Cinematic music in Southern Gospel?

Sovereign Grace Music (discussed on this blog here and here, among others) recently sponsored a contest for the most innovative re-make of one of their older songs. Joshua Spacht, composer and worship leader at a Florida church in their network, submitted this impressive arrangement:

Could orchestrations of this nature, infused with dramatic flourishes inspired by cinematic music, find a home in Southern Gospel?

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  1. I’m not sure how good it would be for sing-a-longs.


  2. Some of the purists in the southern gospel blogosphere would say that there is ALREADY too much of a cinematic element in SG. They decry the use of orchestras, and demand that everyone go back to piano only.

    I would think that adding a cinematic element would make for some interesting music. Piano only would get rather boring, after a time.

  3. :shrug:

    Well, everyone should find something to like with the Booth Brothers. Their last album had big orchestrations, but Michael says that the next project will not contain a single note that isn’t absolutely necessary.

  4. You know it’s interesting—I just checked out Sovereign Grace’s latest album _Risen_.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I was completely unimpressed by the music. I heard some attempt at making good doctrinal points in the lyrics, but the music was very loud, dull, and generic IMO.

    • Where did you check it out? Sound clips on their site only, or did you buy it somewhere?

      I actually like “You Have Been Raised,” one of the songs they gave away as a free mp3 download on their Facebook page.

      • I checked out sound clips at Amazon. I listened to samples of all 14 tracks, and my ears were rebelling a bit, although a couple of them seemed nice. 😉

      • OK. (Their site has been so swamped that the mp3 purchase option has been in a crashed state ever since release day.)

        That seems to be par for the course for their projects – a number of songs that seem to run together to the ears of an Inspo or SG fan, and several that are actually not only doctrinally strong, but musically decent or better, too.

      • I would consider myself a CCM fan as well—just a rather selective one. I once bumped into somebody who said, “I’m only interested in what’s coming next Sunday,” and I smiled and said, “Well, I’m interested in what came out last Sunday.”


      • And I’m just as interested in what came out Sunday in March 1911, March 1811, and maybe even March 1711 as I am in what’s coming out in March 2011!