing News Fan Awards.

This is the most official acknowledgment yet that live music is on its way back in our genre. When I wrote a now-timely post seventeen days ago that I’d only review DVDs with live music, it was not without grounds: In the last year or so, three of Southern Gospel’s top ten quartets have either added a band or expanded theirs. The Dove Brothers went from a pianist to a three-piece band; Ernie Haase and Signature Sound went from a pianist to a three-piece (and more recently a four-piece) band; and, the Inspirations added utility instrumentalist Luke Vaught and went from a two-piece to a three-piece. Of course, the consistently top-10-nominated Kingdom Heirs have been the only top-10 male quartet to consistently maintain a three-piece band since and through the heyday of live music.

Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning.

* * *

Oh, and Singing News also reinstituted the Favorite Small/Medium/Large Market DJs and added the category of Favorite Southern Gospel Internet Radio Program. If that is important enough to the genre to be worth a category, and industry website isn’t, perhaps this site should launch a weekly radio program with the news highlights of the weekโ€”and maybe audio interviews, too!

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  1. Good move since many groups are bringing back or starting up a band.
    Maybe we can see in the future a category for the Best Website.
    No FB or social pages would be in the
    A lot of excellent websutes in SG.
    I am thinking about the performing artists more than industry releated.

  2. I’ll vote for the ‘best website’ category!

    Hope the Kingdom Heirs band will win since their band has been the only one around for so long. I think they deserve it, IMO.

    I also think their drummer is sometimes lost in all those big personalities. I spoke with him at the record table for a while and he really has a funny, outgoing personality that fits the group even though he doesn’t get to show it much in concert. Again, IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yeah, I think artist website would be a good category.

    The bands category just might inspire other groups to get one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • It would give them a chance to wrest at least one award from the Booth Brothers. ๐Ÿ˜€ (Just joking here – I hope nobody can find a way to make that say anything negative about anybody else.)

  4. SN did have the Favorite Website Award back in ’05 or ’06. Greater Vision won it. That was the only time they had it. I personally would like to see Favorite Artist & Favorite Industry Website Awards. But I’m glad they have brought back the band category.

    One quick question: What constitutes an internet radio program? Does it have to be solely internet (Mickey Bell’s) or a radio program (Paul Heil’s) that happens to be aired on the internet?

  5. Are there ANY trios that have live bands? It would increase their expenses exponentially.

    I mean, I know Stan Whitmire shows up for GV concerts once in a while, but that’s not what I mean.

    • Amy, I think that New Ground has been traveling with a live band. I could be wrong on that but I think that is a correct statement.

      • You’re right, JC. I know Mickey Bell plays the piano & someone else plays the drums. I know Taylor Guffey (?) played drums, but I don’t know if he’s still with them.

      • Taylor is traveling and playing for the Nelons now.

      • LaShay, I thought that, but I hadn’t really seen any pics/videos of him with them. Do you know who replaced him?

  6. Hey Daniel!

    I’m still reading. Thanks for all of the news, interviews, and more. You seem to be getting better and better at what you do!

  7. I’m on the fence about the bands at this point. If we had a few more in the mix, I think it would be good, because it gives the Fan Awards some variety.

    If the DJ awards are going to be implemented as they were in the past with everyone voting without having the ability to compare any of the DJs in contention, those awards will again be just as pointless as they were in the past.

    Artist website awards are also meaningless. Given the chance, people will just use it as another opportunity to vote for their favorite artist. It doesn’t mean they actually like the website or consider it to be better than another artist’s website.

    • Stupid question….

      Do they currently have or previously had a “favorite family group” award?

      • That’s generally covered under “mixed group” (though, naturally, a few, like Voices Won and the Ball Brothers, would fall under other categories.)

      • Are there any mixed groups that aren’t families?

      • I’m sure there are. Plus, many of them aren’t entirely families.

        OK, Naomi and the Segos – it used to be a family group, but none of the current personnel are related.

        Chuck Wagon Gang (today).

        This raises another question – of whether there are any prominent SG mixed groups that have never had related members. That I don’t know.

  8. Primitive Quartet also. Would Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver qualify? What about the other bluegrass band that was at NQC last year? Sorry, can’t remember their names, but they are really good also.

    • Juat remembered their name – Dailey and Vincent. Sorry!

      • They are good musicians indeed – it’s just that none of them have made the top 10 Singing News Fan Awards male quartet of the year nominee list yet, which is the criteria I’d been using.

      • I doubt that DL&Q or D&V would qualify because of their stronger showing in secular music. But DL&Q sings more Gospel consistently, so they would be the more eligible of the two.

        The Isaacs will get nominated. Their band is really good. I’m hoping that Jason Crabb’s band will get some nod..a Top 10 nomination at least. They work so well together.