What percentage of your music collection is from your favorite artists?

Commenter Amy poses an interesting question:

Who are your top 5-10 artists and what percentage are they of your music? My top 3 make up ~34% of mine.

What percentage of your complete music collection is from your top 5 artists? Your top 10?

If your favorites are not the ones you have the most music by, feel free to list that separately.

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  1. My music collection is grotesquely enormous, partly because I never get rid of a CD (you never know when you might come across a great song buried somewhere). My favorite artist is, hands down, The Oak Ridge Boys, and I have so much of their music it’s ridiculous. No way to put a percentage on it because I still find CD’s that I didn’t even know I had….

  2. I actually counted this up yesterday, as far as what was on iTunes:

    Gold City-43
    Kirk Talley-48
    Roger Bennett-35

    Those are all the artists of whom I have over 30 songs, except DBQ (37), which I don’t listen to a lot. It comes to 10 artists, and a total of 757. That is 51% of my music.

    Why do SG fans obsess over numbers like these? šŸ˜€

  3. Amy, if you think that’s bad, wait for my numbers!

  4. My Favorite Artists:
    Cathedral Quartet – 890 tracks – 8.4%
    Perrys – 181 tracks – 1.7%
    Mark Trammell Trio – 88 tracks – 0.8%
    EHSS – 190 tracks – 1.8%
    Happy Goodmans – 254 tracks – 2.4%
    Kingdom Heirs – 106 tracks – 1.0%
    Greater Vision – 302 tracks – 2.8%
    Collingsworth Family – 91 tracks – 0.9%
    Liberty Quartet – 92 tracks – 0.9%
    Triumphant Quartet – 117 tracks – 1.1%
    Total: 2311 tracks – 21.8%

    My Most Played Artists:
    Cathedral Quartet – 890 tracks – 8.4%
    Florida Boys – 614 tracks – 5.8%
    Kingsmen – 446 tracks – 4.2%
    Liberty – 92 tracks – 0.9%
    Perrys – 181 tracks – 1.7%
    Blackwood Brothers – 639 tracks – 6.0%
    Greater Vision – 302 tracks – 2.8%
    Blue Ridge – 726 tracks – 6.8%
    Kingdom Heirs – 106 tracks – 1.0%
    Inspirations – 353 tracks – 3.3%
    Total: 4349 tracks – 40.9%

    My largest collections:
    Cathedrals – 890 tracks – 8.4%
    Blue Ridge – 726 tracks – 6.8%
    Blackwood Brothers – 639 tracks – 6.0%
    Florida Boys – 614 tracks – 5.8%
    Kingsmen – 446 tracks – 4.2%
    Inspirations – 353 tracks – 3.3%
    Greater Vision – 302 tracks – 2.8%
    Rambos – 267 tracks – 2.5%
    Happy Goodmans – 254 tracks – 2.4%
    Gold City – 202 tracks – 1.9%
    Total: 4693 – 44.2%

    …OK, Amy, now who’s the geek? šŸ˜‰

  5. Yep, you take the cake! šŸ˜‰

  6. Where did you find all of the Blue Ridge music? That’s priceless! I’ll have to check my library to check out percentages. Great idea, Amy.

  7. Keith–I had a friend dumping his collection, and I got about 65 Blue Ridge LPs for $2 apiece!

    I didn’t much care for the ones from the 70s. I listened to them once and that was it. But the ones from the George Younce era (and shortly thereafter) are great. I was looking for them since I wanted the ones George did with them. I think I have 11 of the 12 he did with them now (unless it’s 12 of the 13).

  8. I have 1880 tracks.

    The Kingsmen – 142 tracks = 7.55%
    Gold City – 137 tracks = 7.3%
    Greater Vision – 109 tracks = 5.8%
    The Cats – 107 tracks = 5.7%
    The Florida Boys – 74 tracks = 3.9%

    Lots of others in the 2 – 3 % range.

    My list kind of surprised me, since that is not exactly the order I would list as my favorites. In my mind it would be more like Cathedrals, Gold City, JD & The Stamps, Greater Vision, Kingsmen, Florida Boys. I only have 53 tracks by JD & The Stamps. Some of it can be explained by product availability.

    The answer to your question though is that 33% of my tracks come from 6 of my favorite groups.

  9. Daniel, you almost paid what the Blue Ridge was charging for LPs in the 70s. They recorded about 50 “table projects” that they sold 3 for $5.

    If I remember correctly, the Blue Ridge released more albums than any mainstream gospel artist other than the Blackwood Brothers.

    I believe they recorded ten albums with Younce, but a couple were reissued on different labels with different covers. The liner notes from “Echoes of the 40s” say Younce is on there, but it’s actually Burl Strevel singing bass.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come second to the Blackwood Brothers! I only have a fraction of their catalog, and I have a huge amount of their LPs. (Well, maybe not by the standards of your collection, but compared to the rest of my collection…)

    You’re probably right on the number of albums Younce recorded with them. I didn’t actually remember the number–I just remembered that I was one short. I seem to think I’m missing their Canaan eponymous release.

  11. Honestly, I could not even begin to figure it out percentage-wise. Much like Kyle, I have a ridiculous amount of music and I have never gotten rid of a CD (which is sadly and pathetically evident by my Spice Girls CD still tucked away in a box somewhere as a momento from my 7th grade year).

    My favorite artists would be:

    The Isaacs
    Gaither Vocal Band
    Greater Vision
    The Cathedrals
    Jeff & Sheri Easter
    The Hoppers
    Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    Charlotte Ritchie
    Legacy Five
    Collingsworth Family

    I have all of the CD’s for each group/artist.

  12. DM: I seem to think Iā€™m missing their Canaan eponymous release.

    Their self-titled Canaan album was originally released on
    Bibletone. It’s a great recording.

  13. I was working from memory again. Yes, now that you say it, I remember that it was a Canaan re-release. At any rate, that’s my collection’s hole from their Younce years.

  14. Favorite group kingsmen-164 albums(included tapes
    records, cd’s
    cathedrals-59 albums(same as above)
    inspirations-70 albums(same as above)
    gold city-53 albums(same as above)
    working on my blue ridge- 34 albums-only vinyl.
    total of everything i got, over 2000. But by far the kingsmen make up the most. i keep getting the kingsmen as long as ray reece is around. when he quits, then i stop with the kingsmen. HEY DANIEL, YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR BLUE RIDGE? HE HE HE

  15. My figures are based on what I have converted to MP3 format. (There’s no way to come up with an accurate figure for CDs or cassettes without spending much more time than I feel like this is worth! :o)

    My total MP3 collection (minus audio books) is 16299 minutes.

    Favorite artists in no particular order include:
    1. Gaither Vocal Band – 6 hours, 54 minutes (2.5%)
    2. Dove Brothers – 2 hours, 56 minutes
    3. Bruce Hornsby – 3 hours, 50 minutes
    4. Michael W. Smith – 6 hours, 51 minutes
    5. Imperials – 4 hours, 3 minutes
    6. Gold City – 5 hours, 39 minutes
    7. Oak Ridge Boys – 3 hours, 23 minutes
    8. J D Sumner & the Stamps Quartet – 3 hours, 19 minutes
    9. Jerry Clower – 3 hours, 42 minutes
    10. Petra – 2 hours, 38 minutes (.96%)

    I just ran the numbers on the largest and smallest. Artists on my top ten individually ranges from .96% to 2.8% of my entire collection.

    I have more John Boy & Billy MP3s than anything else…just a few seconds shy of 9 hours or 3.3% of my entire collection.

    I have more Ray Stevens, Weird Al, Amy Grant, Brian Free & Assurance, Michael English, Kingsmen, and Bill Engvall than some of the artists I have listed above in my top ten. All of the Top Ten faves are in my top twenty, though.

  16. #14–definitely not for #2 apiece! šŸ˜†

    There are circumstances under which I would consider it, I suppose. I wouldn’t sell any of the ones with George Younce, but if there was a collector who had been really looking for one (or more) of the others, simply could not find it, really really wanted it, enough to pay a really really high price…yeah, I’d probably part with it.

  17. I should add that since my MP3 player is just 20 gigabytes, I’ve limited the number of songs to a certain extent.

    For example, I have Gold City’s _Preparing The Way_ CD, but only five songs are on my list. If space was less of a concern, that entire CD (and many other entire CDs) would be loaded.

  18. Hey, I’ve got a bunch of Blue Ridge LPs that I’ll sell for $2.00 each!!!!


  19. Well, if one of you wants to get in touch with the other, one or the other of you needs to email me with permission to give your email address to the other, since I don’t hand out email addresses without permission.


  21. OK, I sent it to him.

  22. Hey, I was just reading posts, and found this. LOL! I have no idea what the percentages of my music are, but I’ll try to figure it out later. šŸ™‚
    Daniel, I was just brainstorming and I think that there was at least 1 Blue Ridge record in Grandma’s stuff. I’m not sure if Nathan bought it or not, since there were over a hundred records there, though. Man, I wish I had a record player! I want some of Grandma’s old records. šŸ™

  23. It really is worth checking around at area rummage sales, and asking people who might know which churches have sales and when. šŸ™‚

  24. I recently bought some records off of an aunt of mine, severall were of the Blue Ridge Qt. In my mind, I was wondering “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THINKING?????” Oh well, I can’t complain though…..her loss is definatley my gain.
    But the vast majority of my relativley small record collection has came from Goodwill, Salvation Army, and simillar stores.

    Anyway, back to the original topic, I haven’t figured up any numbers, but the artists I have the most music from, in all formats, would be either the Rambos or the Blackwood Brothers (By far, those 2 groups Lp’s are the most populace in any Goodwill’s with SG LP’s that I’ve ever been in) , followed by The Bill Gaither Trio, Greater Vision and Gold City.
    None of those listed above are my favorite artists, and only Gold City would make it in my top 5. All that music surley wouldn’t make up 10% of my SG collection.

  25. Well I’m real geeky. I have 18 copies of gold city somebody’s coming

    • Is geeky the right word, or obsessive? šŸ™‚

  26. I guess obsessive is closer. I prefer the word prepared

    • Prepared for what, pray tell? šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ For seventeen of them to get stolen?

      • Oh, it could be many things I imagine. CD rot, scratches, theft, going out of print, price going up because it is then rare and them selling for $100. a piece. Shall I go on? šŸ˜€

  27. Well you know how Gold City makes a great cd then after a couple of years they discontinue it then you can never ever get it again. Also in the wall street journal it predicts that cds will be the new currency when the market crashes