Sony’s Thoughts: Let the Lord Have His Way

When I was a girl, we used to sing a song which said, “Let the Lord have His way in your life every day. There’s no rest; there’s no peace unless the Lord has His way.” From time to time that song comes back to me and I think about the truth of it. Many times, it seems like we fight with God instead of surrendering to His will. I guess that’s just our stubborn, rebellious nature but, oh, how I long for God to make His will mine.

I’m still learning how to walk in joyful submission but I know that, as I allow God to continue His work in me, I will have more joy and peace. I will still have hard times but, when I realize that God is walking beside me, continuing to lead and give strength, it lifts me up and praise flows forth because I know I’m not alone. My Father is there with me; He loves me; and nothing can touch me that He doesn’t allow.

Praise You, Father, for Your love and watch over me. Help me to ever be faithful to let You have Your way. Make my will Your own. Amen.











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  1. Sony, your devotion hit me right where I am today. Just what I needed to read! Thanks so much for sharing from your heart!

    Blessings on your day!