Nick and Jessica Trammell join the Browns

A few years ago, after Nick Trammell married Jessica Brown of the Browns, Jessica left the group. In November 2009, Nick and Jessica launched their own trio, the Trammells; featured an interview with them here.

Nick and Jessica have accepted an invitation to join/rejoin the Browns. The Browns’ first tour as a six-member ensemble will be a trip to Canada later this month. The group has a CD release planned for late spring, which will also feature the new lineup.


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  1. Well, it’s about time! What a great idea. Nick and Jessica will be great with The Browns, one of my favorite family groups. Now the whole family’s together. WOW!

  2. John Kinsella: Is this heaven?
    Ray Kinsella: It’s Iowa.

    nice fit. assumed something of this nature would happen. just a matter of time.

  3. Relationships just keeps on going and going!
    Great news!