Parody Verse contest wraps up

A little over a week ago, David Mac emailed me an idea for a parody verse contest. I replied that I didn’t think more than about five unique commenters would enter, and I preferred to do contests where a broader participation was expected. The contest was here.

I will confess that I was hoping to be proven wrong. Though I ended up right, we certainly had some fun along the way!


  • LeviSJ to the tune of “What We Needed”
  • Clarence Grigsby to the tune of “I’m Building a Bridge”
  • Clarence Grigsby to the tune of “Blood Washed Band”
  • Brian to the tune of “Give the World a Smile” (addendum by TGF – The Garms Family)
  • YankeeGospelGirl to the tune of “Let’s Talk About Jesus…Amen”
  • Josh to the tune of “Wedding Music” (addendum by David Mac)
  • quartet-man to the tune of “Excuses”
  • TGF to the tune of “Wedding Music”
  • TGF to the tune of “Oh, my Lord, What a Time”
  • TGF to the tune of “I Don’t Want to Live No More Without Jesus”
  • David Mac to the tune of “Trying to Get a Glimpse”

So we ended up with eight unique contestants and eleven unique entries (counting collaborations as one entry). Since we didn’t have 20 contestants, there’s no need for formal voting. So, let’s just indicate in the comments belowโ€”which was your favorite?

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  1. “I didnโ€™t think more than about five unique commenters would enter”…

    On that count Mr Den Master, you was wrong :-)!

    On the “twenty plus” side, you was right.

    Maybe a draw is acceptable – maybe a CD prize for the composer of a clear fave, if there is one?

    I’d vote for Q-M and “Excuses”. There are some painfully true sentiments there, softened in a musical setting.

    BTW Daniel, recent adjustments to your WP machine deletes line spacings, Q-M entry suffered acordingly in the visual stakes. His verses and chorus looked like prose! Maybe we can have the line-space option back bro? It does same a little vertical space on the Blog, but things look a little tight visually, and the “reply” key also obscures text!

    • David Mac,

      I’m glad to be wrong, and I was hoping to be wrong on the 20 part, too!

      I haven’t knowingly changed anything on the code, and in point of fact it still looks like poetry to me. I am puzzled why it is displaying as prose for you. Hmm – odd.

      OK, I’m willing to consider sending a prize out, but only if we set the bar high for “clear fave” – leading in the votes, with more than 50 supporters. (And for whatever it’s worth, previous contests here have had 300+ votes, so it’s entirely possible!)

      Each comment in this thread in support of one of the above linked parodies can count as a vote.

      I’ll join you and vote for Q-M’s Excuses (though I really liked the others, Brian’s “Give the World a Smile” parody being a particularly strong and memorable entry!)

      • Ach Daniel, you are an old softy after all!

        BTW, I don’t mean the LENGTH of lines, as in poetry – this comment will fit into the width of the text box on display regardless of the size of the reply box.

        What will be missing [above] will be the line space I just double-stroked on “enter” and which is visible on MY screen, but which, now, disappears on Blog-View:


        Unless it is me? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Brian’s entry IS quality, but “Excuses” with a little refining, should be learned and SUNG, by every SG group, before another member walks!

      • Line spaces are working with me… Maybe try a different browser and see if you’re still getting that. (That’s the limit of my technical advice! LOL!)

      • What about your Vote? :-)!!

      • I voted and then saw this! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • >>Ach Daniel, you are an old softy after all!

        Yeah, I might be! But it looks like there’s not a clear favorite yet – it’s pretty much an even split between Brian and Q-M!

  2. OK, I think that the Garms Family contributions should count as separate entries if they’ll vouch for the fact that they were by different authors. JMVHHOO! Or maybe it depends on their intent.

    • Question is, Do they get a block vote?

      Or should we accept separate votes each?

      I think each voice should be heard, even at the risk of swaying the tally!

  3. My vote has to be for “Drop a Twenty in the Plate.” It just worked too well.

  4. My vote is for “Excuses.”

  5. My vote’s for Brian’s “Drop a Twenty in a Plate.” I L’d so OL when I read it. It fits the rhythm pretty identically to the original, too. I could hear L5 doing it, or possibly the Inspirations.

    • That’s what I thought … I think L5 would have a good time if they wanted to do it. And with the extra verses by TFG, it has plenty of material.

      • The lead singer who has the in-built ‘mischief’ to carry it off, might be Scotty –

        but I can really see Gerald peform it with gusto, or Michael Booth for that matter – a BB/ GV/L5 combo on this would be awesome!

  6. I vote for brians song!

    • Brian’s song was not a parody and was written by a pro. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Q-man, that song is downright diabetes-inducing.

      • I am not sure I have heard it (maybe in passing), I just remembered the title from way back when.

      • Remember I don’t have sound at work and have mercy on me. I clicked over there but without sound it is meaningless. Are you saying somebody recorded “Put a Twenty in the Plate”?

      • No, it is a song called “Brian’s Song”.

      • Ooooh, now I get it.

      • I guess I should have processed the title. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  7. I will have to re-read (or read for the first time) the entries after while, but I don want to say this. I thought there were some creative and funny ideas. Half the battle to me is getting the initial idea or being inspired. Once that is done, doing them is generally not a big deal.

  8. I think I’ll go with Brian’s “Put a Twenty.” ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. We all vote for Brian’s “Put A Twenty in the Plate”, with or without the verses we wrote. It is great and we love it, but a bother when it gets stuck in our heads! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Q-Man’s song was good too, but we didn’t necessarily appreciate the one or two words which were slightly harsh. (Sorry Q-man!)

    Thanks David Mac for a bunch of fun;
    we’re sad to see this contest done.
    Next time we’ll win, we promise you!
    Dad and Mom will write some too.

    -BT for TGF

    (“Hey Ben, do you think Dad and Mom would actually write a parody? Maybe we should ask them…”)

    • Hey guys, I think it stopped to soon.
      My effort gets the wooden spoon!
      Brian’s song I appreciate,
      cause I live off the offering plate!
      But Q-M, I think he does deserve
      The prize, cause he had got the nerve,
      To tackle a subject needing aired.
      For that the silver-ware’s deserved!

  10. I vote for Brian’s “Put a Twenty in the Plate”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I wish I noticed this one! A few years ago, I wrote a parody for the Lighthouse, but it was about Walmart.