Question of the Week: Josh Cobb

Daniel: I noticed on Facebook that you recently moved to Cincinnati, and will be doing solo concerts. What can we expect from a Josh Cobb solo concert? Will it be just you with tracks, or will there be any live accompanists? How can you be contacted for a booking?

Josh: Expect to hear some great gospel songs with unique and original arrangements. Don’t expect a lot of comedy or for me to preach. I’m a singer. I believe that music opens people up and then the Holy Spirit can be felt and faith is validated in a real way, enabling Christians to gain confidence and grow. That is what I expect to happen at a Josh Cobb concert. I’ll be singing along with tracks unless the concert is within driving distance of Cincinnati. In that case, my wife Beth will play the piano for me. We have been performing together for almost fourteen years and have a really special program of hymns and southern gospel standards. You can contact me through my website,  I look forward to seeing all of you really soon. Pray for me. Please.

Daniel: Thanks, Josh!

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  1. Wishing all the best for him…this must be difficult.

  2. Well I guess this answers the question of whether or not he was willing to move.

    Good to see him continue singing Gospel music.

    • I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion – The stated reason was that his wife couldn’t continue her career in that state, which sounded reasonable.

      • What I meant was that it shows he was willing to move out of OKC. Some had suggested earlier that he was not willing to move and had blamed him for being let go. I think this validates his story to a degree. I meant it as a good thing for him – not a bad thing. 😉

      • OK, I thought it was … Well hey, let’s not even go there. I wasn’t jumping on you, either. 🙂

      • Josh Cobb and Gold City parted ways because it didn’t work out for him to relocate to Alabama where the group is based and also because it was difficult for him to meet the group from such a great distance every weekend. If his wife had found a job somewhere in the South within a few months after he joined Gold City, Josh Cobb would possibly still be with Gold City.

  3. I hope he makes some more solo CDs. I really enjoyed Satisfied.

  4. He just sang at my church and I spoke with his wife. She started looking for a job further east when he got hired. It took about 10 months for her to find a new job. Wich doesn’t seem like a very long time for someone with such a specialized field of work. Genetic Research. I have known the Cobb family for 35 years and I have had them stay in my home. I know what a mighty force for God they have been. I also know what a mighty fight the devil has put up trying to keep Josh Cobb silent. I pray for him every day and I hope you will too. He is the Best Tenor Ever.