Concert Review: Ball Brothers

On Sunday (August 10), I took the chance to see the Ball Brothers at Calvary Baptist Church in Ashland, Ohio. It was an annual event; though not all-day, it was otherwise my first time to be at an old-fashioned all-day-sing and dinner-on-the-ground.

The Ball Brothers are actual brothers; Andrew Ball sings tenor, Daniel Ball sings lead, Stephen Ball sings baritone, and Josh Ball, though not a bass in voice quality, sings what I call “choir bass” (think Bill Gaither, Claude Hopper). Their blend and harmonies are very tight, tight enough to make their sound unique among male quartets. In professional Southern Gospel circles, most family groups where all the members are related have at least one female vocalist; though Southern Gospel fans have become accustomed to tight family blends in mixed trios or quartets, this group is unique among male quartets.

They sang a mixture of new (orchestrated), acapella, and classic piano-and-bass-guitar convention songs. They did not have live accompaniment; however, they did have a sound man, Josh Gibson, Daniel Ball’s brother-in-law.

  • My Lord and I
  • He’s a Personal Savior
  • I’m Already Living Forever
  • There is a Mountain – A highlight of the set, even though it was a little odd to hear five voices. In the studio version (found on Vocalized) the group had a guest bass vocal from Daren Rust; that part was played.
  • Walkin’ in Jerusalem
  • Alright

During intermission, a church quartet and mixed trio each sang several songs. The church quartet, led by the pastor singing lead, sang “Damascus Road,” “I Rest My Case at the Cross,” “Glory Road,” and “Even Thomas Couldn’t Doubt It.” The mixed trio sang “I’m Happy With You, Lord,” “God is a Good God,” and “In My Robe of White.” The last song, “In My Robe of White,” was written by Genice Spencer Ingold, who was a member of the trio.

  • I Wonder
  • Somebody Loves Me
  • Blessing Burden Bearing God
  • A Comfort to Know – This featured Josh Ball on a solo.
  • Promises One By One – This acapella song was fully acapella, with no drum track.
  • Mercy Said No – This featured Andrew. I originally heard the song as recorded by Greg Long on CCM radio; I consider the Ball Brothers’ rendition to be superior. The song has finally found the genre for which it was written (perhaps unbeknownst to the author).

I had the time to talk with members of the group for a little while about some of their upcoming plans. Be watching for big things from the group.

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  1. So was the trio Genice’s family, the Ingolds? Did they host/promote the concert?

  2. I believe the church promoted the concert. The person from the church introducing the groups might have used the first names of the individuals (i.e., come on up, Mark, Steve, John, and Pete), but didn’t say group names for either group.

  3. glad you liked ’em. i’ve never met the ball brothers, but i’ve known the family for years, going back to mt. pulaski il. looking forward to their early nov. concert in tampa…
    by the way, i do like the sgconcert site…

  4. Thanks!

  5. Enjoyed very much your visit to Silver Dollar City. Your tight harmony and great song selection set you over and above most Southern Gospel groups. Hope you are able to return to Branson in the future.

  6. My sister and I saw the Ball Brothers again at the NQC, and they have awesome harmony–they are also such nice young men. I have all of their CDs and would love to hear them more often, but unfortunately, they do not have any dates booked in the VA area. I love the fact that they sing some of the old songs too, since people everywhere love to hear songs they are familiar with. I have enjoyed every song I’ve heard them sing–I wish them much success in their ministry.


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