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I mentioned yesterday that I emailed Marshall Pugh, owner and (formerly) tenor for the Monument Quartet to ask what was the status of the Monument Quartet press release pulled from the Singing News website. He replied with “the only official Monument Quartet press release.” Here it is, for those of my readers who have been following this story (both of you? am I boring you with this?):

Monument Quartet Enters New Era
Marshall Pugh/Monument Quartet

I would like to thank the numerous friends and fans including my church family at River of Life and Pastor Johnny Minick, who have partnered with me in prayer as I sought the Lord’s will concerning the future of Monument Quartet over the past 6 weeks. I sincerely appreciate the many men who have offered their talents and abilities to be used by this ministry. The extensive interview and audition process has rendered 3 new members for the group thus far.

Matt Felts of St. Louis MO has accepted the offer to become the new tenor for Monument Quartet as Marshall moves to the baritone/lead position. Prior to joining MQ, Matt previously sang with the Skyline Boys out of Manassas VA.

As the quartets new pianist, Lucas Case joins the group from Richland MO. Most recently, Lucas worked with Duane Garren and Signature Artist Agency.

Coming from Bristow OK, John Tidwell has assumed the lead/baritone position for the quartet. John leaves his group, Master’s Voice with blessing and support as they make preparations for a new chapter in their ministry as well.

While continuing our search for a bass singer, Hovie Walker avails himself until a permanent member is added. Hovie is best known for being a founding member of the Singing Americans and also his tenure with the Thrasher Brothers and The Classic Imperials.

Rounding out the team thus far, Brian Ledford of Smyrna TN continues in his capacity as sound engineer.

We look forward with great anticipation to our upcoming dates and any opportunity to serve you in your endeavors. All booking is currently done “in house”, so contact us at (615) 377-3315 As new things are happening every day, we invite you to sign up for our free E-Newsletter and frequent our website ( for more information.

We would also like to invite you to join us on the Jubilee At Sea Cruise, 19-24 February 2007. The information on the cruise is on our web sit[e] as well.

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  1. Thanks Daniel, Now we have something that should be the true story and not alot of rummors. Keep up the good work.

  2. Miss Gizmo,

    I have attempted to get the official version from both sides in this story. Thank you!

  3. No, you’re not boring us!!! I like the coming to your site to get news from all over the place — keeps me from having to visit lots of sites!! Keep it coming!!

  4. All right. I have two readers that are not bored–both of you! That’s a start!

  5. Daniel, you are definitely not boring us. I look forward to visiting your site at least once a day to find out what’s happening. I appreciate all the time you spend to get all sorts of information for us. I’m also lookin’ forward to your next review! Thank You!

  6. I am trying to fine some music to the song, Time To Rise. I think the Monument Quartet recorded around 2005.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick Davis, Monett, Mo. PH##417-354-4796. I received a great blessing from this song and how it applies to the world today.