Saturday News Roundup #64

In the News:

  • According to individuals on her email newsletter list, TaRanda Greene stated there that she will be launching a solo career in March.
  • Tim Greene announced, via a press release posted on the Singing News website, that he will be returning to the Southern Gospel circuit after a decade off the road. He will be launching an all-male trio, the Tim Greene Trio. (No link is posted because the Singing News website is apparently down as of the drafting of this post.)
  • Former Wilburns / Gold City lead singer Jonathan Wilburn announced on his Facebook page that he has left Ronnie Watkins Ford, where has been a car salesman for the 2 1/2 years since he left Gold City. (Has it only been 2 1/2 years? Wow!) He is launching a full-time ministry, Wilburn & Wilburn, with his son Jordan.
  • Steve Eaton and David Bruce Murray have launched a fascinating new series, a Must Buy or Not? series of album reviews. Here’s the first.

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  1. I will be interested to know how many dates Tim Greene and his trio will be doing? Marc Ivey is an INCREDIBLE talent, and I know he sings a good bit on his own and has been with Liberty. I wonder if this will be full time or maybe just a few limited dates a month?

    • Probably whatever it takes to keep on going down the road.
      Marc can still do his thing at Thomas Roads which looks like is first love.
      Tim can follow the lead of Michael Combs by spacing out his work load to maintain his health.
      No matter what direction the trio, it going to be ministry focus to the fullest sense of the word..
      Too many valley and mountain top experiences not to share while singing the gospel music.
      Dream of all dreams would be to add Charles Billingsley to the mix. Charles can sing anything from SG to opera!

  2. Funny, I put Tim in a male quartet over at Southern Gospel Views from the back row.
    I always liked him and his voice and hope that the trio does well and that his health does as well. I do at least partially wish that the Greenes would go on as a mixed trio though. They have a lot of songs from over the years that I would like to see continue. The trio could be interesting though.

  3. Hmmm….what would happen if all these people got together and formed a group? Tim, Taranda, Jonathan. Now they need a bass singer. I’m just sayin’! 🙂

  4. Their website is already available: