AbsolutelyGospel Awards: Voting Open

The voting has opened for the 2011 AbsolutelyGospel awards; vote here. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken link removed.] This is the same organization—formerly SoGospelNews—that produced and offered live internet streaming of an awards show last year which received acclaim for production quality and percentage of nominees present.

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  1. I was a little surprised at some of the nominations. There were names missing that I thought should have been there.

    • Well, I always think that way about any nomination!

      That said, my biggest annual disagreement with Chris is over what constitutes “Traditional” – the Booth Brothers’ Declaration album is consistently described as “groundbreaking” and synonyms along those lines, and I have a hard time seeing an album acclaimed that way as traditional! (That said, it’s so awesome I voted for it anyhow!)

      Also, I would classify the Bowlings’ music as Country Gospel. 🙂

      • Yeah. On reflection, I kinda wish I’d voted for the Cathedrals Tribute project instead in the traditional category. Oh well. 🙂

      • Traditional would be any style that has been around for years. _Declaration_ features classic Lari Goss arranging, so it belongs in that category.

        Goss was doing that sort of thing in the early 1980s. He’s honed his style and made it a little more sophisticated, but it’s pretty much the same sound. Like it or not, we’re going to have to start calling the 1980s classic now that there are two full decades between us and that decade.

        “Traditional” is more than Statesmen, Happy Goodmans, and Cathedrals sound-alikes.

        I didn’t get a copy of the Bowlings CD, so I can’t comment on whether it’s Country Gospel or not. So many CDs are a grab bag of styles, it can be difficult to categorize one properly.

      • I think the 80s equals classic! In CCM as well as SG. 😀

  2. Groundbreaking does not equal progressive. 😉

    And the Bowlings’ album is in the Country category – however, “I Still Glory In the Cross” is very much a traditional SG song.


    • Well, it doesn’t equal traditional, either! 🙂

      • You guys are too funny.

  3. I know its not personal between you two…;ust trying to remember if I’ve EVER seen you truly agree! Lol

    Btw…chris, congrats on the engagement.

    • I think I have seen it, but I can’t remember when. (Honestly!)

  4. Collingsworth’s should have a lot more nominations than just Kim for musician.

    • I agree. I thought that was odd. I would have voted them “mixed group” in a heartbeat.

  5. I’m curious as to how those nominations are gathered? Was there a previous voting that determined this current one?

  6. I thought it was odd that certain songs were nominated that didn’t come from 2010. For example, how come “Somebody Died For Me” or “I Am Redeemed” were on there? Wouldn’t it have made a lot more sense to include songs like “Love Came Calling” and “Never Walk Alone?”

  7. The nominations are chosen from the writers of AGM and select media representatives.

    These nominations are based on the previous year’s accomplishments – NOT based on favoritism. The Collingsworth Family did not release a new mainline album and didn’t have a huge hit this year on radio – therefore they didn’t get nominated.

    Songs like “Somebody Died for Me” and “I Am Redeemed” were nominated because they were released to radio and had significant runs at radio. It doesn’t matter the year they were recorded – rather when they were released to radio and the calendar year in which they were the actual hit.

    • Okay, that all helps to explain some things. I suspected maybe the Collingsworth family was absent because they hadn’t done a new mainline. As for a radio hit…when was the last time they did have a really HUGE radio song? Seems like they’re still waiting for that big breakthrough…

  8. Although I don’t always agree with the nominations that are made, the nomination PROCESS that Chris uses is excellent.

    It prevents a group or individual from being nominated in a year where they didn’t do a great deal out of the ordinary, where completely fan based nominations tend to trot out the same bunch year after year. The fans are still involved, but the initial slate is not determined by the masses.

    • True. Especially when it comes to vocalists: Is so-and-so still around? Well, he’s still my favorite singer, so… 😉

  9. I have a question. I am sure other groups are missing, buy why are the Hoppers never on this ballot?

  10. Sorry meant but instead of buy

  11. Did I miss something with the songwriter category? I didn’t expect to see my name (yet!) but I was confused by the songwriter (artist) category with only artist-songwriters nominated. Where are the non-artist writers recognized? Heaven? (I guess that’ll do.)

    • I seem to recall that the staff votes on some of these.

  12. The awards has two categories for Songwriters and Producers – Artist and Professional. The staff votes on the winners of the Songwriter and Producer (Professional) categories as well as the Engineer of the Year award.

    This year’s nominees for Songwriter (Professional) are Marty Funderburk, Rusty Golden, Twila LaBar, Rebecca Peck, Kenna West, and Dianne Wilkinson.

    The Producer (Professional) nominees are Donna Beauvais, Jeff Collins, Ricky Free, Lari Goss, and Michael Sykes.

    The Engineer category consists of Steve Allen, Ron Fairchild, Gus Gaches, Terry Thompson, and Kevin Ward.

    • Chris,

      Thanks for the info. That clears it up for me.


  13. Personally, I think these awards are better than the SN awards.

  14. interesting to see Beyond The Ashes for two nominations. for a group that isn’t really prominent in the sg industry, seeing they are a fan favorite non is refreshing! great group with great harmonies! be on the lookout for these guys and their new project coming out soon!

    • Uh, Chris, I’m not sure that a nomination here makes them a fan favorite!

      (I’m not saying they’re not. But these are industry nominations.)

  15. Fan Favorite is just that – based on the votes of the fans. It’s the only award where the nominations are chosen by the fans.

  16. Daniel we actually have a good sized “fan” base within the SG world and they vote.

    • Oh, I’m not denying that in the slightest. All I am saying was that the nominations were selected by industry people, and thus the nominations here are more a measure of your respect and standing within the industry than with the fans.