NQC adds Rambos, Hinsons to mainstage lineup

Due to the popularity of the 100th Anniversary of Southern Gospel showcase at last year’s National Quartet Convention, NQC has added two of the reunion acts from the showcase to this year’s evening mainstage schedule. The “Original Hinsons” will be performing on Tuesday, and the “Rambos” on Wednesday. (Hat tip, Steve.)

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  1. You have got to be kidding

  2. I’m pryaing that the schedule will change and the Hinsons’s will be put on Thursday night. Otherwise I’m going to have to take 2 more days off of work so that I can get there Tuesday night…

  3. Word has it that Tim, Mike, Ivan, and Brian are singing sometime that week too.

  4. But, there’s no room for DMB….go figure. 100th yr, is important, so is 50 years. Just sayin

    • And I’m just sayin’ – the NQC board runs a business and needs to end up in the black – and would Tim, Mike, Ivan, and Brian or the DMBs pull more? 🙂

      Now I’d be delighted to see the DMBs, make no mistake. But if there was one mainstage slot left . . . sorry, the choice would be easy!

      • wow, dave mathews band at nqc? wow, i thought having palin was a stretch

      • Obviously, there are plenty of people that have the other opinion. I think it truly is a mistake not to give DMB a spot on the main stage…I would not fault them if they decided not to come to the convention.

  5. There is some irony in the fact that financial concerns were cited as the reason for actively touring groups being removed, yet there is room for groups that no longer tour.

    I’d prefer to see reunions or classic line-ups scheduled for showcases. I could enjoy seeing the classic Singing Americans or one of the classic versions of Gold City on the main stage, and I understand that there are some fans who will be as excited about the Hinsons and Rambos.

    It’s just, as I said, ironic that the main stage is reserved for Southern Gospel’s most popular groups…except when it isn’t.

    • After “most popular” in my previous post, insert “full-time.”

      I don’t mean to imply the Hinsons, Rambos, etc. aren’t popular.

  6. The Rambos are actually on Wednesday AND Friday…

    • Woops – that should be Wednesday and Saturday…

  7. Also – Archie Watkins & Smokey Mountain Reunion are on the mainstage as well…Thursday night.

  8. While I totally agree that DMB should be on the mainstage… I really feel that they should be based on that alone. Did all of you honestly know that it was their 50th year prior to all of the talk about this? I sure didn’t. Also, to use the 50th year as the reason that they should be on the stage would make me think…due to their current ‘popularity’ status, did the NQC make a mistake of putting them on last year? Since their 49th anniversary was not special. Again, I think they should be on there, but saying they need to be based on 50 years belittles them being on in other years to me?
    Also, as far as their press release about wanting to do a special reunion/anniversary during their set. If I were them, long before this came about, I would have approached the NQC and said.. “it is our 50th year, would NQC consider doing an hour showcase so we can bring back all of the names who have came thru the group, since 15-20 minutes on the mainstage one night wouldn’t be enough for any group to have a decent ‘reunion’. With that in mind, what’s so special about the DMB celebrating their 50th year at NQC? If my memory serves me correctly, Hoppers & Dixie Echoes celebrated 50 years last year, neither had any special celebration and both group have an owner of the convention as members. The Chuck Wagon Gang celebrated 75 years a year or so ago, and nobody complained about them? Seems like nobody really cares until a press release is sent out to remind you that you have been left out.
    I finish by saying…DMB should be on the NQC based on name alone, but let’s give them credit as a group and not use the 50th year as a crutch of being the reason.

    David… ever think that the Hinsons or Rambos reunions might not be a cost? just saying, those people are there and given the opportunity, don’t you think they would take the stage just for the exposure?

    I’m not a big Hinsons fan, but the place did come alive last year when they took the stage during the showcase. I’m sure others will disagree, but I feel they had the crowd going more than Gold City did. Plus it seems like it might be a little easier to get Hinsons to agree to get back together than Gold City. Also, the Rambos sounded pretty good, had the most polished set of all of the reunions last year. Definitely more hit songs than anyone, not really an opinion, but Dottie Rambo wrote more well known songs for her group than others have had.

  9. Nooooo-Hinson’s on TUESDAY night!?!?

    I won’t get there till Wednesday and will cry my eyes out if I miss them again this year 🙁 Sounds like a lot of fun though. Wish I could see them.

  10. What ever the reason NQC does what it does, I still say if Bill Gaither can bring the Oak Ridge Boys back, why can’t NQC, if they are bringing every one else back at some point bring the Oaks back. Now let’s see what storm this might bring. I am a senior citzen and I would pay to see them at NQC.

  11. Re Hinsons:
    Will Yvonne be with them this time?

  12. OK, I love the old traditional stuff more than anything, but without Dottie Rambo or Kenny Hinson, how can you even begin to put groups out there bearing those names?? It would be like saying the Cathedrals are going to be there….

  13. I’m so glad The Hinsons will be on main stage at NQC ,they’re my all -time favorites . I agree with an earlier post ,their crowd response last year was over the top

  14. I vote for the Oak Ridge Boys for a two hour afternoon showcase. Would sell out.

  15. My only suggestion to the Hinsons on the main stage is to allow Weston (Kenny’s son) to sing some songs with the family in the lead position.

    Nothing personal against Bo, but sometimes I feel like he puts a little ‘too much Kenny’ into songs at times. It just amazes me how similiar Weston’s voice is to Kenny without really trying at all.

  16. I LOVED the Hinsons,Singing Americans,Rambos and all the others that sang for the 2010 100th Celebration !
    It was the VERY BEST of NQC for my husband and I !
    So excited they are adding some of them to the main stage this year !
    I would LOVE to see more of the groups bring back a band as well !
    Looking forward to the 2011 NQC !

  17. I wish the Hinsons would start recording more. It seems that the new Hinsons have kind of gone out of the spotlight.