Sony’s Thoughts: The Lord Still Lives in This Old House

Now there were times He had the right to up and move away
And there were days I know it took God’s amazing grace to stay
But He never left this old building once; that’s why I can sing and shout
It’s such a joy to know the Lord still lives in this old house

I hurt my foot on Friday so yesterday I spent the day with my foot up which gave me time to read and listen to music. I play music often but I love having time once in a while to sit and reflect on the music I listen to. One of the CDs I played included the above song which J.D. Sumner sang on the last CD he sang on with the Stamps.

Do you ever think about the fact that God doesn’t have to stay with you? The way God bears with humans just amazes me. He doesn’t owe us a thing; yet He continually reaches out to us, blesses us, allows us to experience His presence, and communicates to us in various ways how much He loves us. I wonder why.

Why do we mean so much to Him? Sure, He created us to have fellowship with Him but, after Adam rebelled and ate the fruit He was commanded not to eat, I wonder why He didn’t just destroy us and go back to only fellowshiping with the angels. I’m so glad He didn’t, though. As I think of the love my Lord has for me, I desire to love Him with my whole being. I have so much yet to learn about how to really serve my Lord but, in His love, He will continue to teach me and I’m so thankful.

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