Something odd on the Singing News website

Yesterday, I posted a link to a Monument Quartet press release posted on the Singing News SG Wire. Today, this press release is no longer visible on the SG Wire page and does not come up when their news stories are searched, suggesting that the story has been pulled.

But here’s the strange part: If you follow the direct link, which I posted (click here – link now broken), you can still view the story. So it’s there, but it’s not there. Go figure.

Also, Singing News has issued the results of last week’s poll. The question was: “Do you download Southern Gospel music from the Internet?” 15% answered “Yes,” 85% answered “No.” These results may be accurate, but there is one flaw in the poll. It made no distinction between legal and illegal downloads. My instant reaction upon seeing the poll was that it was referring to illegal downloads, and I nearly clicked “no” before reading it again and realizing that it could just as easily refer to legal downloads.

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  1. I would download songs if they were available in mp3 format. Unfortunately, it seems only Gaither-issued cds are available – I do have many songs from Gaither artists, but I would like to download the latest songs from the Kingsmen, Legacy Five, or Mark Bishop, for example. (all legally!)

  2. Truth is…the only dowloads I’ve ever seen are legal and on Apple’s i-Tunes software. Finding downloads of southern gospel is almost impossible

  3. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a very suspicious mind? (Cool smiley)

    I’ve never downloaded a song from the internet, but hope to start getting some SG through iTunes.

  4. When I consider:
    1. A person who legally downloads SG would have no reason to think the question assumes illegal downloading.
    2. A person who illegally downloads SG would be more inclined to lie.
    3. How cheap SG fans are.

    I think 15% is probably an accurate figure for SG fans who have internet access and are comfortable using a computer. The true figure would be lower overall, obviously, since some people who have had a computer for some time still haven’t mastered Outlook Express.

  5. Well, I have never in my life downloaded any songs illegally, and yet it struck me that the question could be taken either way.