Sony’s Thoughts: Do Your Loved Ones Know What They Mean to You?

On Friday, we attended the funeral of a young man who went to Heaven the week before and I have to say it was the best funeral I remember attending. Although people talked about the man and what he meant to them, more emphasis was put on Christ and the fact that He was the center of this man’s world. I was very blessed.

As I sat there listening to the various people share their thoughts and memories, I looked around at all the people who had come to pay their respects and I couldn’t help thinking, “Did this man know how many lives he was touching while he was alive?” I think it’s sad that so often we don’t tell people what they mean to us while we have time to do so. We hear people say that a lot but we never change. We just go through life as if we have forever but the truth is: we don’t!

I bet each of us know people who have been a blessing and an inspiration to us but have we taken the time to let them know or are they going through life wondering if their efforts have been in vain? This week, I would encourage you to think about those who are such a blessing to you and find a way to let them know what they mean to you. You don’t know how much that may lift their spirits or brighten their day. As children of God, we are to give as well as receive. Don’t fail to do that. Others need encouragement as much as we do.

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  1. ” … encourage one another, and build each other up … ” I Thess. 5:11