First Look at Wilburn & Wilburn’s Dinana has given us our first look at former Gold City lead singer Jonathan Wilburn’s new duo with his son Jordan, Wilburn & Wilburn:

More videos are here. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]ย This definitely appears to be a group to watch. As one of the two best-known lead singers of one of the two top quartets of its era, it’s fair to place Jonathan Wilburn in the top ten all-time best-known lead singers in our genre. He hasn’t lost anything, and it is good to have him back.

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  1. Very nice! The young Wilburn is very fresh-faced, and I like his voice. He reminds me of Mark Harris from 4Him.

  2. I always liked Jonathan myself.

  3. It was a great evening and I know you’re going to hear a lot more from this group. They have an appeal for both the young and us old folks. They will be recording a new cd at Daywind Records shortly. You know for a major record label to pick them up there is a lot of potential for them.

  4. I thought i posted something in reply..or didn’t i? I’m getting to old….to be

    • Yes, it was deleted. Sorry, but there are nicer ways to say that you didn’t care for it!


      • How old is young Wilburn?

      • Jordan is 24 years old.

  5. Would be nice with a good tenor and bass.

    • I don’t think they’ll be a duo forever. I foresee the addition of at least one more singer to make a trio, and possibly two more to make a quartet.

    • Woo hoo! I’ll vote for a new Wilburn’s Quartet!

  6. Great performances! Did I miss something or are they signed to Daywind’s label? They have Daywind’s logo on their homepage…

  7. Add a good tenor singer and they are one of the best groups on the road.

  8. They did sign with Daywind and are going shortly to record a new cd on the Daywind label.

  9. I’ll say WOO HOO to this…Jonathan is BACK! I absolutely agree, he’s one of the best lead singers EVER, and additionally, I love him like a son! He and Jordan have prayed much about entering upon this ministry, and I just know the Lord is going to bless in a mighty way. I know they’re planning a new recording, and I may know someone who has some songs available in the soul-flavored style Jonathan loves (I’ll give you a hint…she wrote “He Said”). ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jonathan, welcome back, Hon…you’re still great, and we knew Jordan “had the stuff” when he was just a little boy singing with the Wilburns. BRIGHT FUTURE ahead I know, and I pray the Lord’s richest blessings on this ministry.

  10. Jonathan’s looking good, like he may have lost some weight. He’s def. on my top five as far as leads go.

  11. Glad Jonathan is back to singing again. The Lord will use Jonathan wherever he is, but he has the potential to reach many more people in this singing ministry. I heard Jordan sing with his dad years ago at Gold City homecoming at Convention Hall in Gadsden. It’s great that they are now working together. Hope to see some dates in Etowah and surrounding counties posted soon.

  12. I heard Jonathan and Jordan recently for the first time. You just can’t keep a professional down. Jonathan is back in a big way with the addition of his talented son, Jordan. I see big things ahead for them. Go Wilburn and Wilburn!

  13. Are Wilburn and Wilburn related in any way to Teddy and Doyle Wilburn?

  14. my favorite album of all time wilburn& wilburn i aint ginin up on jesus and devil be gone great great great album……

  15. i love the wilburns and i would like to know if there are any dvds of the original wilburns and where i can find them

    • I don’t know of any DVDs of the original Wilburns being currently available.