Listening to Southern Gospel online

Kyle Boreing recently asked about places to hear Southern Gospel online. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.] While there are any number of good options, if you find me listening to something outside of my personal collection, chances are it’s at one of these five sites:

  1. Pandora. You pick the songs. As noted in Murray’s post, the Southern Gospel selection is decent but not stellar.
  2. Grooveshark. You pick the songs. They were initially a gray-area-at-best service, but have cleaned up their act significantly since and now pay royalties to artists and (where applicable) labels.
  3. All Quartets Radio. Internet-only station—and, quite possibly, the best out there (especially if you’re a quartet nut!) [EDIT, 6/7/12: Broken link removed.]
  4. JoyFM.Internet simulcast of network stream.
  5. Solid Gospel. Internet simulcast of network stream.

What do you listen to?

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  1. Actually, that was me who asked 🙂

  2. One of the top stations in the country, also has online radio.

  3. Just a side note…you actually do not “pick” the songs on Pandora (other than listening to samples). Pandora actually picks the songs for you based upon your interest.

    Grooveshark is indeed the site where you actually pick the song you want to listen to (after typing in the name of the artist).

    Hope this helps!

  4. You can find a good selection on myspace music sometimes too.

  5. I agree completely with Daniel! For quartet nuts, it is the place to go! I was and am currently listening to it as I read this! LOL!

  6. I listen to both Pandora and Solid Gospel. I did not know about the “All Quartets Radio”. I’m going to have to try that one out as well.

    Thanks for the information!

  7. All quartets radio, where have you been all my life??? If I didn’t miss Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, etc. so much I would listen to them all the time now. Thanks for the info, Daniel!

    I also enjoy Solid Gospel for a great mix of both quartets and others. It is fun to vote ‘thumbs up’ for your favorites on there also 🙂

  8. I have been familiar with Carl Ramsey the owner and voice of for years as he has done news broadcast for many years, and for the network we used back in the 80’s This is a labor of love for him and is about the only internet station I listen too(although I don’t listen to Internet radio much.) Great guy, great station!!

    • Do you think there is any chance they might add the song name and quartet name on screen while the songs are playing? I sometimes miss the announcement of who is singing and spend the next 2 minutes trying to figure it out. Guess I’m spoiled!

  9. When I worked midnights, I used to listen to about all night long. They have great music and a good mix of classics and current hits too.

  10. Thanks, this is great, I didn’t realize there were many internet stations for gospel music.

  11. I listen to Solid Gospel & JoyFM online just about every day. I especially enjoy Solid Gospel because you get to see the artist name & song. It’s wonderful to be able to listen online since we have no local stations that play southern gospel music. Of course, I do buy cd’s & listen to them, too.

  12. I frequently listen to All Quartets Radio.

  13. Carl Ramsey of All Quartets Radio is one of the unsung heroes of our genre. He does an excellent job of providing quality Southern Gospel programming; a nice balance of new and old. And, he’s a great guy to boot.

    • I agree completely! I love the fact that he plays a lot of the old 40s and 50s for, let’s say the Blackwood Brothers, and then he comes to the present and plays a song from the current lineup! It is so awesome and it is definitely my favorite online radio station!

  14. I listen to AllQuartetsRadio, or listened to is more fitting.
    I have so much music (100 GB)on my iTunes..that i play that on shuffle mode.
    So i really have my own radiostation kinda…there’s a lot of stuff i haven’t heard, or heard 1 or 2 times..
    But if i had to pick my favorite would be AllQuartetRadio

    • Ditto.

  15. While there’s a subscription fee involved, we still have a healthy number of persons listening to enLighten via

    • Good submission; because of the subscription fee, and because I have in my personal collection most of what you air (at least, the ones that I’d want to listen to!), I haven’t done it. But that is a worthwhile option for those who do desire to go that route.

  16. Although I don’t have speakers at work and haven’t listened to AQR for a long time, I’m still signed up to support them with iGive. It’s a simple program – You create an account with them, and then go through their site to buy at stores like, iTunes (that’s hard to do, though), Apple, maybe Penney’s, and 800+ others. Those stores then donate 1%+ to AQR.

    I have their toolbar installed so the donation is more automatic, and weirdly enough, I got an email last week that upgrading to the new toolbar would earn AQR an automatic $3 donation per person. I don’t know if that works for new accounts or not, but that station is good enough I think it’s worth a little effort to keep it on the air.

  17. WEEC HD2 The Rock streams Southern Gospel 24/7 Commercial Freem We are the very first All Southern Gospel muticast channel in the United States of America. We are totally free with our webstream..,NO subscription fees. We are a Singing news reporting station and we play everything from chart hits to gold and classics. We are entering our Fifth decade of broadcasting. Choose listen live now and HD2 and enjoy,,,

    • Chris,

      Very cool! What do you mean by multicast?



        By the way, here’s the station website (though the web stream isn’t working for me)

      • Multicast means we have additional channels available for our listeners through HD Radio. 100.7 FM-1 is a digital copy of our analog signal. 100.7 FM-2 on the HD radio is our All southern Gospel channel The Rock. WEEC 100.7 FM-3 is our all traditional channel with Sacred music. All of our channels are commercial free and subscription free and streaming audio on our website.

      • Ah. Very neat! Thanks for the explanation.

  18. For another online option, try Radio CIA 24/7 Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Bluegrass Gospel, including syndicated shows such as Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio. Listener-supported but absolutely free with no commercial advertising.

    • The CIA’s channel plays Southern Gospel? 😮 🙂

      • Yes, absolutely. The CIA in the station name stands for “Christ Is Alive”.

      • Ah – OK! 🙂