Update on Mack Taunton

Not too long after singing tenor for the Cathedral Quartet from 1968-1972, Mack Taunton more or less slipped out of the Southern Gospel scene, except for an occasional appearance, like at the Cathedrals’ 1995 Reunion.

A couple of days ago, I heard from his son, Steven Taunton. He said his father is enjoying leading a normal life in Oklahoma, and is working with Steven on recording a new project. Steven said if anyone wanted to contact his father, they could do so via his (Steven’s) email address: sgt_68@yahoo.com.

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  1. Mack Taunton is my favorite Cathedral tenor hands-down.

  2. He was great on the Cathedral Reunion video.

  3. Hidee,
    I am so glad to hear some news about Mack Taunton. He is truly one of my all time favorite vocalists! As I said before elsewhere, I believe he absolutely “stole the show” at the Cathedral Reunion that was sold on video!
    The last time I saw Mack was at Dale McCoy’s funeral in Ok City. Mack and Dale had several successful years with the regional Sonner State Boys. Their recordings (only released on cassette) are tremendous. In fact, Mack was a member of the Sooner State Boys when they filmed the Reunion video.
    The Cathedral Quartet albums with Geln, George, Danny and Mack are some of the greatest albums recorded!

  4. I’ve never seen the entire reunion video, just a short edited TV broadcast years ago. They mass of the televised footage was with Kirk and Ernie, and maybe one or 2 songs with Danny. So I’ve not seen Mac perform on it.
    But, I have heard a few songs from it on vaious CD’s. One of those on a CD was “Unclouded Day”-is it Mack Taunton singing that song?

  5. Yes.

  6. Actually, On the original recording of “Uncloudy Day”, that was Bobby Clark… I am awear that my dad is on the cover of the album, but it is Bobby singing on that whole album. I asked my dad about that years ago. He said, “That’s just the way things worked back then” You released what you had and promoted the group that was working.
    That’s why on the reunion video, my dad says “eat your heart out bobby” in the middle of his solo break.


  7. Very interesting! My brother and I quote the line now and then, but more often “A little gray on the roof don’t mean there ain’t no fire in the furnace.” (I don’t remember who said that one.)

    • Steve, thanks for input and clarifications! I do have the Reunion video/album, and his quip to Bobby Clark makes so much more sense now! πŸ™‚ I think the only other album I have that features Mack would be the Cathedrals Family Album – is that right?

  8. “A little gray on the roof don’t mean there ain’t no fire in the furnace” … Mack Taunton

    • Mack… Don’t worry about the snow on the roof it is just a sign of maturity. God bless you.

  9. That’s interesting. Steven, thanks for sharing. I’ve often wondered about that.

  10. Point of interest, there a few albums from Th Cathedrals that has my dad on the cover yet has Bobby singing… I’m not sure, but I believe that “The Family Album” is another one. I think the first album my dad sang on with The Cathedrals was “Focus on Glenn Payne”.

  11. I’m going through my old Cathedrals albums this week and re-evaluating them. I’ll put up a post specifically dedicated to this discussion in the next day or two.

  12. The Album “I Saw The Light” is 100% my dad… That is my all time favorite gospel album…

  13. Mack was one of the best tenors in gospel music, I remember Mack when he was with the Templeaires in Flint, Mi before going to the Cats.

  14. There are two videos of Mack Taunton on youtube.com from the very early 70’s… He’s the tall guy πŸ™‚

  15. Uncle Don… is that you?

    • No Steve its not Uncle Don but his second cousin just happen to have the same name except middle. I sang with your dad for a little while with the Templeaires after George Amon left and prior to the Salvation singing Society.

      • Please tell me more about your time with The Templeaires. That was my church as a very young girl. I remember the wonderful music.

        Thanks, Linda

  16. Steven, I’ve often wondered why so many singers came and went with the Cathedral Quartet. I watched the Cathedrals Reunion VHS tape so often that I about wore it out. Your dad was a hoot, and I enjoyed his singing a lot. So, why did Mack Taunton leave the Cathedrals, and what has he done since?

  17. WE are from Simcoe Ontario Canada. My wife and I first meet Mack Taunton when he was with the Cathedrals and they
    sang at a concert I promoted at Cayuga High School here in Canada. They drove all the way from Akron that day in their Winnabego, sang the concert and then drove home that night.
    There was Mack, Danny, George and Glen. That was the start of a life long friendship with the Cats. I hadn’t see Mack since he left the Cathedrals but would get updates from Glen and George. We attended Glen’s funeral in Hendersonville Tenn and meet George Amon, Haskell Cooley, Roy Trembly, Lorne Mathews and Bud Seeker the bus driver before the service. I asked if Mack was coming and they said he was supposed to be there. After the service we exited the auditorium and ran right into Mack in the foyer. How good it was to finally see him again and talk about old times. I’m happy to hear he is doing well. We also enjoyed the 25th Ann tape. It brougtht back alot of memories. Send our best to him from David and Joan Green

  18. Hello
    We, “The Harmony Singers” are recording a CD and will name it Crimson River. We would like to know if your dad wrote this song and also who the publisher is so we can obtain the Mechanical License for the recording.

    Any info you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You & God Bless

    Fred Brown

    • I am seeking sheet music for Crimson River, did you obtain licensing and if so can I purchase sheet music or can you tell me where I can obtain it?



  19. Hello, I just wanted to comment that I grew up watching and listening to Mack, George, Danny and Don (the Templares) at Flint Baptist Temple, and not knowing differently, didn’t realize how great these guys were until later years, seeing other groups in other places made me realize what a special talent these men were at a very special time, I know Macks voice as well as my own and miss hearing him, “Walk With Me” was my absolute favorite.

    • Tim, please tell me more about your memories of the group and your time at The Flint Baptist Temple. I attended there as a young girl and remember the music.

      I went to the 50th Anniversary there in late 2008.

      Thanks, Linda

  20. Hello to Mack.Ginny and I and our family have been thinking about you and wanting to know where you are and how things are with you.

    • Hi Dad! πŸ™‚

  21. I called up mack Taunton’s name on You Tube, today and was I ever flabbergasted with finding Mack, George Webster, Glen P and George Younce singing away. I met them at Flint Baptist Temple where I rec’d Him into my life, back in 72, or so. I had no idea how important the two of them were, but I knew they had very talented voices. I had no idea they had come off a stint with The Cathedral’s. I wish Mack well, it would be wonderful to see him again and hear his voice in person. I worked with George Webster’s wife, at that time, in the Buick Main Office. My wife and I went over to George W’s home after sunday nite church and did some fellowship singing with george W at the piano. Not may people know that George was missing a finger. Hello Mack, good to see you on YouTube! What a great tenor voice you have been so blessed with!
    Everett and Diane Eddy
    Lapeer, Mich

    • Tell us more. I also attended The Flint Baptist Temple. I posted an album cover on Facebook on my page. You might like to take a look.

      Thanks, Linda

  22. I love this discussion and the info from Mack’s son.

  23. I am so glad that I found this site about Mack Taunton. Mack & I go back a long ways, from the time they first started at the Flint Baptist Temple and took the name of “The Templeaires”. We have been friendss for many years and I too miss seeing and hearing him sing. I know Mack will remember the time I pulled a joke on him with a pay telephone after a performance. Steven, tell your dad that I said hello and sure would love to see him one of these days.

    Ron Macy

  24. Linda, You need to talk to me about the Templeaires. I can give you a lot of info.

  25. Mack, do you remember practicing at our home in Southgate, MI on our old beat-up piano in our basement before service started? You and the rest of the Templeairs, George, Danny, and I think a Don?? Anyway, you were scheduled to sing on a Sunday morning at Central Baptist Church, (Golden Blount – pastor)and you warmed up at our home across the street. My brother was Jimmy and my parents were Arnold and Faye Hall. I had a crush on all of you! What wonderful memories…loved to hear all of you sing! Would LOVE to have my old album put onto a cd if I only had it. Hope and pray all is well.

  26. Hi Steven. Would you please say Hi to your dad for me. I’m sure he will not remember me since we met probably one time about 34 years ago. It was at Temple Baptist Church in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

    It wasn’t called an evangelistic crusade but I can’t remember what it was called. He was there singing for John R. Rice, Curtis Hudson, Johnny Stample (sp). I was a Bible College student in those days and this was my first time attending this kind of meeting ever. I’d only been a Christian for about eight months at that point and didn’t know much about nuthin’ from nuthin’ Christian. The preaching rocked my world, but that with your dad’s singing just knocked my socks off. The songs were exactly what I needed to set me on the straight and narrow (musically).

    I’ll never forget being in the front row listening to your dad sing “Hallelujah Square”. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

    I bought all of his cassette tapes that were available at the time and listened to them until they were unusable (this was before I learned about backups).

    All that to say this:
    I was just listening to my favourite radio station (104.5FM – http://www.cjri.fm. It truely is, “The sweetest music this side of heaven”) and the played a selection that reminded me of your dad. I called them up to see if they had any of your dad’s music. They told me they didn’t and after talking about things for a while they said that if I researched it out they could maybe get some of his music and play it. I almost burst. That was about 30 minutes ago.

    Would you please contact this radio station or let me know where they can get in touch with you. I miss your dad’s singing so much (I still have the tapes but like I said they don’t work any more). Thanks for whatever you can do. Sorry for being so long winded but this all just kinda fell out.

    Take care and God bless. See you soon, here, there or in the air.

  27. Like Tim Dombroski’s comment, I too had no idea that so many of gospel greats were right there in our home church, Flint Baptist Temple. One of my greatest childhood memories is when Mack would lead the congregation in “Power In the Blood” pg. 45 πŸ™‚ and welcome our radio audience to our LIVE broadcast! As a kid I thought the specials he sang were just great songs that they sang at all churches! Mack’s ministry at the Temple truly impacted my life. May God continue to bless him!

  28. I’m best friends with Mack’s son Tyler. I love the Taunton’s, and Mack is seriously the funniest person I’ve ever met. He helped raise me in a way, and I love that all of you have said such nice things about a great man.

  29. I just got the Cathedrals Reunion Cd and he’s great on it.

  30. Though I am MUCH younger than Lynn Cavett and Tim Dombrowski, and Ron Macy is old enough to be my Grandpa, I do have a faint memory of Mack… at least I think it was Mack. One of the old-timers can correct me if I am wrong. I remember my favorite hymn that Mack would lead was “I Shall Not Be Moved.” Unlike Lynn, I don’t remember the page number!

  31. Been a long time since I commented here, but to Linda in reply, I went to the Flint Baptist Temple from the time I was born until I was 28 years old and left to serve the Lord in another Church, The Temple was the greatest place on earth to grow up and music was always in abundance, The Statesmen, the Blackwood Brothers, the Cathedrals and even the Oak ridge boys came through our doors and many many more,what I find quite amazing is that even with all of the best of the Quartets that we enjoyed through the years, there were none better than our very own Tempelaires and eventually the Salvation Singing Society, both of which Mac was in, what an incredible time we lived in and didn’t really know then,what a legacy of great Gospel music, we who went there owe a debt of thanks to those men, and women that sang at our church, Mac, George Amon and Danny Webster,Trammel Suddeth, Ron Macy, Don Smith, Don Smith2,Rick Waddel,Ron Elrod,Jim Woods,Margret Eddy, Sandy Wright,and so many more, what is even just as amazing was the amount of young people that could sing and did sing and should be mentioned as well, Robin Cook, Al Tipton, Dave Nienhiese, Paula Edwards Carl Overby and his sisters Julie and Janet, Paul Cooper,and the list goes on, It was a haven a great music and a very special time and place……..One of the best moments in Gospel Music Ever was watching Mac and Ricky Waddel sing(two tenors)with Mac playing guitar, the song called “the Secret”, it was a stunning sound that was tender and beautiful, and literally sent chills right down to your soul, a haunting and sweet song that said”You must seek God in the morning, if You want Him Through the Day……………

    • I also grew up at the flint baptist temple and treasure my album”the salvation singing society”and loved Mac tauntons music. My mother was Ann Harris who died at 34 yrs old and was a close friend of mac. I would love to connect with Mac or anyone from the flint baptist temple that knew my mother and could share about her with me. I remember her as a very committed Christian and she was a wonderful mom. I would love to know of any influence for god she may have had on anyone else. My email is lmcquiston@homeinstead.com.

  32. P.S. Jeff Keen, you ain’t as young as you think.

  33. I’m trying to find contact information for Mack Taunton so we can publish his song, “Even the Wind Whispers His Name,” in a hymnal to hopefully publish by the end of June 2012.

    Does anyone know how to contact him?

  34. We knew Mack when we attended the same church as him after he left the Cathredrals. He was the song leader there. He was and is a wonderful tenor singer. I believe the church was the Flint Baptist Temple. It’s been almost 40 years so I’am not sure about the name. We moved to MO in “74. How long did he stay at the church. James Lougheed? was the pastor.

  35. Mac taunton, is my favorite from the cathedrals. alot of it has to do with the fact that he is my grandfather.

  36. I want to say how much Mr. Taunton meant to me. I also was a little boy at the Flint Baptist Temple. I not only got to hear him sing but also he was my 2ed grade Sunday school teacher. I looked up to him so much. He is who I wanted to be when I grew up. It was great seeing the video from the reunion wish I could have been there.
    Wish I still had those albums but they’ve been lost through the years.


  37. I just want to say that having the benefit concert for the Stuffles was wonderful and 75,000 dollars was raised. The plain fact is that with the one million dollar bill they had at the time and it’s being added to daily, anything we can donate to them will be greatly appreciated by them. Tracy has had some set back but is goung the right direction. Keep praying for him and Libbi. Thanks

  38. Stephen,

    I was blessed to have worked with and to have known Mack when we were at the OTC. He said I inspired “If I were any more ready, I’d already be gone.” We all had and still have a lot of respect for him. I am now involved in prison ministry. I am not as talented as Mack is but I believe the words of this song would touch hearts. I would appreciate it very much if I could get them. He gave me the words and a casette years ago but I’m not sure what happened to them. I can’t find anything with this song on it. Tell your Dad I said “Hi.”

    Jim Ballard
    (405) 329-3577

  39. I loved the song ” even winds whispers his name”. that is such a soothing song for me. I remember him from tower Baptist church in lorain ohio.

  40. A BIG hello to all of the past Flint Baptist Temple members!

    I agree with Tim Dombowski – that time in the 70’s was a very special time and none of realized how amazing and truly special it was. We did just think it was how all churches were…little did we know.

    WOW…thanks Tim for the memories…Carl Overby (great friend back then, and we were writing a play together that we never finished!), Paula (Edwards) Overby (Paul Michal (her brother) and I were best friends. Paula and I spent many hours singing around the piano! Paula even made a cassette tape for me of all our favorite songs that I listened to for years until it broke! Paula should have been a professional singer…she was that good! I have not seen the Edwards family for over 30 years! would love to see them again!), Paul Cooper (have not seen him and Cheryl since they lived in an apartment downtown Flint), Dave Nienhiese (I remember singing one song with Him, Paul Cooper, and the other Dave (can’t think of his last name, maybe Tim can) when they had a group for a short period of time!)…Does anyone remember when Glynda Hyatt, Don Smith, and I sang together for a short period of time (Susan Macy, Ron Macy’s daughter, played piano for us)? How about Reverend Coy (Coy Boy as Duncan Moore and I used to call him!) he was short lived at the ole Temple, but had a great voice and was a great man. Going through my teen years at the Temple formed who I am today. God truly molded me in those very important years.

    I too have very special memories of Mack Tuanton, having worked at the church in various capacities during that time, I knew Mack well. I remember one Wednesday night when Mack asked me to follow him to his office. I was a pretty good artist back then, and he wanted me to draw his hand holding a pen for the front of his sheet music. Within a couple of hours I had it done and he was using it on the front of all his sheet music. If anyone has a copy of any of his sheet music with the pencil drawing on it, I would love to have a scan of it sent to me…I would even love to have an original of that sheet music. I used to have one and Mack’s “Lighthouse” album, but those have long ago been tossed out. When I left Flint Baptist Temple, it was not on very good terms, so these good memories that Tim has brought up are one of the few times that I think about the ole Temple, even though I work just down the road from there.

  41. I went to the Cathedral Family Reunion in Fort Worth this month and was pleasantly surprised to see Haskell Cooley and Bobby Clark there too. I was hoping that Mack Taunton would be there too. Dianne Wilkinson, Ken Payne and Fred the driver were all there too. They are going to do another program next year too.
    Was great seeing Danny, Mark, Gerald, Ernie and Scott perform together!

    • Very neat! I knew that Haskell Cooley, Dianne Wilkinson, and Ken Payne made it out. I believe Roger Bennett’s widow Debbie Bennett was also there. I hadn’t known that Bobby Clark and Fred the driver were also there. Thank you for that information!


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