Southern Gospel 101: Your Contributions

A regular reader fairly new to Southern Gospel recently asked for a way to become more familiar with the genre. An idea hit me: We should do an annual Southern Gospel 101 list of 101 YouTube videos crucial to understanding the genre.

Here’s where you come in. Surely many of you will remember strong videos that have slipped my mind. I started a top 101 list (see below), but I’d like to enlist your help to finish it. The ideal video has four factors:

  1. It’s from one of the 20-30 most all-time historically significant groups in our genre
  2. It’s one of that group’s 1-5 most recognizable signature songs
  3. It is, in and of itself, a strong performance—a performance that really connected with its audience, and where the audience visibly responded
  4. It is not currently available on any commercially released DVD

Note on criteria 3: Especially for 40+-year-old groups, our only option may be television footage that does not capture the essence of their live concert experience. We can only use what exists to work with there, so this primarily applies to groups within the last 35-40 years.

Note on criteria 4: I anticipate making around five exceptions, for moments that are too historically significant to ignore, yet I plan to use as few as possible. This is for two reasons: First, out of respect to the groups who put in the financing to produce these projects (since even label groups nowadays frequently fund their own videos) and are still trying to recoup that money, and second, because groups tend to hold a little something back when they are fully aware that the cameras are rolling. (That might deserve its own post, one of these days.)

Here’s the starter list. What are other entries you would add?

  1. Bass Singer Quartet: Just a Little Talk with Jesus.
  2. Bass Singer Quartet: Boundless Love.
  3. Blackwood Brothers: He Bought My Soul.
  4. Blackwood Brothers: Crossing Chilly Jordan. No good video seems to exist of this lineup – Bill Shaw, James Blackwood, Cecil Blackwood, J.D. Sumner, and Whitey Gleason – live, so this is the next best thing.
  5. Blackwood Brothers: Zion’s Hill. The list needs a London Parris video, and this is as good as any.
  6. Booth Brothers: His Grace is Sufficient.
  7. Cathedral Quartet: Somebody Touched Me.
  8. Cathedral Quartet: Boundless Love. One of Southern Gospel’s all-time most embarrassing moments—yet you’re certain enough to hear it discussed that you might as well avail yourself of the opportunity to see it.
  9. Cathedral Quartet: This Ole House. Yes, the infamous Dove Awards performance, and yes, you should watch it at least once.
  10. Cathedral Quartet: He Left it All. …and for balance, here’s Kurt Young on a good day.
  11. Cathedral Quartet: We Shall See Jesus. Glen Payne’s signature song—the only question is which rendition to include!
  12. Cathedral Quartet: Oh What a Savior. I might swap in another rendition before it’s all said and done.
  13. Cathedral Quartet: Hard Trials.
  14. Collingsworth Family: Holy Holy Holy.
  15. Kim Collingsworth: How Great Thou Art.
  16. Dixie Echoes: How Big is God.
  17. Dove Brothers: I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb. While the original Dove Brothers are best known for taking Southern Gospel by storm with “Didn’t it Rain” and “Get Away Jordan,” this is perhaps the moment for which they should best be remembered.
  18. Florida Boys: Goodbye, World, Goodbye.
  19. Gaither Homecoming: The Ninety and Nine. Featuring Donnie Sumner and the Talley Trio.
  20. Gaither Homecoming: Rock of Ages. Featuring Reggie Smith, Joy Gardner, Stephen Hill, and a magnificent final verse by Vestal Goodman.
  21. Gaither Vocal Band: Let Freedom Ring. The masters of the big ballad never had a bigger ballad than this one . . . and never a more powerful recorded performance than their Carnegie Hall performance shortly after 9/11.
  22. Gaither Vocal Band: Oh Love that Will Not Let Me Go.
  23. Gold City: Midnight Cry.
  24. Gold City: One Scarred Hand.
  25. Gold City: One Scarred Hand (acapella).
  26. Gold City: There Rose a Lamb.
  27. Gold City: Reunion at NQC 2010. This was the first time since they originally parted ways that the lineup which made Gold City a household name in Southern Gospel stepped out on stage together.
  28. Gold City: Satisfied. This video, featuring Josh Cobb (with Roy Webb on piano), illustrates how this lineup could have been the third golden era of the group had stayed together.
  29. Greater Vision: We’ve Been Hit by a Swimming Pool.
  30. Rodney Griffin and Tim Lovelace: Yes, I Am. NQC has a reputation for great comedic moments, and this was one of the best.
  31. Ernie Haase: Redemption Draweth Nigh.
  32. Wes Hampton with Steve Green: It is Well.
  33. Happy Goodmans: The Eastern Gate.
  34. Happy Goodmans: Looking for a City.
  35. Heaven Bound: Canaanland is Just in Sight.
  36. The Hoppers: Miracle in Me (featured here). Greg Bentley, Connie Hopper, Dean Hopper, Claude Hopper.
  37. Kingsmen: Glory Road.
  38. Kingsmen: Jesus is Mine.
  39. Kingsmen: Shouting Happy.
  40. McKameys: God on the Mountain.
  41. Perfect Heart: In the Sweet Forever.
  42. Perrys: Calvary Answers For Me.
  43. Perrys: Who am I. The audio and video quality are far worse than others of the same song—yet the rendition is too powerful to pass this one up for another. The Perrys are the masters of the live acapella encore, and this is perhaps their best.
  44. Plainsmen: Dry Bones. This features a young Rusty Goodman, singing bass, prior to the Happy Goodmans days!
  45. Talleys: Triumphantly the Church Will Rise.
  46. Talley Trio: The Broken Ones.
  47. Mark Trammell Trio: Love Lifted Me (featured here). This illustrates, perhaps better than any of their original material, the chemistry that gave this lineup an incredible on-stage presence.
  48. The Weatherfords: Prayer is the Key. Lily Fern Weatherford, Glen Payne, Earl Weatherford, Armond Morales.
  49. George Younce with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound: Suppertime. A timeless, priceless moment as a legend bid his fans farewell.

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  1. No Statesmen?

    • Oh, they’ll be there in the end, for sure. This isn’t a final list, as I said, but just a starter.

      The problem is, I looked at maybe one or two dozen Statesmen videos online, and couldn’t find any that came close to capturing the spirit and energy they brought to the live stage.

      • You remember them days?

      • 🙂

        There aren’t even video files capturing the energy of their live audio! 🙂


        What’s wrong with this one? “Just a Little While”

        Live on the Wally Fowler Show, c1961

        [I need to sit down now :-)]

      • Are you limiting yourself to the Hess years? They seem to connect with the audience pretty good on this one:

      • David Mac – Excellent find there. That one’s definitely going on my 101.

      • I’d consider this one:
        I like the history this one gives:

      • The first one is at least going to go in my draft, for serious consideration. Thanks!

        On the second – there is indeed some great history there, though the actual performance at the end is one of those I was referring to elsewhere in the comment section, one that doesn’t really capture their onstage charisma.

        Also, with David Mac’s find above, I don’t have to resort to a Gaither production to have some excellent Statesmen representation (and if it’s Gaither, chances are it’s still commercially available!)

  2. Daniel, you played a blinder on this one bro!

    This will run an’ run…

    Three things come quickly to mind:
    1. A Small ‘Committee’ would be good on the final Vote!
    2. There are two ‘tasks’ – fill up the 101 list, and,
    3. Supply the definitive You-tube video.

    There gonna be a curve-ball or two in here!…

    • Like…

      Cross-over or part-time SG genre groups should get a look in, especially if the flagged up song/rendition is by a group that broadens the ‘base’ of SGM for the ‘in-coming’ observer.

      EG. Isaacs: ‘It is Well’ [semi-acapella]

      • I consider Isaacs, Lewis, and Primitives Southern Gospel groups who’ve branched out, since their roots are in this genre. I would consider featuring them.

        Groups who are primarily in other genres and stop by for a hymns or classics project probably wouldn’t make the list – because there are only 101 slots, after all, and so many incredibly amazing performances within SG that deserve a spot on the list.

    • A Committee?

      The definition of a committee is a group of the unwilling appointed by the
      incompetent to do the unnecessary.

      This situation does not fit this description.
      We have the willing and competent people in the industry plus the work might be neccesary.

      How about a dream committee to steer the course?

      Here is my dream committe;

      Bill Gaither
      Jerry Goff
      Daniel J. Mount
      Stewart Varnado
      Charles Waller

      How about a Southern Gospel 101 handbook sometime in the future?

      • This year, I’m planning on making the selection – but I might expand the committee in future years, once the idea takes off to the point that assorted dignitaries might lend their time.

        (I would hesitate to invite Charlie Waller; I don’t think he would be happy with the list unless it was 95% groups 40+ years old! Everyone else I’d invite in a heartbeat!

      • I think the Charlie Waller comment is uncalled for. While he certainly leans toward the old quartets, he has been instrumental in introducing new talent to the stage including but not limited to the Dove Brothers, the Booth Brothers, the Diplomats, and the Mark Trammell Trio.

        Would he lean toward the classic male groups? I’m sure he would, but to pigeon-hole him like that just isn’t a fair assessment.

      • That was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous, and I thought I made it clear.

        I love the old groups, too – make no mistake.

  3. Daniel what about “Place Where the Hungry are Fed” with Arthur Rice at the Kingsmen I mean if not that one then at least the rendition of “How Great Thou Art” from Dollywood. Who else in Southern Gospel can sustain a note like King Arthur? It seems fitting to me – of course thats just my idea. I could think of quite a few videos and “The Holy City” from the Collingsworth Familys’ new video project. Is simply AMAZING. I think if not as powerful but really close to being on the same level as “How Great Thou Art”.

    • Some great songs there – any specific video suggestions?

    • Shane – I looked for “Place Where the Hungry are Fed” videos on YouTube. It’s a great song, but the only video I could find was from the Kingsmen’s (commercially-produced and released) 1996 40th Anniversary Reunion video—where Garry Sheppard was out of or past peak voice. I couldn’t find any with the original lineup during Arthur’s original stint; please let me know if you find a great one!

    • Shane – The only YouTube video I can find of Kim Collingsworth playing “The Holy City” is from the Collingsworth’s latest DVDs. Those are definitely ones I’d avoid posting anything from – so let me know if you find a great non-commercially-produced video. Thanks!

  4. For Perfect Heart, a rendition of “Somebody Touched The Lord” should be added or at least replace “In The Sweet Forever”. The question is if a good quality video is available.

    I would think a version of “Miracle In Me” by the Greenes would be a better fit. When I hear that song, I think of the Greenes. I wasn’t even aware that the Hoppers had recorded it.

    I don’t think “Satisfied” by Josh Cobb should be included under Gold City. For one, it is a solo song. How does a solo song demonstrate a group’s possible “golden era”? IMO, Josh Cobb’s tenure with Gold City will go down much like Benny Blackburn’s and Chris Cooper’s – almost completely forgotten by most people. Of course, I understand that the internet crowd is not most people…

    I can think of two possible songs to possibly add for the Florida Boys, “When He Was On The Cross” and “I’m Standing On The Solid Rock”.

    • Could you suggest specific videos?

      With Josh Cobb, at least, GC had the potential for greatness, and people were talking about it as the third great lineup.

      • Daniel, I apologize if the html on the following links are incorrect. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried using html in comments here, so I’m not sure how it works.

        Perfect Heart – Somebody Touched The Lord

        The Greenes – Miracle In Me – features Tim, Tony & Kim

        Florida Boys

        When He Was On The Cross – The best video for this song would be the footage from the Gaither video featuring Greg Cook.

        Standing On The Solid Rock – This may be from a video that is commercially available, I’m not sure.

      • Brandon – thank you! Great work on the links – but just for future reference, you can just copy and paste the link itself and WordPress automatically turns it into a link.

      • Brandon – I’ve seen that Perfect Heart video before, and that is the very rendition I was hoping for. Thanks for finding it!

        Greenes – Yes, that’s a definite probability.

        Florida Boys – Standing on the Solid Rock – definitely from a Gaither production, and most of what Gaither does is still commercially available. 🙂

  5. Anthony Burger – Goodbye, World, Goodbye

    • Any specific video suggestions?

      • Remember, I’m trying to do as many non-commercially-released videos as possible. 🙂

      • 🙂 I understand.

  6. KingsGold – Winging My Way Back Home

  7. Daniel, I’d say first that instead of including just “Hard Trials” from the Cathedrals, you go for the entire medley. A pivotal video for me personally which epitomizes the fundamental nature of Southern Gospel:

    Next I think that in a glance through I didn’t see Gold City’s rendition of “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”:

    And I think Ernie’s Deep in the Heart of Texas performance of “OWAS” is his best Cathedrals rendition, but his debut performance is good and historically significant, so it makes sense that you included that one.

    • Interesting – the Cathedrals’ Gaither medley would have been one of the last songs to get me further interested in the genre as a new fan. Now that I’ve come to love their voices and arrangements, I do indeed join the medley, but it’s not what I would play for a new fan who thinks like I think.

  8. Statesmen – Hide Me, Rock of Ages

    • Great group, great song – but this particular video doesn’t capture the group’s onstage charisma as well as the Just a Little While video suggested by a couple of other commenters.

      I really appreciate the submission – thank you!

  9. Why is the “Boundless Love” video embarrassing? I have often heard this and I have watched it several times … what am I missing?

    • I think it may be the one where Glen forgets the words.

      • I thought it was Mark and Danny who forgot the words – at any rate, someone did!

  10. Jamey, I presume the video is the one from the Travelin’ Live video where George asks them to do the trio part again. The problem is they get mixed up on which verse to sing.

  11. Oh yes, and the Cathedrals’ “Step Into the Water” is worthy of inclusion here as well. Lots of great renditions to choose from. I like this one myself:

    Oh yes, and don’t forget “Wonderful Grace of Jesus!”

    • I could probably do a list of 101 Cathedrals videos alone!

      (Hmm. Maybe I should.)

      I’m concerned that if I allot more than 10% of the slots in the video to the Cathedrals, though, I’ll get more than a few complaints!

  12. Right now I am going to add two. The first has what is my absolute favorite version of
    “Because He Lives”. It is supposed to be unrehearsed. Although a previous version of the group recorded the tune, it is very different.

    The second to me is the absolute best arrangement of “Just A Little Talk With Jesus”. I know the Oaks have been in country since 1977, but they made great contributions to the industry and have inspired many of today’s singers.

    • You gave the same link I did q-man! That may be my favorite rendition of the song as well.

      Just thought of another: Gerald Wolfe’s rendition of “Daystar”:

      • Actually, I gave a different link, but it is for the same performance. :-P. I missed yours because you didn’t mention “Because He Lives.” I figured yours was the way they typically did it.

      • No, it was the same one that included “Hard Trials,” which Daniel had listed separately. I haven’t seen them do “Hard Trials” anywhere else except in that same medley.

        That medley has so much in one package, including like you said the best rendition of one of SG’s best-loved signature tunes, that it’s got to be an absolute must include!

      • Okay, if it also includes that all the better. I do wish they would have put the correct spelling of medley though. 😛

      • I know—funny. 😛

      • Maybe everything but “Hard Trials” was a medley – but strictly speaking, “Hard Trials” was a separate performance from the other songs (and is listed as such on the CD.)

      • Good call YGG. I didn’t think anyone could match Michael’s power on Daystar, but Gerald may have hit the mark…

      • I thought the Cathedrals did it before the GVB.

      • I’m sure you’re correct. I didn’t mean to imply that GVB did it first, I was just talking about the the strength of the vocal performance…

      • I love that song! (Gerald singing “Daystar.”)

      • If I remember right, both Wings (the GVB album it was on) and Goin; In Style (Cathedrals it was on) were both released in 1988. I remember hearing the Cathedrals on the in store play after I already had the GVB. Now, I wasn’t collecting the Cats back then, but was within a year.

        The funny thing is, Daystar from them turned me off of the Cathedrals and although I later liked some songs from Goin’ In Style, but it was a little too southern for my tastes at that time and Daystar was too old fogey style for me. It took hearing them do This Ol’ House on Jubilate ’88 and having heard someone else doing “Champion of Love” and liking the song to giving them a try and getting their Symphony of Praise CD. After that, I got everything I could get my hands on including Goin’ In Style.” Yes, the poster formerly known as NSGF, I understand you love “Daystar” from them and don’t like “Champion of Love”, so we are different in at least those regards. 😛

        For those who haven’t heard it before, Funderburk’s tenor was what first caught my ear for the Cathedrals.

      • I think I’ve heard it a few times before. 😛

        I think Funderburk is up against David Phelps in Brian’s contest, so that should be a very interesting matchup.

      • Yeah former NGSF, but you live on several boards. Not everyone does. 😛

        Yeah, you are correct that Funderburk and Phelps are matched up in the next round. I think I know which way I am voting, but I sure wish I hadn’t had to choose. 🙂

      • YGG – I don’t think I could include “Daystar” if I’m sticking to no more than 10 of the list entries being Cathedrals performances! 🙂

        There’d be a revolt of some sort if I didn’t include “Champion of Love,” and I think the song with the second-strongest following of his Cathedrals solos is “Land of Living” (in addition to being my personal #1 favorite Wolfe Cathedrals solo!) I doubt I could do three!

  13. You are moderating now? That is a shame. Have you had problems or something?

    • I’m not sure I understand the context of the question – were you talking to someone else?

    • No, I think he has it set so that comments with two links or more get sent for moderation. It’s a cautionary thing—I have that setting too. Spambots tend to give a lot of links, so that’s the reason for it.

      • Oh, yes – that’s standard practice on many WordPress-powered websites.

      • I thought maybe all comments were being moderated as I have never had it come up before. I understand now because of spam. I wish though that if we got approved accounts, moderation would not be necessary, but then again the chances of my posting two links again very often is slim.

      • Very true – this sort of thing is a rare situation. I think, though, that if you are a logged-in user with an account, it wouldn’t put them into the queue. (Not sure – I know mine are fine, but I don’t know if subscriber-level accounts are treated any differently.)

  14. “I Know a Man Who Can” Frank Seamans, Scott Fowler, Mark Trammell, Glen Dustin

    • Great video! Not sure if I’ll be able to use it, but that’s a great performance.

  15. I also like this former Cats clip of “Moving Up to Gloryland”

    • I think it’s Dinana’s all-time most viewed video. At any rate, it has been at points.

      • Still is, by over 11,000 views

  16. This video of The Perrys’ “I Rest My Case At The Cross” is obviously lifted from Daystar Television. If it’s commercially available, I haven’t been able to find it.

    • Thanks! I certainly ought to try to get at least one performance of that song on the list – though I will go with something that’s definitely non-commercial if I can.

    • I looked around and was able to find a hand-held version that sent the chills running down my spine. 🙂

  17. Rather than (or perhaps in addition to) The Cathedrals’ video of “Oh What A Savior”, I would like to recommend this Statesmen video:
    Admittedly, this video doesn’t conform to 2 of the rules (live audience, not commercially available), but this is my first choice as the greatest SG song of all time, and I believe The Statesmen’s arrangement is still the definitive version. The Cathedrals’ version is certainly strong, but I don’t think it measures up to The Statesmen’s original. To me, this was and always will be Rosie Rozell’s song.

    • I was afraid someone might start that debate here!

      If someone can come up with an incredible Rozell performance that isn’t from a commercial project, and is (a) preferably from his original stint with the group, and (b) preferably one of those “moments” where it clearly connects with the audience, I’d be delighted to include it.

      • FYI . . . this video is from Rosie’s “original stint” with the Statesmen. Jim Hill had joined as lead singer, but Rosie hadn’t left the quartet. How I wish there was concert video available of the classic quartet of Rosie, Jake, Doy, Chief and Hovie!

  18. Hinsons? anyone?



    nicely done with the rest of the selections though

    and can someone please get eric phillips back singing full time again…he’s amazing in that video…plus there’s a shortage for good tenors these days

    • Eric is amazing! Yet I don’t want to begrudge him the time with his young children. I’d love to see him back someday, though, that’s for certain!

      If I find the right Hinsons video (or someone else does), I’ll include it. 🙂

  19. If you compile an SG 201, consider including groups that show the variety of sounds in the genre. If it’s about educating blog readers (and perhaps the next generation of listeners, performers and songwriters), it would be great to include groups like The Martins and The Crabb Family, as well as The Isaacs (mentioned by someone else).

    And while I’m a huge fan of the Collingsworth Family, they seem to be a little more of a rising group than a classic group fitting the “20-30 most all-time historically significant groups in our genre.” Just a thought.

    • They’ve been big enough for long enough that I’m comfortable saying they’re in the top 30 at any rate.

      • Too bad radio doesn’t play them as much as they deserve!

      • Agreed – but I’m thinking their latest single, “Fear Not Tomorrow,” was their first top 10 – at any rate, if it didn’t hit top 10, it certainly came close.

      • If you’re going to include the Collingsworths, why not Signature Sound? My suggestion would be “Stand By Me” from Stand By Me Live.

      • I’m planning to.

        That particular one is commercially released, though.

      • True, but it is no longer being made or sold except by merchants with used copies.

      • “20-30 most all-time historically significant groups in our genre.”

        If we compile a seperate list of the above – without any renditions – then showcase their ‘signature song’, we will probably arrive at the top 1/3 of the present list, with a GROUP bias, not an ‘SG Moment’ bias.

        Both are valid, but I would argue the Collingsworth’s would make the second list but not the former.

        EHSS could, in my humble opinion, make the ‘Top 30 GROUP’ list – even though less than 10 years in existance.

        Which rendition to feature is another matter? “John in the Jordan”?? Hmmmmm.

      • YGG – I’m still going to go from a non-commercial project for EHSS if at all possible. There’s enough non-commercial on YouTube that I should certainly be able to find something quote good.

      • David Mac – I’m definitely going for a “moment” bias here. There are some groups (i.e. Blackwood Brothers) that have to be included for historical purposes even if I can’t find a moment, but among those groups that simply must be included, how many video slots they get is largely dependent on how many “moments” we collectively find.

      • What song you thinking of?

        You already have OWAS with the Cats, but this may be my favorite home video version of the song (mostly because I was there):

  20. Ben’s right: There has to be Hinsons. Here’s a fine example of the Original Hinsons at their peak, even though it’s not (as Ronny put it) that “Hallelujah- get-on-down-to-town style for which they were most known.
    I don’t know about the commercial availability of this video…

    • thanks damon, i appreciate that…any hinson is good hinson for me

      here’s one of them “Hallelujah- get-on-down-to-town”

    • I definitely ought to include Hinsons – but really, I ought to include “Lighthouse” if I can find a “moment” rendition. We’ll see! 🙂

  21. Cannot believe you left out the most copied group in Southern Gospel Music. – The Statesmen! even the Utube versions and copies of film show the excitement of the group. Their original version of “O what a Saviour” easily beats Ernies. Sign me disappointed.

    • May I suggest reading the post?

      This is not the time for criticism; I have not yet made editorial decisions and settled on a final list. Feel free to denote your agreement or disagreement at that time.

      This post is, as it states, a request for suggestions of specific YouTube links to performances that should be included.

      • See above @ #9:34pm.

        I think Hovie fits the bil here, one legged piano stool an’ all!

        Agree they are, arguably, the most copied group in the present era – possibly a bigger ‘influence’ on Ernie, for example, than even the Cats?

      • David Mac – not directly. The Cathedrals shaped Ernie; Ernie was a Cathedral and carries on the Cathedrals legacy. (It was a tribute to the Cathedral Quartet that he just recorded, not a tribute to the Statesmen.)

        However – the Statesmen’s style was a major influence on the Cathedrals, so I would say they are a smaller primary influence than the Cathedrals – but a major secondary influence, to the extent that they shaped Cathedrals arrangements.

      • Actually Daniel, I do differ a little. wherein the Statesmen influenced the Cat’s; I do see a secondary influence, BUT, wherein Ernie departed from the “flat-footed” Cats’s stage presence to a more ‘showy’ high-energy presentation I see direct Hovie/Statesmen DNA.

        The ‘Tribute’ DVD is without doubt about the Cathedral’s. Kis ‘Influenced’ CD projects are not.

        I would argue – in context – that the Hovie Lister era significantly altered SG music more than the Cat’s era – though the Cat’s are a benchmark for consistency and longeivity – and in that regard may never be beaten.

        Statesmen, Cat’s & EH&SS are ALL relevant in the ‘101’ context.

  22. Hey Daniel, I’m gonna take my turn to poke you in the ribs a little bit: Can’t help noticing that your own suggestions of GVB videos violate the commercially available rule! But then again, how else could you possibly include them? Every time one of them sneezes, Bill sells a video of it…

    • I’ll gladly take that poke. 🙂

      It’s a fair observation. I said I planned to make about five exceptions, and one or two Gaither videos will pretty much have to be among those exceptions.

      Honestly, I think the greatest financial harm is done to those non-Gaither top tier and those second-tier artists who invest $20,000 into a video project, and then struggle to make that back as they’re also struggling to fill the diesel tanks. Those are the ones I’m going to try the hardest to avoid.

      • Good point, Daniel. The purpose of that guideline is to avoid promoting something that might be harmful to the artists. Gaither ain’t got nothing to worry about, lol. He’s doing alright. 🙂

      • Thanks!

        Of course, lost sales to anyone are still lost sales to anyone, Gaither is not in the position of struggling to sell enough DVDs each night to afford the diesel to the next venue.

        It’s not an arbitrary rule, but it’s the overall principle that counts: I don’t want this list to hurt the artists!

      • I do remember a little interview Hannah Cam did with two of the Signature Sound guys where at the end Doug said, “And you can check us out, all of our clips are on Youtube…” in a very positive tone of voice. As in, “People have posted stuff from our videos to make it easy for you to check us out, so go do it!”

      • Well, I might as well chime in since I’m one of the guilty parties…

        I post videos so that more people can be exposed to the genre. My hope is that by watching a clip I’ve posted, that group will gain another fan. That fan then will hopefully buy the full DVD for themselves, or spread the word about the group to friends or family.

      • I would never have bought a lot of the merchandise I have if I hadn’t seen clips from it on Youtube.

        Just speaking as a customer here…

      • Honestly, same here

      • Come to think of it, I wouldn’t even have discovered southern gospel if it hadn’t been for Youtube!

      • There is a wee problem, in that some ‘definitive’ stuff may be excluded because it is still on commercial release?

        The Cathedral’s “We Shall See Jesus” should probably be the Farewell DVD version – which doesn’t qualify, yet is is Glen’s last public performance, so is historically significant.

        The same DVD could, potentially yield:

        Oak Ridge Boys: “Mountain Railroad”

        Statler’s: “Noah Found Grace”

        Cathedral’s: “Trying to Get a Glimpse”

        In fact, this DVD is recommendable as a 1990’s ‘time capsule’ of SGM.

      • YGG – as we both know, the end doesn’t justify the means. The question of whether something is right or wrong is not settled by a (true!) anecdote of a positive result.

        When it comes down to it: Some groups (including one that has been mentioned) are perfectly fine with it, don’t depend for income on product sales, and view it as promotion.

        Other groups privately admit that it has a major negative impact on their table sales. (This is from hearing countless comments at the table that they don’t need to purchase the DVD since they can just see the group – and typically the songs from that very DVD – on YouTube!)

        It is for those groups in particular where I will be especially careful to avoid commercial DVD links here.

      • Something else to consider, Gaither puts quite a few performances from his DVDs on many television shows. He even pays for some of the slots for the honor of doing so. It is to sell videos and it works for him. Granted, there are some who simply watch those and have no need to own them or get the additional performances that aren’t shown, but many more want to get them to have them all and to watch when they want.

      • Agreed – but then, Gaither is in a different position than certain artists who can remain unnamed, and he can afford to give away millions of views for increased publicity. 🙂

        Many groups would love to have that luxury!

      • I agree too that standards aren’t something that change according to our whims. I also agree that it should be up to the groups. If we can’t provide such links, maybe we could at least mention group and name (and even source). Then people might either go buy the thing or maybe look on YouTube, but at least we aren’t the middleman as far as directing them to it there.

        I also understand why more groups don’t come forward with these concerns because there would be angry people who would say they were only after the money, greedy etc. These people who say such things would be the first who would complain if someone took their paycheck, gave away their belongings, took their investments in the stock market etc. (Which we could compare to the DVDs to some SG groups).

        As far as Gaither, I mentioned him more in the way that I think we are fairly safe in using videos from him due to that. Also, Michael English even had an interview with Hoover and knew that she put a ton of stuff up. Not only that, I believe he said it was good for him to hear things he hasn’t heard for a long time.

        I use You Tube a good deal, but will buy the stuff I like and lots of times own it already, but find it simpler to use that than get the DVD out and handpick what song I want. 🙂

      • I use professional Youtube clips with some frequency to introduce people to the artists as well.

        Basically, I think that uploading is one thing, while simply embedding or watching is another thing entirely. If I had the capacity to upload professional DVD clips, I’m not sure whether I would (because it is technically against the law). But once it’s out there, I see nothing wrong with embedding it.

      • Thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t fully understand what you were saying in the original post. Do you think their professionally made video sales are harmed by people posting home videos of performances on youtube? What do the groups have to say about it?

      • Actually, I don’t think – I know that it can harm.

      • That might be a good blog post topic, even if it’s been done before, to get the word out. There are a few very prolific youtube posters who obviously love the groups of whom they are posting videos. Perhaps they don’t realize that they are hurting them.

      • Not so sure about that, at least in a universal sense. I have had groups thank me for posting them, and one group even told me that thanks to a video I had posted, it helped them get their biggest booking on a key tour. Also, I tend to be more inclined to buy a ticket and go hear a group that I haven’t heard before–and buy their product–if I have had a good introduction to their group on YouTube beforehand. Home videos also whet my appetite to go purchase a complete commercial project that I otherwise would likely overlook. But I realize that maybe I don’t represent the typical southern gospel consumer.

        I’m not necessarily wanting to open this topic for debate; I am simply stating my perspective.

      • Ellen – I totally understand where you’re coming from, and regarding your reference to the live concert videos you mentioned – there’s much less competition between a live hand-held concert video and something commercially produced. Much of what I’m planning to post here are indeed handheld concert videos.

      • Oh, I didn’t realize that it was mostly commercially produced videos to which this discussion was referring. I agree.

      • don’t know if this qualifies, but it has always been one of my favorite Gaither moments. It was on the very first “Gaither Homecoming” video, which has ultimately become a legacy of itself. Just a few artists around a piano with a camera made this one of the most unique, creative, and jaw-dropping events of my southern gospel life. This moment infused many more intimate, Gaither moments captured on video. English in his prime, and George Younce. A staple of a song as well.

      • eh, my bad. there were so many very specific requirements, I just kinda glazed over it. guess that wouldn’t be considered a “group”.

      • Still, you can’t leave out the Homecoming series if you’re talking about SG 101.

      • Comments or Songs? LOL :-)!!

      • TGS – given the impact that video had, I was thinking I probably needed to make a song from it one of my few exceptions. Thanks for the link!

  23. It’s Still The Cross, Gold City
    Bruce Taliaferro
    Daniel Riley
    Tim Riley
    Josh Cobb

    It’s About the Cross, Mercy Said No; Ball Brothers

    Stand, Booth Brothers

  24. Daniel, how about the Masters V? Something like:

    • Yes, there ought to be something Masters V.

  25. Florida Boys – “I’ll have a New Life”

  26. First off, before I reveal my suggestions, I gotta you massive props, Daniel. This is a very creative idea you have. I hope I have understood your criteria correctly to present my suggestions. If U haven’t, feel free to correct me. The suggestions I have showcase not only a group’s talent but versatility, as well as the message some of these songs bring.

    And if you’re gonna have the Hinsons, you gotta have ‘The Lighthouse’:

    And “Call Me Gone”:–bj2TL8&feature=related

    And for a clip to showcase the total talents that one group has/had, you gotta toss in this rendition of “Beautiful Home” by the Kingsmen. Not only does it show (argubaly)the greatest SG band ever, but it shows just how versatile they were as a group, as Big Jim and Mark Trammell switch in and out of the lead spot during the song multiple times without ever missing a beat:

    And of course, if you’re gonna display the best of the genre, you HAVE to include a story by Wendy Bagwell!

    • Incredible rendition of “Beautiful Home.” I wish I had a non-commercially-released video with that lineup, but I’m not sure one exists.

      The Bagwell story is definitely, at least, a must consider.

  27. “Heroes of the Faith”: Roger Bennett,

    from Red Rocks Homecoming

    Iconic pianist, singing iconic, self composition, song about an iconic singer. A Must!

    • Great one David.

      • “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” YGG sis!

        ……OH! that reminds me, let me see….

    • I’ll switch to a non-commercial rendition if I can find one, but I’ll put this one in my working draft, at any rate. Thank you!

  28. Gerald Wolfe debut singing, “Land of Living”

    This is from; “Gospel Music Appreciation Week” 1987, which is a goldmine for the 101 search – definitive 90’s stuff!

    • I’m hoping to include this, unless my list gets too maxed out with incredible Cathedrals songs! 🙂

  29. “Somebody Touched Me”: 1986 Heritage USA,

    Cathedrals, George/ Glen/ Mark Trammell/ Danny Funderburk / Gerald Wolfe on piano.

    Classic Cat’s! – and this is the cut with Danny’s testimony. Top 10, never mind 101.

    • Just watched this again to make sure link works…

      Changed my mind, I forgot the encore and audience shot from behind the dias…

      Top 5.

    • Out of interest of avoiding the commercially released versions – and because this is just such a strong moment – I’m contemplating going with this rendition:

      • Well if you want to convey that SGM is a refugee sub genre of Bluegrass/Country singing in garage lofts to pigeons; sure.

        Otherwise my brother, I much prefer the other!

  30. Archie Watkins, Mike Holcombe & the boys; Inspirations: “Wonder of Wonders”

    The piano theme alone justifies insertion.

    • If I’m not mistaken, your link goes to Cathedrals – Land of Living

  31. “Jesus on the Mainline”: GVB, with Mark’s Classic ‘Shoe routine’, not to mention a brilliant Mark Lowry 9minute routine…

    Lowry Lunacy at it’s best – and Mr Phelp’s dis-composure is priceless too!

  32. David Phelps: “No More Night”

    14 sec, single note finale! Perfect show-case Phelps.

    • Is that true SG though?

      • What, No Voice in SG definitive history?

        i know what you mean, strictly YGG, but since he is, mostly a SG quartet/quintet first tenor, I would argue, Yes!

        BTW, Daniel we need an updated “Where the 101 Suggestions Have Got Too”, and a list with the You-Tube links alongside each.

        Are you going to rank them 1 – 101, as well as the general 101, or maybe have a free vote on the “Top Ten” or “Top Twenty”? Or…..

  33. David Phelps: “No More Night”

    14 sec, single note finale! Perfect show-case Phelps.

    On three clips, well over 3million views!

    • Sorry – Wrod Perss Aberration?


    • Well, but that was the link that worked! The earlier one was a duplication of your previous link!

    • I was pondering going with this one instead:

      It’s low video quality, but it’s all live, with a live band, and it’s one of those “moments” where he was really on and really connected.

  34. I’m not sure if this was commercially released or if the McGruders would be considered one of the 30 most significant groups of all time in the Southern Gospel genre, BUT I know it definitely fulfills criteria 2 and criteria 3.

  35. “The Lighthouse”: guested by Buddy Mullins & Vestal Goodman, with some of the Hinson family in audience camera shot.

    Ticks 2 or 3 boxes!

  36. J D Sumner’s record pitch isn’t a song, but it’s one of the things he was most recognized for doing.

  37. Why is the Cathedrals Boundless Love one of SG most embarassing moments? Surely there are other examples of similar mix ups…..

    • …because it happened during a video recording – and because the fixed audio version of the song went to #1 and was one of the group’s biggest hits.

  38. I’m going to choose some that won’t fit all of the criteria, because I think they belong here.

    Gold City:
    God’s Building a Church

    God Handled it All

    When He Blessed My Soul

    When He Calls I’ll Fly Away

    (I wish I could find one with these four, but better sound quality.

    Okay, I hope to do Cathedrals later, but it would be hard to stop. Gold City was hard enough. I also hope to do some GVB too.

    For now, I will tack on a few mixed groups.

    “They’ll Never Crucify Him Again”

    “O For A Thousand Tongues”‘

    Shoutin’ Time In Heaven


    Through the Fire

    Please Forgive Me

    The Cross

    • Q-M – some very good stuff there! Thank you for the effort!

      (Thanks also to all who commented while I was out this evening – whether or not I get to each of you with an individual reply, I appreciate it!)

      • You’re welcome. You might get a better idea of some of the stuff I really like (besides Cathedrals and GVB) 😀

      • Hey Q-Man, some classic stuff there!

        Problem is, time wise, I gotta go an You-View the couple I am not familiar with, and I am critiqing Daniel’s List for the “Have Nots”, not listening to the have’s I don’t know! 🙂

      • Was it Celemony? :-)! Is she nice? 🙂 🙂

    • Daniel, not that my opinion carries much weight, but I think the Gold City video of “When He Calls I’ll Fly Away” that quartet-man linked to is a must inclusion. Your original list did not include a video of the Parrack/Wilburn GC lineup and that video is probably the best available (and not being sold) to show that era… Jonathan’s energy, Tim’s lows, Jay’s highs & the band of Channing, Doug, and Adam.

      That group is the best I’ve ever seen, although it isn’t my favorite (Trammell lineup is my favorite, but they were better with Danny).

      • Hmm. I’m hesitant, since (even though it’s not presently for sale) it was a commercially released video, and I could easily see them bringing it back as part of their heritage series. That said, it was such a good performance that, since it isn’t presently available, I might just include it.

    • On “Searchin'” – I found a higher resolution version of the same video here:

    • I’d agree that “Shoutin’ Time in Heaven” belongs in the list – but in search of a moment, I’d be hard pressed to include any different one than this one:

      Thank you for reminding me of it!

  39. The token 49 suggestions, lists a bit, don’t ya think?

    Some of the stuff up there is more “SG Bloopers & Out-takes” than seminal moments in the genre history?

    No? Should we not then have Jeff Easter [not] playing the mouth-organ from: “GVB & EHSS Together”…

    Y’all agree?

    • Okay—are you David Mac sock-puppeting? Just wondering, because this isn’t the first time…

      • Whether or not it’s him, there’s really no need to use a term as censorious as sock-puppeting.

      • Oh, sorry—I didn’t mean it to be censorious. Of course he isn’t doing anything wrong, I was just a bit confused.

      • Oh, OK – great!

        The term is most frequently used in that sense, but it can be used in a more generic sense.

  40. Don’t forget the Inspirations…they’ve been around since 1964. touring that city
    wonder of wonders
    jesus is coming soon
    on the sunny banks
    im looking to live

    • Touring That City definitely belongs, though I’d prefer a version without a flowery introduction. I’m putting On the Sunny Banks into my draft for now, though if I can find an early clip that better captures their live sound and energy I might go for it.

  41. I don’t care what version we use, but Gerald singing Champion Of Love is a must-include, no matter your opinion of the song itself:

    • But doesn’t it matter whether the song is any good or not? 😉

    • NSF, I think he already answered your question – by saying it’s a “must-include, no matter your opinion of the song itself,” he’s saying that it deserves to be there for reasons other than the song itself.

      • I just remember that one (or both?) of you aren’t fans of the possible cheesiness of the lyrics.

      • I know. I was asking for clarification on that—is he saying that it really doesn’t matter whether the song is any good?

      • No, I was saying it doesn’t matter what you guys think of the lyrics

    • Josh – you’re right, the song belongs in a 101 list.

      (1) It was the single biggest factor in turning a pianist into one of Southern Gospel’s most awarded vocalists.

      (2) It was the defining song off an album that played a large role in re-shaping the genre’s sound ever since.

  42. Some more contributions:

    Original Greater Vision

    There is A River

    Cathedrals (just a few for now)

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Wonderful Grace of Jesus (these are among the best two perfomances of these I have ever heard, if not THE best)

    Heavenly Parade


    GVB (might do more later)

    I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary

    I’m Free

    He Touched Me

    When I Cry
    Low Down the Chariot

    The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference

    Hide Thou Me

    Where No One Stands Alone

    Gaither Various

    Lord, Feed Your Children

    Sinner Saved By Grace

    The Night before Easter

    Booth Brothers:

    Tears are a Language

    Stll Feelin’ Fine
    (this was my introduction to them. and they pretty much “stole the show” on thie DVD.

    the Kingsmen

    The Judgment

    If You Knew Him


    He Leadeth Me

    So High

    Paid In Full

    I Could Sing About Heaven

    Truth Be Told

    Dove Brothers

    Get Away Jordan

    George Younce

    Led By The Master’s Hand


    When God’s Chariot Comes (with J.D. Sumner)

    I Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now

    • Top 200 now?

      Q-M, I had one piece that I was struggling to grasp in the back of my consciousness which I KNEW wasn’t listed so far, and should be…

      You got it; The Martin’s: “He Leadeth Me”

      • How about I stick to my original plan, and pick the best 101, and then anyone who desires can list another 99 in the comments!

      • We all amazed and confused already, Daniel.

        Why not list up ALL the mentions so far, in alphabetic order, even if it is 200?

        Then the readers can see where the state of play is. You can then work back, deleting, to get the ‘Top 101’ and ‘Top 20-30’…

        Just a bloggestion :-). We losing track bro!

      • I don’t want to go that route since I think my original idea still has some merit – 101 of the best of the best live moments (and a few memorable bloopers and otherwise necessary historically significant moments).

        Besides, since I’m doing the project for one friend in particular, as well as everyone else in general, I’d be whittling it down anyhow, even if I didn’t post it.

      • But we lost the thread of the thread Daniel!

        We are forgetting what has been suggested and what has not…

        And then, your final ‘101’ is going to lead to the 2nd American Civil War that way, especially if we don’t see it coming!! :-)!!

      • Even if someone else lost sight of the final goal, I haven’t! 🙂

        I plan to go through every suggestion.

        Anyone who doesn’t like my 101 will be welcome to create a better 101 in the comments, or an additional 99 if they don’t want the challenge of picking the best. 🙂

      • It’s not the goal, it’s the number of players on the field bro!

      • Well, if you want to do a top 1,000, and the comments section will permit one that long, I’m quite open to it!

        The whole point of a SG 101 list is to pick out the best of the best so that someone new to the genre can sit back, start watching, and gain a basic familiarity with some of the genre’s best groups and most memorable moments.

        That’s actually pushing the limits in a way – I don’t think I could go longer than that for these purposes.

    • Q-M, without replying individually to each – there are definitely a number of the ones on this list that will make it onto the 101.

    • If I’m doing Old Rugged Cross made the Difference, I don’t know if it would even be possible to go with any rendition other than the one the night after Rex Nelon died:

  43. I thought of There Is a River after I posted my last Gerald song.

    • oops that was supposed to be a direct reply to the previous post

  44. After all these submissions, I think I’m going to clarify what I mean by greatest 20-30. In this context, I’m going to go for greatest 20-30 live performers – which is a list which largely but not completely overlaps with a list of the 20-30 that a classrom academic studying statistics would pick as the most significant.

    (In other words, there’s no need to hesitate nominating from the greatest performers of the last decade, like EHSS, Booth Brothers, and Collingsworths, all of whom easily take their place in this clarified 20-30 list.)

    • “Perfect submission all is at rest.” Oops, wrong kind of submission. 😉

  45. Which reminds me of another Acapella Classic [on a seminal DVD];

    The Isaacs: “Star Spangles Banner”

    • David, now you have me thinking of the Isaacs’ “I Will Praise Him”.


        From “GVB Reunited” DVD – though they all do look a fashion faux-pas the sanging is the thang!

      • Woops! Sorry Yankees All, “Spangled”

        [Shame man, Tsk Tsk!]

      • I knew what you meant! 🙂

      • David, that was the one I had in mind. I just didn’t have time to look for it as I had to leave. 🙂

  46. It’s been interesting to read the suggestions made thus far.

    This somewhat captures some of the energy of the Statesmen Quartet.
    Just A Little While 1959

    • There have been so many comments that there’s no way I can blame anyone for not realizing this, but someone (David Mac, I think) actually suggested that video above. I’m definitely planning on including that one in the final list – thank you!

    • It’s a shame that Gaither dated that video incorrectly. Hovie talks about the song being on their latest release, and “Through the States With the Statesmen” wasn’t released until 1961!

  47. The Nelons – Thanks

    Karen Peck & New River – Four Days Late

    The Hoppers – Here I Am the debut of Kim Hopper

    • thenelonsfan’s constant watermark throughout each video disinclines me to promote that user’s videos! But Four Days Late is definitely a strong contender for belonging on that list.

  48. The quantity and [Ahem] quality are excellent {IMHO]….

    What seems to be missing is a breadth of perception and comment, about 90% of the excellent suggestions have come from about 5 commenters, including Daniel himself.

    It would be VERY good to see what younger folks considered to be definitive SGM pieces. Accepting that Caleb [Legacy 6] Garms might not have known Hovie, but, since the original request came from a ‘new’ listener, some suggestions from the kitchen committee would be good :-)!

    • Your idea of a Small ‘Committee’ looking better all the time.
      The “101” idea needs to be more inclusive of the industry.
      Might have to add another layer of bureaucracy like a task forces representing different segments of southern gospel to report back to the Small Committee.

      • Ha, I actually was trying to provoke the -suddenly gone AWOL – Garms Family into comment, they are representative of the future supporters and torch bearers of SGM after all!

        Though a ‘kitchen committee’ I still think will take the flack off Daniel; once he posts HIS 101 we are going to argue till the King is Coming…

        [Is that one on the list now?]

      • Daniel,
        Thank you very much for leaving the word “bureaucracy” in my comment.

    • Second one a good pick!

      Good to see Roger in there, very much a “5th Quartet Member” all his days!

    • There definitely needs to be some solid L5 footage in the list!

  49. I though criteria was it couldn’t have been released on dvd. I see a lot of people posting when the videos are available on dvd.

    • We will plead the 4th Amendment, Brett.

      Problem is, some of the definitive stuff IS on DVD or VHS – if the list is exclusively bootleg, it loses some very significant SG highlights.

      We’ll see what makes the Den Master’s final cut!

      • Er, David, I believe the 4th amendment is about unwarranted search and seizure. Brush up on your US Con. there bud—that would be “pleading the 5th.” 😉

      • On Daniel’s Den Rules. I did mean to plead the “4th” YGG!

        The constitutional “5th” may, or may not., be relevant here, but Daniel’s rules apply 🙂

      • Who would be doing the unreasonable search…Daniel? 😉

    • Brett – I want as little of it as possible to have been released on DVD. I recognize that there’ll have to be a few exceptions.

  50. The primary list looks great, Daniel. I would definitely say that there is a lacking of great family groups whose names are still synonymous with Southern Gospel Music, however.

    I would like to submit the following videos for consideration.

    The Spencers | Coming Soon –

    The Wilburns | God’s Promised Land –

    The Crabb Family | Through The Fire –

    The McKameys | Do You Know How It Feels –

    • I definitely plan on posting a rendition of Through the Fire – though I’m specifically trying to avoid a rendition released on DVD – and I definitely plan to include “God on the Mountain” from the McKameys, too.

    • I ended up finding a “Through the Fire” rendition from a Crabb NQC performance.

      • Having only one song from the McKameys–seeing as the group does in fact hold the record of “#1 Songs”–is an injustice to their success. Mixed family groups are very important to the genre.

      • I do not deny their importance, and they indeed earned their space on the list. “God on the Mountain” was the obvious must-include.

        That said, the risk I took in putting any list out there is that everyone thinks their favorite group should have more slots.

  51. I can’t find a non-Gaither Gospel DVD recording of this, so this offering is audio only; but highly significant:

    “The Longer I serve Him”: Original – pre Gloria – Bill Gaither Trio;
    Bill, Danny & Mary-Ann

  52. Gaither Vocal Band – Terry Franklin, Michael English, Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither with an assist from Glen Payne.

    I’ll Meet You in the Morning

    • Try “There is a River” from that same lineup.

    • Both are excellent renditions! I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to bump other incredibly significant GVB renditions for either, but if I could I would!

  53. I don’t know if anyone else has submitted these(I only had time to read through half of the posts) but this is a good clip to show the fun side of SG… with a very good crowd response

    I’ll see if I can find more. Part of my problem is that I’m thinking of several good songs, but they are on my hard drive… not YouTube! lol. Gonna get caught up one of these days!

    • I think I just might use that one! 🙂

      • Yahoo!! 😀 This whole thing is a really neat idea… can’t wait to see the finished list.

        How about the Booth Brothers singing “Look For Me” or “The Secret Place”? It’s really hard to find a stopping place! One song that I think belongs on the list is the Booth Brothers’ rendition of “Then I Met The Master”… it’s one of the greatest songs ever written(IMO) and it’s a good example of why I love SG. Only problem is that the only video there is of that(that I know of) is the one that I uploaded while Randy Lewis was filling in for Ronnie. He did an outstanding job on the song(with an overwhelming response from the crowd), but I don’t know if it is in keeping with your guidelines. Here’s the link if you want to take a look

      • Remember, there are only 101 spots! There are so many great song renditions with their normal lineup that I don’t dare bump one for a fill-in! 🙂

        Look for Me would be nice. I’m not sure how many spots I have, though! I’m working with a draft of about 110, and still nothing by the Rambos or several other significant groups.

      • Check that… there is this one as well.

      • Thanks – I’ll keep that one in consideration. 🙂

      • Ah, just saw your comment above mine. Yeah, I kinda figured a fill-in clip wouldn’t make the list… but all you could say was “no” right? 😉

      • So, let me put it this way:

        * He Saw it All
        * Still Feeling Fine
        * His Grace is Sufficient

        Umm, which of the three could I bump for a fill-in? 🙂

      • …………………….. How about “The Ninety and Nine”? 😀 😀 😀

      • Which of the three Booth Brothers songs could I bump?

        The Gaither Homecoming Series deserves at least three slots. 🙂

      • Hmm…. if I HAD to pick one, I guess it would be “He Saw It All”.

      • Bump He Saw it All for Then I Met the Master – and on a video with spotlight issues? I’m not sure I could defend making that decision! 🙂

      • Do you mean the spotlight in His Grace Is Sufficient?

        Man… I just thought about God Did It All, too… It’s REALLY difficult to narrow the Booth Brothers down to 3 songs!

      • That and the lighting issues on “Then I Met the Master.”

        Yes, I’d love to have “God Did it All,” too, but there’s just not room.

      • Oh! You were talking about the lighting issues on the second Then I Met The Master clip! For some reason I was thinking you were talking about the one I posted. You’ll have to forgive my slowness… still trying to recoup from a busy weekend. 😀

        Hey, question. Do you have room for any more clips by Legacy Five? “I Found Grace”, “I Stand Redeemed”, “There’s Something About That Name” or “Strike Up The Band” are great options, if so!

      • I wish I did! But as it is, I think I have four, which is more than the Statesmen, more than the Blackwood Brothers, more than the Booth Brothers, and more than Triumphant Quartet!

      • Funny. 🙂

        By the way Daniel, if you’re looking for non-DVD clips from Signature Sound, check out this guy’s channel. Here’s “Going Home.” You can browse through more on the side:

      • Wow, really?? I missed that somehow. Sweet 😀

  54. Hey!! You used my video of the Booth Brothers singing “His Grace Is Sufficient”! Thanks 😀

    • Well, yes, and thank YOU! 🙂

      I would have liked one with better lighting – as you actually noted in the video description, there some spotlight issues there. But I couldn’t find any that captured the spirit of the song any better!

      • Yeah, that ol’ spotlight was a bit of a problem that night 😉

      • Yes. I have approximately three spots on the final list for the Booth Brothers (maybe four, depending on who or what gets bumped.) So I’m faced with the problem of picking the best ones possible!

      • You have a lot of clips to look through, then. Well… as long as you’re running on high-speed internet and not dialup, you should be fine! lol 😀

      • You’re not kidding! I estimate that I’ve checked out well over 1,000 videos over the last week, and I’m probably well on my way to over 2,000 before the list is posted!

      • I don’t suppose that’s helpin’ the eyestrain, eh?

        Hey… I was just thinking… What about swapping Gold City’s first “One Scarred Hand” for “Hide Me Behind The Cross”? Just a suggestion 🙂

        I don’t know if anyone else mentioned it, but what about “He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away” by the Lesters? Sorry to give more suggestions… that one was eatin’ me up, though!

      • Can you find a rendition of “Hide Me Behind the cross” where Jay Parrack really connected with the crowd, there was an enthusiastic response, there was great video quality, there was great audio quality . . . and the footage has never been released on VHS/DVD?

        I haven’t at any rate!

      • I see what you mean!

      • Great. 🙂


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