Saturday News Roundup #66

In the News

  • The Dixie Melody Boys signed with Song Garden and plan a 50th Anniversary recording.
  • The live Gaither Vocal Band reunion at NQC will be Thursday afternoon from 1:15-3:15. Can Steve Green, Larnelle Harris, and Michael English draw more than Sarah Palin?
  • Worth reading: Brian Crout’s take on Greater Vision’s It’s Just Like Heaven. My, do I wish I had thought to ask him before Adam did!

Video Highlights

Here’s a video that has been making the rounds, of a young Scott Fowler with The Sound.

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  1. I found that months ago. They did a very good job, but I still prefer the original group.

  2. I sure am glad mustaches went out in the 80’s!

    • so to the abundance of gold rings and windsor knots

      • No kidding Ben! Amen to that HA HA HA! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link, Daniel. Glad you liked it.

    • I sure did – you’re welcome!

  4. Great SOUND video…just wish there was one on youtube with Pat Hofmaster.

  5. Nice to see Terry Davis!

    • Oh – I knew that face looked familiar. Thanks for placing it for me!

  6. anybody notice mike presnell on bass?

    • I knew that face looked familiar, too!

  7. I’m not sure who the drummer is but the other folks that haven’t been named are Craig Hodges (baritone/piano) and Donnie Schafer (bass guitar) in addition to Terry Davis, Scott Fowler and Mike Presnell.

    For some not familiar with the history of The Sound, former members of note before this particular group included Rick Strickland and Pat Hoffmaster, and after this group included Frank Seamans and Jeff Chapman

  8. WOW!!! What do we say to that? We are stunned. A real live piece of Scott history…we are debating the mustache; do we love it, or do we not, do we love it, or do we not!

    We don’t know right now! We’ll have to sleep on it!

    -Mom for T.G.F.

    • Oh, I know…we’ll ask Caleb when he wakes up tomorrow morning! 🙂

      That should be interesting!

      -Mom again for T.G.F.

      • So now I am curious . . . what did Caleb say? 🙂

      • Do tell, do tell!

      • I’m all for the Stache…maybe Scott could bring it back for No shave November.

      • Okay…the jury is in. We finally got the Lil’ Adventurers in to watch it tonight, but we didn’t tell them who or what they would be seeing. At the first glimpse of Scott, they all reeled back, and a scream went up: “AHHH! It’s Scott!” (They knew immediately who he was.)

        Caleb (7) said right away, “That’s scary!” Jayme (9) kept saying in shock, “He’s small! He’s too small for the group; he’s too short…he’s got to grow more!” Sam (11) stated, “That’s Scott, and it’s not right!” Caleb is definitely “no” on the mustache, Jayme is for either or, and Sam says absolutely no, “because he looks too much like Mario” [from Nintendo – don’t worry, we’ve repented].

        Oh, Gospel Stache, Ben is in complete agreement with you: he thinks it might make him look younger! (Scott, in case you read this: no offense, please!) But Ben is in a camp all by himself here! 🙂

        Well, that’s the report. We had a huge laugh listening to the spontaneous reactions! Wish ya’ll could have seen it. (Dad just reported that Caleb said, “Scott’s video was startling.” I bet he’ll have nightmares now…)

        -Taylor, reporting for TGF NEWS

      • You guys should start a blog of your own. 🙂

      • You got us thinking…

        We have a family blog, but it’d be fun to have separate “little people” blog with “little thoughts” about SGM. You should hear them review CDs, including our own; their opinions are hilariously serious and right-on. 😉

        -T for TGF

      • BTW, in case some of you are wondering, here is the link to their family blog:

      • Wow – I love it! 🙂

  9. Assuming this is also an open thread –

    (EDIT, 8/3/11: Broken link removed.)
    A mildly interesting discussion of copyright, although I’m not interested in the movie referenced. More for novices like me than those of you who have researched it!

    Sorry, I don’t know how to abbreviate long links like that.

    • Yes, these can be open threads. 🙂

  10. Gads…..I look like Jeffery Dahmer. My Lord!

    • No way Scott! You would never look that creepy, even if you tried! 🙂

      • Actually, he does kind of look like Jeffery Dahmer… 😯

      • Goodness, we’re freaked out now! It took Dad and Mom a little bit to try figure out who in the world was Jeffery Dahmer, then, with the help of our oldest sister, it clicked. 😯

        T for TGF

      • I just googled it…

      • Why Google when you have parents who remember all sorts of interesting things? 😉

    • So, Scott, how old were you at the time of the video?

      • I think he was between 22 and 24. He couldn’t have been any older than 24 because that’s how old he was when the Cathedrals hired him.

      • Thanks “Scott”! 🙂 Who needs Scott when we have NSGF!!

      • ROTFL. No, seriously, Scott would know for sure what the exact age was…I think.

      • NOW we understand why you were rolling on the floor laughing…you’re not a “Scott”. you’re a “Scottina”! Sorry, we were just trying to think of a feminine twist to Scott’s name! 🙂 Congrats on the new blog…you’re a brave one! We’ll miss you as NSGF.

      • No, I was just laughing because it was funny that Scott had become dispensable because of my availability with answers. 🙂

        I assure you that my character and personality will be the same as ever even if my handle is different. See you on the blog!