Ernie Haase, Wayne Haun launch Stow Town Records

In an interview last month on this site, Ernie Haase mentioned that he was preparing to launch a new record label in partnership with Wayne Haun, Stow Town Records. The official announcement went out yesterday afternoon.

The press release covers much of the same ground I covered in the interview, but there are a few new points. The release date for the George Younce record with Signature Sound background vocals is March 15; the release date for Doug Anderson’s solo record is May 3. The Collingsworth Family will also be recording with Stow Town, and a Summer 2011 release date is in the works. It’s not clear whether that is for the DVDs they released last September or for a new mainline release.

The first two radio singles can be previewed at

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  1. I wonder if the George Younce cd has Ian Owens or Tim Duncan on the bass vocals?

    • I wondered that too. From the small sample it sounds like Timmy.

      • Hard to tell – since the lead Bass is definitely George!

        It IS Ian on the Cover Pics though.

        Doug sounds good on his clip, though you do keep waiting for the tempo to ‘up’ and the rest of Sig Sound to pile in there…

        Need to hear more, will probably sell well as Doug is, arguably, seen as the ‘heart’ of EH&SS, and a deservedly popular baritone. Doug has matured well and is a classy baritone lead. Be nice if he got a nomination/award for this.

      • If the rest of Doug’s project is on a par with the first single, I have no worries.

        Yes, Ian is on the front cover of George’s record, but for his voice to be on the record they would have had to recut Timmy’s vocals, since the project was already in the can when Ian came aboard.

  2. By the way, you can hear samples from the new George Younce CD at

    This is already sounding like it might be a twofer for me—one for myself, one to give away!

    • Go direct to ‘’ much easier link!

      • No, I meant They’re only streaming the first single on the StowTown website. Samples from all tracks can be heard on the artist page.

      • Ah! Couldn’t find it on ‘Launch’ Page.

  3. I caught up with Doug last Saturday and asked him a little about his new solo project. See:


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