Ian Owens on new Ernie Haase & Signature Sound project

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is releasing a George Younce…with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound project in about two weeks; it will be the first project on the Stow Town label. In a recent discussion in the comments, there were questions over whether Tim Duncan or Ian Owens provided the bass vocals for the project. I checked with Haase, who said that¬†Owens’ vocals are on the CD, making this CD ¬†his first with the group. He added, “When we hired Ian to do BGV on this project and heard the blend we knew then we had our next bass vocalist if he wanted the job. Praise God he did. What a find!”

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  1. Ian Owens is the best bass in SG. Just my humble opinion, but it’s true!

  2. In limited youtube viewing, he doesn’t appear to be as deep as tim. HOWEVER, he has an amazing tone and is a SINGER. Very melodic and tuneful. I think it will take time, but in a few years he will be regarded as one of the best. Range is trumped by good singing every time in my book.

    • Hearing Ian live with EHSS I would agree, not as low as Tim, still very good.

      • Yes, I’ve heard Ian occasionally tweak a line on one of Tim’s features to accommodate his higher range. They’re both very, very good, just in different ways. Because Tim’s voice is naturally lower, he sounds more comfortable and at ease when he goes for a low note, while Ian’s sound is fruitier and more expansive than Timmy’s in the upper register. Interestingly, Ian’s speaking voice is also lighter than Tim’s.

  3. So when did they hire Ian to do BGV on the project? I’m just curious, because if Tim was still their bass singer…why wouldn’t he do it?

    • Its been said that they’d known awhile before the announcement that Tim was leaving. I’m guessing BGVs were recorded after he knew.

    • Frequently a group will hire a bunch of background vocalists … like for a mini-choir sound. They must be going all out on George Younce’s project – That’s my take, anyway.

  4. Ernie has mentioned he knew for two months tim was leaving. I think ian was chosen shortly after. Giving him time to do this cd and prepare to sing on stage. Also, I doubt he has features since it is a Younce cd! Probably didn’t take forever to overdub his parts!

  5. Tim’s voice seems to have changeed since the minor stroke of a couple of years ago. When Signature Sound first broke out, I remember a young man who could rattle the rafters with the best of bass singers. I noticed a difference on the tribute c.d., and some of his “lows” were not as low as I remember. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it a figment of my imagination?

    • I sort of hear what you mean, and I don’t think it’s JUST your imagination. But I really couldn’t say anything for sure.

      • Where I actually noticed a difference was between Get Away Jordan and Dream On, pre-stroke (I think). But I think there’s a decent chance that it may just have been stylistic preferences, and what the Dream On songs called for. At any rate, he was still among the best on the road at the time of his retirement.

  6. I sure hope Tim has not retired….he is just the best on stage.

  7. Just in case anyone was wondering if Tim’s low range had suffered since the mini-stroke, watch the Canton Junction videos on YouTube. He’s back and better than ever!