Tim Duncan to record solo project

Tim Duncan has announced on Facebook that he will be recording a solo project:

Hi everybody! I just wanted all of you to know I read every post and message I receive and am trying my best to respond to all of you. Now, for the good newsโ€ฆ. For the next few weeks I will be in the studio working on my solo project! I am excited and ready to go!! My family and I appreciate your prayers. You guys will never know what an encouragement you are to us!

Hat tip, Phil on Southern Gospel.

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  1. aww that is so sweet of you to say about me tim duncan.

  2. That’s cool news! I’m still waiting for him to show up somewhere in a quartet though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m not holding my breath. If he wanted to stay in quartet life, it would be pretty hard to step up from EHSS.

      • I don’t think that Tim would necessarily have to consider joining another group as either a “step up” or a “step down” from Sig Sound. Any quartet would certainly be different and I can see him much more as a quartet man than as a soloist.

      • True. It seems like he really wanted to scale back.

  3. Does anyone know who is recording/publishing Tim’s solo album – Gaither, Stow Town, someone else?

  4. This is great news!!! Can’t wait for the new solo project. Tim’s the man. So happy to hear this.

  5. How is the Solo project going. Haven’t kept up with you lately. Thanks
    Harper Housman

  6. I’ve been a fan of Signature Sound since they began. They have a sound all their own, fresh, high energy…their performances are great. Tim Duncan’s bass voice is also a one of a kind. I wasn’t aware (as many weren’t) that he had a mini stroke last year and had lost a lot of weight since. His leaving the group does not sound to have been completely for a solo project. From comments made online about the announcement of his departure at their last concert Jan. 18, 2011, it was because of his health. His going out on his own going is no different than many artists/singers eventually do. A person needs to pay their bills and feed their family. GO TIM! God Bless!

    • Actually, some of that was misinformation. I spoke with Devin, and he said that no announcement was made at the concert. He said Tim himself wouldn’t have wanted it to be done that way.

  7. Wow!! Let us know when your solo is out. Can’t wait.

  8. That’s awesome! Let me know when the first CD comes out! I want to get the CD! Tim Duncan, your bass voice is AMAZING! I saw the Together Video on YouTube with the Gaither Vocal Band and you were very easy to hear! Keep up the good work!

  9. We wre very sorry to hear that Tim was leaving Sig Sound it is hard to imagine someone else taking his place but the Lord never closes the door with out opening a window and we know that the Lord will have some one to replace him. We are wondering where Tim is now and what he will be doing, we kind of heard that he might be doing a solo album that and he had been ill hope to hear what is going on in the Duncan family.

  10. Great news I cant wait we really miss Tim.

  11. What great news. While there are very good base singers most provide harmonic support. Tim is just the base soloist that I have ever heard.

  12. I think the signitures are the greatest. I liked it more when the guys were altogether,the originals.Tim is still the greatest bass and I love it when he takes over and sings. dancing across the stage, ryan is the best also in his singing.I love it when he balts out a song and holds the notes.Doug is so sweet and what a baritone voice he has.jesus is holding my hand etc Roy was so funny and can really play ,lets not forget ERNIE that tenor voice can really send out a msg God bless all of them and keep them strong in the lord

    • To be fair, Ryan and Roy were not originals. Shane Dunlap sang lead and Garry Jones played piano.

      • Don’t forget Devin McGlamery! (the now lead singer!) He’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Has anyone heard what is coming of the Solo Cd? Really missing Tim I continue to play all of the old Cd’s. The new group is ok but still love the old group they just had something.

  14. COOLIO! Tim Duncan is my most influential Southern Gospel singer of all time! It was actually when I heard his singing that I felt God tugging on my heart to take part in musical evangelism. Can’t wait to hear your CD Tim!

  15. Tim, We have a 6 yr.granddaughter & a 3 yr. grandson that love singing with the DVD’s.
    Kyle always has a microphone so he can sing bass like you. Looking forward to your Solo tape.

  16. At the concerts I always set on the right side to get a better view of Tim.I love his bass voice.Of them all he was my favorite.After the concerts I always tried to get my picture with him.Being in a wheelchair it wasn’t always the easiest to do.I do miss seeing him.If he does have health problems God will be watching over him.

  17. Tim, glad your planning a solo album, I pestered You about it at every concert I attended. Saw you twice in south pittsburgh,Pa. twice in sherman, tx,once in Longview, tx.twice in Ft Worth, tx. and numerous gather concerts across the country. Its not the same without you, anyone can sing, but your voice, appearance, and showmanship are unique. love and god bless !!!!!!

  18. Dear Tim: After 63 plus years on this earth, I thought I was a good Christian. One afternoon I happened to stumble across a Gaither Homecoming Video on i- tunes. Tim, you were singing a great gospel song with the Gaither group. Suddenly, I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit regaining my body and soul. I can’t explain the feeling or the experience. You assisted in that experience Tim, and my life change back to Jesus Christ. You truly served the Lord that day, and you assisted Him in recovering a lost soul like me. Michael J.

  19. When is the cd coming out? Just can’t wait to hear it.

    • No date has been announced, to my knowledge.