Trey Ivey joins Legacy Five

Legacy Five has hired Trey Ivey as their new pianist, following Tim Parton’s recent departure. Ivey played for the Mike LeFevre Quartet from November 2006 – March 2010 and played with The Old Paths for the last ten months. Ivey will be moving from Cleveland, Georgia to Nashville, Tennessee; he will start with the group February 12, and overlap with Tim Parton for two weeks before Parton’s February 28th departure.

Legacy five lead singer / manager Scott Fowler stated:

I first heard Trey a couple of years ago at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. I remember thinking then that this young man was a great player and would do noting but get better. I made a mental note to myself to keep an eye on Trey. When Tim Parton announced he would be leaving, I knew I needed to make contact with Trey. All of the Legacy Five guys are excited to have Trey a part of our team.

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  1. Very good choice… L5 is all class.

  2. I think Trey will be a great fit with Legacy Five. JEB, you are correct that they are all class. Looking forward to seeing Trey with L5. It will be so different though seeing a young piano player with them.

    • well i so totally agree with J.C. Johnson’s reply.i got to hear legacy five live in concert here in Fergus Falls,MN at my school at the Kennedy School Auditorium on Saturday March 19 and the concert doors opened at 6:00pm and the concert started at 7:00pm.

  3. “Noting” but get better? Freudian slip> 😀

  4. Great hire for L5. I find it neat that he played for the Lefevre Quartet and Gus sang for them during that same time…

    • That seems to be a pattern, huh Nate? (Go with who you know)

      Not only did Gus & Trey travel together, but if I recall, Scott Fowler & Frank Seamans also traveled together w/ The Sound.
      Also, Scott Howard & Roger Bennett were close friends from loooong ago.

      I think they’re safer to hire that way. It’s one thing to get along good on stage, but those other 22 hours in the day are important as well.

      • I’m looking forward to hearing L5 in a few weeks. I’m happy for Trey, and I think he’ll do very well.

      • Yeah the groups (sans family groups) with the longest tenured members, are groups that have guys in the group that go back much farther in their relationships than just the day of the audition… I am not saying that all groups are this way but the majority are…

  5. Wow! I barely squeaked under the wire with my prediction of an announcement before February! lol. I’m looking forward to seeing him with L5 soon 🙂

  6. hello there legacy five it was so great to see you guys on saturday march 19 at my school at the kennedy school auditorium and it also so great to meet you guys and hear mr 21 year old trey ivey play the piano when you guys were here me and my mom might be coming your guys legacy five concert in baxter mn this was my first legacy five gospel quartet concert i have ever been too.