Gold City remaining on the road

Gold City had to cancel some or all of last weekend’s concerts; after one of the promoters said from stage that a “human tragedy” had occurred to the group that could impact its future, rumors naturally abounded. ( received a number of emails passing along the promoter’s comments and asking what was happening.) The group has issued a statement through their email newsletter:

This past weekend, Gold City had to prematurely close an extended tour due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the control of the group’s management. Since then, many rumors have abounded about the legendary group’s future, and as a result, their office and the offices of The Beckie Simmons Agency have been flooded with calls expressing concern about pending engagements.

The fact is Gold City is alive and well, and will appear this week in Graysville, Alabama (Friday), Lakeland, Florida ( Saturday) and Bradenton, Florida (Sunday)β€”as well as all dates that have been previously scheduled and the dates that will be added in the future!

Daniel Riley, his father, Tim, and the other members of Gold City look forward to seeing you at a concert soon!

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  1. Thank you, Daniel. I read that last night on their facebook page. I wish that they had been a little more specific though. Will the current lineup remain? Are they changing personnel (yet again)? This is sad, and my heart breaks for Tim Riley.

    My friends who attended the Saturday night concert said that the promoter said that “a tragedy had occurred which may well mean the end of Gold City.” I wish that something had been said as late as Sunday afternoon.

    • Via a comment by Eric Ferriera on GC’s Facebook page:

      “One other thing Daniel Riley was please to announce. Daniel said, ‘Everyone seems to be concerned about how long Dad is going to be singing Bass for Gold City. I’m here to tell you that Tim Riley isn’t planning on retiring any time soon. He’s going to be with Gold City for a long while yet.’ Daniel says, ‘Tim Riley can keep singing Bass for Gold City for as long as he wants to sing.'”

  2. Sounds like the promoter was a little “shook up” and gave more info than they really meant to be publicly announced. That’s understandable; it’s hard to understand how much of an excuse you were supposed to give for somebody else. I do it even as a receptionist.

  3. SO why did they cancel these concerts…I personally think one of their problems right now, aside from the personnel issues, is that they are not 100% truth with the public…why did they cancel???

  4. Hmmmmm…

  5. I tried putting this on An Other site, and it hasn’t been approved yet as far as I last saw. I know that Daniel had a friend that committed suicide. It might have had to do with services or something with that. What I didn’t put on An Other site is that Daniel himself announced Thursday about his friend and was shaken up about it. I don’t know if it has to do with this though.

    • Oh, well that would fit the description of a “tragedy.”

      • Yeah, now I don’t know if it is related. From what I could tell they performed after that, but I did wonder if that later date interfered with a service or something. I also read that Daniel at a concert after that mentioned about how tough Doug’s death had been on him, so perhaps the context was about this recent death being mentioned too, but I don’t know. Either way, that would be tough on anyone and could be the reason.

      • No, I know who that friend was due to several other mutual friends, and it’s someone unrelated with Gold City.

        It was someone in a semi-pro group whom Gold City had done several other dates with.

        (At least, I’m assuming there was only one SG-related suicide over the weekend!)

      • Weren’t they just talking about its emotional effect, not a direct connection? Or am I getting confused by this friend of a friend of somebody else’s friend stuff?

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean related to GC by blood or member, but related to their not making that date.

  6. In my opinion(which is worth exactly what you are paying for it! lol) is that Gold City is to vague in their press releases, which continues to lead to more speculation and uncertainty as to the future of the group. IF more personnel changes are coming, as the “other members of Gold City” are not named, this is really going to hurt the reputation of Gold City all the way around. Gold City REALLY needs a stable line-up that sings well, performs well, has good character(which to my knowledge all the current members have) and can RECORD A NEW PROJECT. :))

    • I noticed the “other members” comment too. It might have been shorthand (instead of naming everyone) or it could be a sign of things to come. Sadly, with their track record as of late (whether things could be helped or not) and seemingly vague press releases, it is easy for people to jump to conclusions (whether accurate or not).

  7. I think I know who that friend might have been, but I’ll keep it confidential.

  8. I was at the concert that Gold City was scheduled to be at Saturday night in Terrell, TX, with Freedom Trio & the Perrys. Freedom Trio was originally a “special guest” and were only going to sing a couple songs, but with Gold City’s cancellation, they did a full set instead.

    Gold City did do their concerts on Thursday & Friday nights in Oklahoma, but cancelled their Saturday date in Terrell and their Sunday date in Lake Jackson, TX.

    • Freedom is tremendous group! They deserve a fair shake!

      • I like vanilla, strawberry, butter pecan, blueberry, banana, peach, and maybe other shakes, but don’t believe I ever had a fair one. Or does that mean they sell them at the fair? πŸ˜‰

      • You forgot chocolate—my favorite!

  9. I didn’t forget, I don’t like Chocolate Ice Cream or Cocoa. I DO love Milk Chocolate though. πŸ™‚

  10. YGG The order of the words is important:
    Chocolate milk = yuck
    Milk Chocolate – yum. πŸ˜€

    • I don’t think I like you anymore. 😯

      • Fair-weather friend. πŸ˜›

  11. Ok I have read all 22 comments and not one of you guys mentioned how much Gold City has contributed to Southern Gospel music over the last 30 years or how many lives have been touched. Have any of you been encouraged or given strenth from their music? And by the way “Are you ready” , do you believe “It’s still the cross . .and not about interpretation or the judgement of the mind “. . or that God has all of our lives “Under control” or will you all just ” Give up” on Gold City and stop praying for them so they can continue to ” Preach the Word”?
    I did not see the words “we should pray for them that God continues to use them and to bring him Glory”. Please let’s join together to help them and not expect them to share personal tragedy or struggles with us.
    I was in Terrell and the Promoter was out of line with what he said. If Christians cannot stand together in this world and lift each other up how will we ever reach the lost that are watching how we treat each other.
    Join with me to lift them up in prayer.

    • You’re right. I guess chocolate milkshakes don’t really have a lot of bearing on ministry…do they?

      • Connie, I don’t know what other people have done, nor what they are doing. I know that on Sunday morning I stood before my church congregation and specifically named Time and Danny Riley and Gold City, asking that God would lead and direct them.

        However, having said that, I also find it terribly irresponsible for the management of the group to allow this to go on without providing some information. Yes, they have their lives. Yes, they deserve the privacy that any individual merits. But, as public personalities, they also owe something to the fans who have stood by them for thirty years, buying their tickets, purchasing their albums, tapes and c.d.s. The press release that was issued late last night could very easily have put a stop to the questions, they chose to not address the issue.

    • Connie, I am a huge fan of Gold City’s. However, people have a lot of questions. I told what I was aware of that might be the reason. I didn’t say anything nasty about them. The closest was saying that I noticed the vagueness of the remark, but I also gave a possible explanation. The subject was they are staying on the road. Yes, we strayed from that (as we often do), but I don’t think there is anything unreasonable in this thread.

      As far as the promoter, I don’t know what he heard, or what he said, but regardless of whether or not what happened could be helped or not, it definitely put him out and affected him. Now, the blame may not lie at all with GC, but that doesn’t change that the promoter and ticket buyers were affected. This is life. We don’t live in a bubble. What we do or don’t do, or what happens to us often affects others.

      As far as prayer, yes, I am sure they need it. I do feel for them. And I have concern for them. You are presuming none of us have prayed just because we didn’t mention it in this thread. We don’t even know what we are praying for, but we can still ask that God gives them guidance, protection, healing (if needed) etc. Like I said, I am a huge fan, but I also don’t have blinders on. They are human, as are we. They can do wrong, as can we. I am not saying they have or are, but often fans are so fiercely protective of ones we like that we feel they can do no wrong and we don’t accept anyone questioning them, calling them out or whatever. The thing is, that is for the most part not even being done here. There were simply a couple of comments about their lack of being clear in their press releases. Is that so horribly bad?

      • I think this is well-said. I don’t think I disagree with anything here.

    • Thank you, Connie. You’re the only one that makes sense.

      • Nommy3, There is a difference in disagreeing with posts and their not making sense. I don’t recall any post here that doesn’t make sense. You may not agree with them, but they make sense.

  12. I’ve read all of these comments with interest. The first and foremost thing I have to say is that I am praying for Gold City and I would hope the rest of you are, too. I pray for all of our groups. It’s really a struggle out there. So much is vying for a consumer’s time and money these days, gas prices are soaring, and Satan wants nothing better than for groups to quit. We need great southern gospel groups to continue to spread the gospel.

    I understand that because we the fans basically foot the bill for groups in that we buy concert tickets and product, that it naturally would seem like we would be entitled to know what’s going on. But I think it says a lot about a fan if they think a $15-dollar ticket gives them the right to be privvy to every little detail of an aritst’s business–good, bad, or ugly. It’s a fine line artists have to walk when deciding how much to share. For whatever reason, this is what Gold City feels like they can say at this time.

    Since I have no idea what the issues were, I am just speaking generally. But maybe they want to just let this die and go on. Maybe some person or persons reacted in haste and now regret it. Sometimes there are legal ramifications to saying anything at all. Perhaps innocent people could be affected if more were shared. And honestly, because I have a full-time job keeping myself in line, I really have very little time to invest in speculation of just what exactly happened to bring the group off the road. And honestly if few details are shared, most of us should be able to read between the lines and respect the group for their choice and reasoning behind not saying more than they did. I just know that I hope and pray we have Gold City around as long as they feel God sees fit for them to be on the road.

    • Brady,

      Excellent comment! It’s probably the most balanced and well-thought-out of the post so far.

      I agree with almost everything you said. The one exception: I want to see Gold City stay on the road – for as long as they are able to field a lineup worthy of the name.

      • I understand what you mean, Daniel. I, too, want them to have a line-up worthy of the name. BUT I was going for the thought that if God wants them to stay out there, He will provide them what and who they need! πŸ™‚

      • I don’t disagree Brady. But, fair or not, people speculate and unfortunately Gold City has had a lot more problems and changes the past few years than many. This and the releases seeming vague only seems to fuel the speculation (fair or not). I agree we don’t own them, they have a right to privacy, and they don’t owe us as much as we might think they do. However, looking at it from the other side, groups want the attention, partnering etc. from the fans in other ways. So, it sort of works both ways a bit. If you want people to invest themselves in what you are doing, don’t be surprised if they take some ownership. πŸ˜€

        That said, I am generally not one who thinks they owe much. However, when a concert is canceled those who buy tickets want to know why it was canceled. They spent money, time, effort to get them, gas, maybe a hotel room, maybe a babysitter etc. So, although I don’t necessarily disagree with your post, I understand the other side too.

      • Does anyone else just feel terrible for the poor promoter? I feel sorry for the guy.

      • Oh, I certainly understand that side of it, too. If one puts themselves out there in the public spotlight, they shouldn’t be surprised when people buzz about them, because that is not only what they want people to do, but also the price one pays for the notoriety. Still, depending on the situation, if it had been you or I involved, we may not have wanted anything said either. Until I’ve walked in their shoes, I usually think it’s better to not press the issue.

      • I think we are about of the same mind. We don’t have the right to know everything, but I do think at times it is understandable to want some info about groups we care about and make parts of our lives. I am pretty open about things, but yes there are things I want to remain private too. However, something to think about, we aren’t so much wanting to know their personal lives, but things that affect the group as a whole.

        Nonetheless, they aren’t obliged to tell us anything they don’t want to and we don’t have a right to demand it either. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah, YGG, I mentioned the promoter in a previous post. Like I said, even if it wasn’t GC’s fault and couldn’t be helped, it affected him and others. Also, depending on what he said or how he said it, he might have been concerned about them and didn’t mean to get rumors started. Or, I suppose he could have been upset and dished it on them ;), I don’t know.

  13. If one does not want to become grist for the rumor mill, honesty is essential.

  14. Wow – there really are a lot of praying people out there.
    I respect all the comments and we have a right to disagree – some of us believe Jesus will come before tribulation and take us out – others think we will go through it. I don’t really care – just as long as Jesus is with me wherever I am!!! LOL! i know that has nothing to do with all this but I am going to a Beth Moore study and it was just on my mind!The point is – we have a right to disagree as long as we all pray for each other and try to be united and love each other as we are instructed in I John.
    The promoter did go too far with his comments.If you feel we should be upset for spending money and driving 100 miles he could have told us when we arrived and bought tickets an hour before the concert. I may have drove back home. But I didn’t and Freedom was really good and who couldn’t love the Perrys. So we all got what we came for – to get a blessing from some good gospel music – even if Gold City didn’t sing it!!!!
    I think I like you guys and I have never posted on a blog before!
    Maybe i will see some you at a concert soon –

  15. A radio news reporter said on An Other Blog:

    I asked for more info.. Daniel Riley said: β€œThe nature of the situation is not something that needs to be publicized, because it’s very personal to those involved. I did what I felt was best for everybody involved.”

    • You’re sure walking a fine line trying to bring all this stuff in without attributing it, aren’t you? πŸ˜›

      • A very fine line.

      • It took me a couple of years to get that pun, by the way. I can be slow on the uptake.

      • πŸ™‚

        My mother is the queen of making great puns completely by accident. Whenever she tries to make a joke on purpose, it falls flat. Her best moments come when she doesn’t realize it!

  16. I am currently listening online to Gold City’s concert live in Lakeland, Florida. Dan Keaton is filling in for Brent Mitchell, and it was said that Brent needed to take some time off for a family situation, or some such similar wording. If you want to listen, by the way, you can “tune in” for the next hour (give or take) at

    • Thanks Ellen. They’re singing “Midnight Cry” right now.

      I hardly ever hear a lead singer try to hit the notes that Craig hits. It’s very striking.

    • I only got to hear their last song

  17. I watched the entire concert; and it was asbolutely awesome! Dan did a fantastic job on the tenor part, and Craig, Danny and espceially Tim did not disappoint. As I posted to Danny on Facebook, Tim only gets better with age.

    Need to pray for Brent for whatever family issue has arisen in his life. Folk, having any family issue, whether it’s health or something else, is never easy to deal with. It becomes even harder to deal with when you are separated from them by miles and miles.