Singing News April 2011: Tidbits and Intentional Misunderstandings

After I added the Garms Family as contributors, the thought struck me: If they can contribute, why not invite my siblings?

So I did.

They have indicated that they want to remain individually anonymous for now—they like writing, but don’t like the spotlight—and so, we’ll identify them collectively as “Daniel’s Siblings.”

And they have a sense of humor! Here is their first post—observations on the latest issue of the Singing News. – Daniel

Front Cover: The location of the mileage sign is the size of Kentucky and Tennessee combined.

Page 3: Tim Riley’s “I’m Retired Do It Yourself” T-shirt is available in more sizes then his own.

Page 4: What happens on a rainy day during a photo session: Gordon Mote offers to drive everyone to the restaurant and Danny Jones will not recover for a few months!

Page 13: Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Express – Gas City. Is the price of gasoline good enough to pay for the trip . . . if so, it might be worth staying for the workshop.

Page 14: Michael Combs first kid’s CD: “Little Lambs.” (A project for young goats, about young sheep.)

Page 36: “I received a call . . . the rest is history.”

Page 47: 43rd Annual Brumley Gospel Sing . . . If Albert Brumley will be there, it would certainly be worth the ticket price.

Page 50: Blue Mountain Gospel Music Festival; “Talent subject to change without notice.” Will the groups share talent with each other? That might be a sight to see!

Page 53: “Promote, Ticket, Worship! Sell tickets online and on site for only 99cents per ticket” . . . They even sell tickets for worship services now?

Page 65: The winner’s face is rather blank.

Page 85: Primitive Quartet 38th Anniversary Singing: “All seats reserved. . . Tickets available at usual outlets.” If all seats are reserved and they’re still selling tickets, are they selling tickets for full seats?

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  1. 😆

    Please give us a running commentary on the fan awards too. Thank you.

    • Are they on tonight? Last time we missed most of the show. LOL!

    • I don’t think they’re till September or October.

      Oh, and I didn’t know you used LOL! 😮 🙂

      • Well, what are we supposed to say when we are Laughing Over Lunch? Should we wait till supper?

      • Not a problem at all! I was actually quite amused!

        (I think LOL generally stands for laughing out loud! 🙂 )

      • So, was it hard to make the commentary when running, or did you do it audibly while running and then type it in later?

  2. Tell them to keep their day jobs! LOL

    • Don’t worry, we will!

      • I knew you all must be alright, using LOL like all the cool bloggers do. LOL

      • At least you haven’t used “blogosphere” yet. Please don’t. LOL

      • I am sensing the need for a parody of the song “I’m Gonna Shout All Over Heaven” called “I’m Gonna LOL all over the blogosphere” 😉

      • While this discussion has been fun, let’s take further off-topic comments to an open thread.

        (Note to lurkers: Most of the off-topic comments took place when I was asleep, so this is the soonest I could step in!)

  3. In my opion they are good…J.S.

  4. Now you’ve forced me to actually read the Singing News.

  5. My subscription expired when I didn’t know it. Or maybe they got sent back due to the crazy lady that sorts the mail at my folks’ mobile home park. Who knows, but I haven’t seen one in a long time and I have been too busy to track down the problem.

  6. Ha, ha, ha! Or might we say, LOL?! 🙂 (Leesha says, “If there’s one abbreviation that’s overused, it’s LOL!) Sorry, we’re getting off topic.

    Great first post! You all made us dig out the Singing News again, and pay attention to the details! (It took Taylor a while to get the Page 65 one.) 😆

    Keep writing; we’re looking forward to more!

    -The Garms Siblings (BLT)

    • Your initials make me hungry.

    • Thanks for inspiring the addition of this contributor!

      • We didn’t do it! It was you and your siblings!

        But thanks, and you’re welcome. Glad to help anytime!

        -BLT for TGF

      • You might not have done it, but you sure inspired it. Thanks!