Video of the Day: This Old House

Stewart Varnado recently posted a fascinating video, featuring the Cathedrals’ song “This Old House”:

Naturally, part of what makes this so interesting is that Ernie Haase and Scott Fowler are clearly singing along to the original Danny Funderburk / Mark Trammell audio track.

Another interesting point: George Younce’s lip-sync is so on-target, capturing so many of the nuances of the original, that it may be possible to have passed for an original vocal take were it not for the clear Funderburk/Haase/Trammell/Fowler vocal differences.

Even so, you still have to wonder whose idea this was—few indeed are the Cathedrals fans who couldn’t tell the difference between Funderburk’s and Haase’s rather different stylings.

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  1. I love it anyways! I miss those old men 🙂

  2. It is really funny when Haase is singing Funderburk’s leads.

  3. Almost laughed out loud when Ernie opened his mouth and out came Danny… LOL. Great video though. I was just recently pondering the scarcity of southern gospel music videos.

    • We DID laugh outloud! It was comical, to say the least, when we heard Danny “Thunderburk” (Caleb’s name for him) singing instead of Ernie.


  4. I love this video! Was this shot on location at Stow Town Records? 🙂

  5. I’m glad that the owners of This Ole House chose to keep their pet cougar on a chain leash.

    • The cougar was funny!

  6. What I don’t understand is, by this time, the Cathedrals had recorded “Campmeein’ ‘Live’,” and had recordings of Scott and Ernie singing the song. Why not just use that?? Sure, it was a live recording, but everyone knows that the vocals were recut in the studio for that project anyway.

  7. Love the Cathedrals. Somebody must have had something to hold over their heads to do this.

  8. Wasn’t this on that “Southern Joy” video?

  9. All right guys, I did some tinkering this afternoon and threw together an edited version of this video with Haase & Fowler on vocals instead. Read my instructions for download here:

  10. I remember reading about this in a Cathedrals newsletter back around the time that High and Lifted Up was released. It was done for a TV program on a Christian TV network. First time that I’ve ver seen it.

  11. It would’ve been ok, except for those animal parts……..I don’t understand what they had to do with it. They should’ve just kept the cameras on the guys……..a cougar? Well, it was The “Cats” singing, right?

    • It wasn’t exactly the world’s greatest video, but it gave me a fun editing job yesterday… 🙂

  12. This is easily one of the most laughably bizarre things I’ve seen in Southern Gospel. Just strange…

    • You said it! We agree, it was bizarrooo! 🙂 We love seeing the younger Ernie and Scott. George and Glen seem to never change, though. We love the Cathedrals!


  13. I hope they got paid to do this.

  14. I actually have this on an old VHS called Great Gospel Moments. It was “hosted” by George Younce and had the Cats, Perfect Heart, Gold City, and several others. Pretty cheesy, but interesting to watch.

  15. Ummmmm, first off…. a skunk? Second of all, a skunk in the daytime? That is called rabies. Interesting video to say the least.

    • The cougar on a leash was my personal fave.

    • We see skunks here quite often, most often in daylight…in fact, we were taking a walk this week and a skunk meandered across the road, not 20 feet away! They also like to get into our garage and eat our cat food! We love feeding wildlife! So undoubtedly, it was a Minnesota skunk on the video. 🙂