Jay Parrack joins Wilburn & Wilburn on select dates

Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn’s new duo Wilburn & Wilburn is getting off to a running start. They recently signed with Daywind, and have been working on their major-label debut.

Last night, Jonathan announced another huge addition on his Facebook page: Jay Parrack, with whom he toured for a number of years in Gold City, will be joining Wilburn & Wilburn on select Friday and Saturday dates. (Parrack is a worship minister and is therefore unavailable for Sunday dates.)


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  1. I, for one, have been looking for this to happen. I know that Jonathan & Jay are very close. It will be interesting to hear this Trio. Thanks for the update.

    • Jay is one of my all-time favorite tenors and Jonathan is one of my all-time favorite lead singers so it is going to be sweet!!!

  2. I was already planning to attend the concert Saturday night and I’m really looking forward to seeing them together.

  3. Thank the Lord! I was not feeling the duet. Now, to find a good bass singer.

    • I agree, bring on Tim Duncan!!!

    • I’m happy to see them either way, but I would vote for a bass singer also!!!!!

  4. Why would they need a bass singer? These three could hold their own just fine. Variety is good, not every group needs to be a quartet.

    • Agreed that not every group needs to be a quartet but four part harmony is hard to beat…in my opinion. I think they could make a great quartet or trio either one but I would love to see them as a quartet.

      • Disagree 100% need a bass. To much power on the high end.

  5. I liked the duet, but okay, this could be good. Parrack isn’t a favorite, but with a good bass, who knows?

  6. could we have the best part time quartet in the making?

    • It would definitely be in the running…;)

  7. Whatever they do, I will be watching. Their take on “When God Ran” is the best I’ve ever heard!

  8. Praising the Lord with any number of singers, duet, tro or quartet is great. When we get to listen to these gentlemen do it and we enjoy it, even better!

  9. Tim Duncan? Nah. A great bass singer I’ve admired for years, to be sure, but I prefer a roarin’ bass that can make thunder sound like tenor. Ryan Seaton made off with Aaron McCune…there’s Justin Terry, but he’s perfect with Cross 4 Crowns. Ah, Christian Davis, one of my all time favorites. It’d be neat if Mercy’s Mark would pick him up. Ah shucks, just merge Jonathan Wilburn with Jay and Garry, pick up Christian Davis, and I’d just about have my Gold City back. (not that I don’t love their current incarnation) What would we call Jay, Jon and Garry? Gold Mark? Mercy’s City? I’d love it, I tell ya.

    • Christian is presently with the hottest, biggest group in bluegrass music. Bluegrass isn’t accustomed to anything approaching real bass singing, and he’s been electrifying that genre.

  10. Jay Parrack will make any duet, trio or quartet sound WAY better. Best tenor singer out there. And such a sweet spirit about him. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion though.

    • I agree! Jay is my absolute favorite tenor of southern gospel, maybe even the best there is …..

    • One of the best tenors ever in gospel music but I think his Dad Johnny, still is the best.


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