CD Review: George Younce with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

When Ernie Haase and Wayne Haun recently launched their new record company, Stow Town Records, they announced that the label’s debut project would be George Younce with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. The CD releases to retail next Tuesday.

George Younce passed away nearly six years ago, in April 2005. In the final years of his career, he recorded several solo projects, and made one guest appearance on an Ernie Haase & Signature Sound project. Most of his vocals on this project were from these projects; there is also a previously unreleased track, “Silent Night.”

New soundtracks were recorded around the pre-existing Younce vocals; the new Signature Sound lineup then recorded backup vocals (making this the first EHSS project featuring Ian Owens). The new tracks are at least equal to and, in some cases, superior to the originals. Likewise, the Signature Sound backup vocals are consistently far superior to the original background vocals.

The project’s three strongest performances are “Love Was In the Room,” “Sometimes This is Heaven To Me,” and “Suppertime.” Also, the orchestration is notably well done on the one previously unreleased track, “Silent Night.”

The nature of the material available is, necessarily, a limitation; little can be done to tweak the original vocal performances, which are almost all available to this day on other projects. Yet since Haase and Haun were able to select from the strongest Younce solo performances, there is somewhat of a best-of compilation feel.

Naturally, if Younce was still alive and able to contribute new vocals to entirely unreleased material, the end result would have been stronger—yet, clearly, that’s not possible. Within what is possible, Haase and Haun made an exceptional effort to make the most of what they had to work with. This project is a must-have for Younce fans and Cathedrals collectors.

Produced by: Wayne Haun. Executive Producer: Ernie Haase • Group Members: George Younce, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Ernie Haase, Devin McGlamery, Doug Anderson, Ian Owens). • Review copy provided. • Song list: Love Was in the Room; At the Cross; Beyond the Sunset; I Know Who Holds Tomorrow; Room at the Cross; Suppertime; You Will Get Your Reward Someday; The Journey’s End; Sometimes This is Heaven to Me; Silent Night. • Average song rating: 3.8 stars. CD rating: 4 stars.

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  1. This is an exceptionally beautiful project. Of course I say that with the advantage of being able to come to them for the first time (never having owned Younce’s original projects myself).

    • Advantage?


      Let me just say this: Get the originals someday, if you can. While these improve on the originals, in many cases, there is still much to discover and enjoy in the originals.

      • Oh, I didn’t mean it that way. What I was trying to say is that it’s always cool when you’re able to hear something great for the first time, just like there’s something about reading a great book for the first time that you’ll never get back on re-reads.

      • I really wish I could hear “They Should Have Cried Holy” again, by GV. I guess I heard it on the radio for the first time and wasn’t really tuned in (no pun intended). My not remembering the first time makes me really wish for another chance.

  2. Hmmm…. I’d say about 1/3 of those I don’t have. That makes this a must-have. Sigh. Deep sigh.

    We did have the old tape project with “Love Was in the Room.” But I can’t lay my hands on it right now, which only increases it’s must-have-hood.

  3. I’m so excited about Stow Town Records I can barely contain myself!

  4. Got this from the guys a couple weeks ago but still haven’t had a chance to hear it. Should be great, though!

    • I’m writing my own review of it right now.

  5. This got lost a wee bit in the “101” melee – and maybe should have sneaked a track onto it as well!

    Hugely significant, a landmark album, looking forward to Herself’s usually superb “can you see the colour” review –

    posted here of course, YGG! 🙂

    A must have – for EHSS and CAT’s fans both. A remarkable project. Big plaudits to Ernie and Wayne on this one, BUT, guys, DON’T mess it around as backing in concert. That gimmick worked OK – twice – on “Tribute”. Stay away!

    • Actually, I will be posting it on my own blog. Come check me out—I have good stuff! My most recent post is an interview with Ian Owens. 😉

  6. David Mac will be happy to know that my own review of this project is now here:

    • I won’t be happy ’til I get the album, I got george-bumps just reading the review.

      YGG does awesome reviews – I’ve said that before – a real gift! Big Thanks!

      • You’re welcome! I understand that I’ve even convinced people to buy stuff they might not otherwise have been inclined to buy. One chap told me he’s not a DVD person but bought the Cats Tribute after reading my review and really enjoyed it. 😀

      • David, not to correct you, but I think that you said before that NSG did not YGG. 😉

      • oops NSF

      • Q-M, which means you ARE correcting me?

        Yes I did say that. But you know who still wrote the review,
        I think.

      • LOL!

      • I’m just have some fun, Mr. Mac. 🙂

      • Sure, but we just assuming that NSF *IS* YGG, who actually is…

        could be Ernie’s wife for all I really know!

        Actually that is a wierd thought….

      • Yes. For many reasons. 😆

      • That explains YGG’s Haase fascination. Hi, Lisa!!! 😉

        David, I am going by the fact that Daniel has said NGF is YGG and someone posted as NGF saying the same thing. Now, Lisa could be NGF who could be YGG or Daniel could be in on it, but I think he would more take the silent approach on parts that were secret (in other words, he wouldn’t say anything that wasn’t true). :p

        Plus, YGG writes like NGF.

      • You guys. You. Are. Making. My. Head. Spin.

      • Yes, YGG writes like NGF, and I doubt Lisa writes like YGG.


      • Amy. Then. Our. Job. Here. Is. Done.

      • Publicly and privately, NSGF/YGG has said things which I am 99.999% confident Lisa would not say / have said, and not known things which I am 98.765% confident Lisa would have known. 🙂

      • LOL! (to both DJM & QM)

      • Wait a minute Daniel, on second reading – Don’t you mean “Lisa would have known”?

      • Yes. Edited! 🙂

  7. Two of my favorite Younce solo things aren’t on here: “Led by The Master’s Hand” and “The Love of the Lord”. At least instrumentally, it is hard to imagine improvements though on those two. Sure, EHSS vocals would be better than the backgrounds on his originals I am sure. Not that they were bad, but EHSS would almost surely be better.

  8. Daniel,

    I received mine this past weekend and have listened to it a few times completely through. I am one of the biggest George Younce fans! He is the reason that I have always wanted to be a bass singer. I started listening to this album and it almost made me start crying because I knew that George has gone on to be with his best friend Glen and his Savior! I just know that George is smiling down on Ernie and the guys for doing this project! I thought that the background vocals were excellent. They added some more intricate harmonies than your typical background vocals. I thought the blend was very smooth and Ernie, in my opinion, sounded as good or better in this recording than I have ever hear him sound. I loved the recording! I give it 5 stars. Thanks for the review.

    • You’re welcome! I am glad you enjoyed the CD. 🙂