Upcoming Southern Gospel CD/DVD Releases: April 2011

Last month, I launched a monthly series listing upcoming CD/DVD releases.

April 2011

  • 4/1: Presidential Campaign Songs of the 1800s, Greater Legacy of Voting Booths Trio (Michael Booth, Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler) (Daywind)*
  • 4/19: Fear Not Tomorrow CD/DVD, Collingsworth Family (Crossroads)
  • 4/19: A Decade of Memories CD/DVD, Collingsworth Family (Crossroads)
  • 4/19: Ultimate Gaither Collection, Gaither (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)
  • 4/19: 25 Years and Pressing On, Heirline (Homeland)
  • 4/19: Live in Concert CD/DVD, The Akins (Crossroads)
  • 4/19: Treasures Unseen, Beyond the Ashes (Vine / Crossroads)
  • 4/19: Till the Storm Passes By, Skyline Boys (Crossroads)

May 2011

  • 5/3: Dreamin’ Wide Awake, Doug Anderson (Stow Town / Provident/Integrity)
  • 5/3: Keeps on Rolling Along, The New Gospel Singing Caravan (Daywind and Song Garden Music Group joint release)
  • 5/3: Something’s Happening (DVD), The Hoppers (table project?)
  • 5/3: Dallas Live (DVD), The Hoppers (table project?)
  • 5/17: I Still Need Him, Mark Bishop (Sonlite/Crossroads)
  • 5/17: We Will Stand Our Ground, Kingdom Heirs (Sonlite / Crossroads)
  • 5/17: He’s Alive CD/DVD, Talley Trio (Horizon/Crossroads)
  • 5/17: The Best of Buddy Greene, Buddy Greene (Gaither Music Group / EMI CMG)

This list aims to be inclusive of Daywind, Crossroads, Horizon/Crossroads, Sonlite/Crossroads, Vine/Crossroads, Gaither Music Group/EMI CMG, Stow Town/Provident/Integrity, Song Garden, Homeland, The Mansion Entertainment, and major independent group releases where known.

Did I miss anything significant, especially among independent group releases? Let us all know in the comments!

*(Oh, and yes, the Greater Legacy of Voting Booths Trio entry is indeed an April 1 entry!)

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  1. Ha Ha! Good one, Daniel! I’m looking forward to several of these CDs – but definitely not the first one!

  2. Come on, May 17th…hurry up…

    • Is it the Kingdom Heirs you’re looking forward to Brian, or all the new releases? 😛

      • Kingdom Heirs, naturally…only maybe 2-3 times a year does one of my very top groups release a mainline project of new songs. It’s cause for much anticipation! Greater Vision is next in line!

      • Is that coming up in June?

      • I emailed Gerald an old song a long time ago that I hoped they would record. It was “The sands have been washed in the footsteps of that stranger on Galilee’s shore…” I guess the title is “When We Get to the End of the Way.” I don’t have much hope that they actually did it, though.

      • Who originally did it?

      • Man, I don’t know. I grew up hearing it. Maybe Jimmy Swaggart. I think Jack Holcomb? did it. I’m not sure how SG he was; he always sang so high within his range that it makes my throat hurt to listen to him, but he had a good voice! My dad thought Gerald should be familiar with the song.

        I really wish Rodney would do it; it would be reminiscent of his “Stranger of Galilee.”

      • I should look it up…

      • http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/When_I_Get_to_the_End_of_the_Way/


        I don’t even know if the YouTube thing is the same song; it just came up on Google!

      • Oh, should add that of course we will be waiting with bated breath for Brian’s review of the KH project.

  3. Am I seeing some Collingsworth re-releases?

    Also, Doug’s new project is called _Dreamin Wide Awake_.

    • No – this is their first release to retail. They were table-only since fall.

      • Well, table and website—some table-only projects aren’t even available through the artist’s own webstore!

      • True.

  4. Crossroads really cranking em’ out! I thought the Collingsworth family we’re on Stowtown recording?

    • Their upcoming mainline is set to be with Stow Town. However, ST didn’t want to take their DVDs to retail, but Crossroads did. (And I couldn’t be any happier, since thanks to the live orchestra these are some of the highest-quality live concert DVDs in the last … well, I was going to say decade, but DVDs haven’t been around that long, so ever.)

      • Oh. That’s strange I wonder why? I guess I’ll never know! LOL 🙂

      • That is quite possible. However, suffice to say that these are the highest-quality live concert DVDs I’ve seen in our genre, period, and I couldn’t be any more delighted to be on the team releasing and marketing them. 🙂

      • Maybe StowTown is operating on a CD only basis…?

      • The two DVDs by the Collingsworth Family are very good and having the orchestra present is a nice touch, but the Gaither Gospel Series has featured a number of DVDs I’d rate ahead of these in terms of overall production quality.

      • Could it be because they’ve already had them as a table project? To remake them with STR on the label instead seems unnecessary.

        The orchestration on the DVD was very good, their singing is top-notch, but personally, the B Roll footage and the talking on stage was below average.

  5. How about the Whisnants? I know they are working on a new project. I love their music.

    • Do you know a title and release date?

  6. I got it right away. But haven’t I seen someone tossing that “greater legacy of voting booths” around in the last few days? Did I dream it, or did it show up somewhere else?

    • As far as I know, it’s entirely original!

      • That’s weird. It has to be original, but it gives me a deja vu sense. OK, I will be quiet before you think I’ve lost my mind (or was reading yours)!

    • Yes, you did. It was Daniel giving a hint of what was to come. 🙂

      • Are you saying I did dream it, or that Daniel let it slip out somewhere?

      • Apparently I did!

      • No, I even googled it and all that comes up is this post. It must be my mind playing tricks on me. OK, I really will let it drop.

      • No, it was in another thread. You weren’t dreaming. 🙂

      • Thank you YGG for saving my sanity! Either that or we’re both insane!

      • Fear not. 😛

  7. They said on facebook yesterday, that they had just gotten back from recording in Nasheville – have only laid down about half the tracks thus far. I guess they’re a ways off, from release date – no tile mentioned, either.

    • If they’re just tracking, they’re probably at least 3-4 months out.

    • The StowTown website listed a summer date. I think it may have been July—one of those months.

  8. Daniel referenced it during a comment on another post! He said he had a good april fools but chose to do something lighter and then said (greater legacy of voting booths)

  9. Daniel, you know which release I am looking forward to the most!! My daughter too! She is three years old and just can’t get enough of “her” Arthur Rice!

  10. Daniel,

    I love this idea. Do you know if Karen Peck has a new release in MAy? Looking forward to hearing Jeff Hawes on it. Thanks!

  11. The Hoppers have their new DVDS out in May I heard them last Sunday night and they were promoting them and then they are also in SN this month. Mike wasn’t with them because he was finishing up the editing to get them ready for the deadline of Monday (3/28) and Dean said they would be out in a month or so and I asked and he said in May. But I’m not sure on an exact release date.

    • Do you happen to know the titles?

      • They are called “Something’s Happening” & “Dallas Live” out May 5

      • Brett,

        Thanks! I just updated the post. Y’all are my secret weapon – I don’t know everything there is to know about Southern Gospel’s past and present, yet between everyone in the community here, there are few things left unknown! 🙂

  12. I recently saw some of THE WILBURNS videos on you tube and i loved their singing but unfortuntly they are no longer a group. i would love to purchase some of thier videos but cant find them. can you help?

    • As far as I know, none of them is still available new. You could check Amazon or eBay to see if you could find them available used.