Greater Vision launches new website

Over the past weekend, Greater Vision launched a new website, featuring photos of their new lineup. Their previous website had been designed and maintained by Missy Waldroup, departing tenor Jason Waldroup’s wife. A little detail that will probably only be of interest to web designers is that this is Greater Vision’s first flash-based website. The site is designed by Allens Design Group, a company that numbers Daywind, the Greenes, Goodman Family Ministries, Legacy Five, and Triumphant Quartet among its clients.

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  1. kimberly allen of allens design group is a great designer. She is doing a ton of work in Sg right now.

  2. What has happened to lyrics available on the web?


    Oh, come on. Is there some sort of software that’s doing this stuff nowadays? Or was I crazy when I thought the words were “rode” upon a cloud?

    The other day I was trying to find some words I didn’t understand in “Wonderful Time Up There,” and here were some of the results: “You may not be a creature, but you sing and shout,” and “Think of the trouble you can save some fool/Show them how to reach the shining goal.”

    Does flash-based mean that it takes a long time to load on account of all the moving, mouse-interactive stuff?

    OK, I guess I sound like I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning. lol It is a pretty website.

  3. #2 – It’s probably done by a human listening to the CD, sometimes making inaccurate guesses.

    Funny examples of bad lyrics, there!

    The flash isn’t too intensive (it’s mainly only the menus), so it shouldn’t greatly increase load times unless you are on a dial-up connection.

  4. It actually was OK for me when I checked it out on the work computer. And my home computer takes a long time to load everything, but my preference is typically for straightforward websites. As long as they don’t immediately start loading some video-ish thing that I can’t stop, though, I’m OK!

    I just can’t imagine any human transcribing those lyrics like that, though. I did think “sisters” were as much a creature as any other human.

  5. Love the new website. I don’t know anything about the technical side, but I know that the new site has a new look that I like. And I like that the front page has less information, so it fills my screen without having to scroll down. It’s still easy to navigate.

  6. Speaking of misprints on websites, if you check out BSA world’s song samples for Jason Crabb [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]
    You’ll see that he sings a song called
    “The lamb, The lion, the kink” lol. It is funny how just one letter can change everything.

    But I do think the new GV site is very nice