Rollin’ with the Ball Brothers

Several weeks ago, the Ball Brothers launched a video blog. Since that was an incredibly busy news week, I decided to hold off the story for a few weeks to see if they would maintain it, and, if so, post then. Here is the latest episode, #20:

You can watch other episodes and subscribe here:

To my knowledge, this video blog is the first of its kind in our genre—regular updates from the road with care and time invested in edits, titles, sound effects, and the like. Others have posted videos—for example, Mark Lowry has posted a Saturdays with Mark & Tony (Campolo) series of video conversations, but those are intellectual discussions and not updates from the road.

It’s an intriguing idea, and executed well. Check it out!

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  1. Very, very, nicely done. One thing that I noticed was the dollar amount on the fuel pump as they got close to filling the tank. Five hundred dollars! I’ve heard people complain about gospel/Christian groups charging a set fee to appear. That’s eye opening.

    • Agreed, this is fantastic and hilarious. But yeah, WOW on the gas money! That might make the rest of us complain a little less next time we fill up…

  2. Did you just say that Saturdays with Mark & Tony were “intellectual discussions?”

    Pardon me while I belly-laugh…


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