Booth Brothers Essential 25: Vote

Earlier this week, we took nominations for the essential 25 Booth Brothers videos we’d use to introduce someone to the group. The nominations are in, and here is your chance to vote!

Pick the five you most want to see in the final list:

[polldaddy poll=4740724]

The top 25 here will be largely identical to the final list, but I may use video / audio quality and appropriate balance between commercial and handheld as factors in making a few editorial decisions, if necessary.

UPDATE (3/22/11): You’ve nominated, you’ve voted, and now, the results are in!

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  1. Huh? There are two versions of “We Believe” here, and he left out “His Grace is Sufficient!”

    • There were a number of songs with multiple nominations. I removed all duplicate videos, but where there were actually duplicate videos of the same song, I deemed it appropriate to offer up all nominations and let y’all pick which one you thought was best.

      • Okay, but you left out “His Grace” entirely, which would have gotten one of my votes if it were here.

      • had left out. 🙂

        Thankfully, you were the only person who’d voted prior to the update!

      • No, actually I didn’t. I was selecting some things but hadn’t picked all five, then decided not to until you added that particular video.

      • Wait a minute – you said it “would have gotten one of my votes if it were here” – doesn’t that imply that it did not get your vote, and thus that you’d already voted? 🙂

        I’m confused, but I think I at least have decent grounds for being confused! 🙂

      • I didn’t vote (yet), but if I had voted it would have gotten one of my votes if it were there.

      • Ah. 🙂

      • And we begin another beautiful, calm morning over here at SGB. 🙂 🙂

  2. Daniel, on some songs,there are multiple versions listed, and it’s conceivable that all the versions may cancel each other out, thereby keeping that particular song out of the running altogether. Will you be taking into account the total number of votes a particular song gets regardless of the versions selected, and then maybe have a run-off for the best version of that song? What I mean is, there’s a real chance that “He Saw It All” might be left off the list entirely because none of the four individual versions listed received enough votes to get it included — and I can’t imagine a list of BB 25 top videos without “He Saw it All” on there!

    • Oh, I’ll probably take something along those lines into consideration.

  3. Well, the dirty deed is done — but, oh, Daniel, do you have any idea just how difficult it was to limit my choices to five? I feel like I’ve just kept five of my twenty-something babies in the boat and tossed the others out to the sharks, yelling to them as they hit the water, “Sorry, guys, you didn’t make the cut!” (Not that I actually have twenty-something babies, mind you, but the sentiment is still the same.)

    • Oh brother… 😆

      • Well, the good news is that the video babies that didn’t make my cut apparently made some others’. The sharks ain’t won yet!!! 🙂

  4. That was fun, Daniel. Good idea. Hard to narrow it down though.

  5. Just 5?? You’re killing me, Daniel! 😉

  6. I was just looking at the list and, while I appreciate my clip being nominated, this version of “What Salvation’s Done For Me” is MUCH better . That upload was one of my first, and I hadn’t quite figured out how to trick YouTube into accepting my video format. 😉 . Can you, or would you mind swapping them? How long is this poll open?

    • If the song makes the top 25, I’ll watch both and would, more likely than not, swap them out.

  7. This will be a good list! If I remember right, my top five were:

    His Grace is Sufficient
    Beyond the Cross
    I’m Feelin’ Fine
    All of Me
    Hymn Medley

    It was rather arbitrary though. I could just as easily have picked out five others, probably. But those five in particular I thought deserved it. Unfortunately, it looks like not all will make it into the final cut, and there are a couple others that I personally wouldn’t have prioritized, but this will still be an excellent intro for somebody new.

    • I’m planning on leaving voting open through tomorrow night.

      I have one of the most unusual posts I’ve ever had the opportunity to run – an anonymous post – in the hopper for tomorrow morning.

      This will be interesting, and in a good way!

      • Will it be like a game where we guess who wrote it?

      • I don’t think so – well, a definite no on the game part! 🙂

      • Oh okay. Of course everyone will probably be speculating regardless… 😀

      • Yeah, that’ll probably be unavoidable, whether or not it’s permitted to take place in the comments!

      • Oh okay. I had thought it was going to be fun, but maybe not. 😉


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