Gold City hires Dan Keeton

Dan Keeton just posted an open letter on his website announcing that he has accepted the position of tenor with Gold City.

As of Monday, March 28th, 2011, I retired and disbanded “The Keetons.” Nancy is doing what she loves, being a High-Risk Labor and Delivery RN. Jim Sheldon will follow his calling in a full time music ministry and your friend, Dan Keeton, has accepted the position of Tenor in the one and the only … Gold City Quartet!

Here’s an early look at Keeton’s blend with the group. This lineup holds some serious promise:

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  1. I am probably not the only one who didn’t buy the “temporary replacement” thing.

    I’m not familiar with Dan or his voice, but I have heard he is a good tenor. I hope the best for all parties.

    • I have every reason to believe “temporary replacement” was in good faith – and when circumstances changed, I’m assuming it made sense to offer the temporary replacement the permanent job!

  2. what exactly happened here?

    i’ve heard dan on youtube with Gold City…not bad at all

    wish this group all the best, they’ve had a rough patch the past couple of years

    • Brent Mitchell, their previous tenor, took a leave of absence; evidently that turned into a permanent departure.

  3. What I want to know is why Chris West has mysteriously disappeared. Who’s going to replace Tim now?

    • Evidently nobody is on deck.

      Actually, we might not want to know . . . I don’t want to see this site’s GC threads take the direction that the GC threads on another site took, full of contrasting rumors.

      • I don’t expect that to happen.

        I just thought it was strange, since at least with Brent it seems plausible that there were pressing family commitments, but there’s no explanation at all for why Chris is gone…

    • Disappeared? Since when?

      Dan’s voice sounds less forced than Brent’s

      • Since less than a month ago. One night he was there, the next night gone, and nobody has any idea what happened. Well okay, actually, quite a few somebodies have a lot of ideas, but I have no idea how accurate/inaccurate they may be.

      • Like gone completely, or just not performing? I remember he was filling in for Tim while he had pneumonia, so I’m just wondering if Tim coming back on the road led people to believe Chris was gone…

      • Chris is gone and won’t be back, enough said ’bout that! Dan has been a great tenor for years and should have got the job last time he tried out before Josh Cobb. Josh did great, but Dan is the only tenor I have heard in the past several years that has the the highs that Gold City demands on a nightly basis.

      • “Well okay, actually, quite a few somebodies have a lot of ideas…” I love that; it’s so true!

  4. Couldn’t be happier with the selection of Dan Keeton to fill the tenor part. Heard him this past weekend and he was fantastic. I do agree with the thought that this lineup holds serious promise. Talked to Tim Riley for a while after their concert and told him that I seriously thought they sounded the best they had in years.

  5. Great pickup for Gold City! After hearing this lineup on Friday night; I believe it may hold more promise than any lineup preceding it in the last five years…


  7. Wow and yet another change. More changes to this score card than a 11 inning baseball game. On the plus side its always been very, very quality personnel who come (and go) in the Gold City family. No doubt that Daniel has a wish that this season(s) of change would come to an end. Even the “standard bearers” have to go through this. Hang in there guys and keep producing great music. Even with all the changes I have yet to see a post, regardless of the line up, that someone said Gold City was “not that great” last night or similiar comments. Good pick up with Dan on tenor. He will no doubt be a great addition.

  8. “For all who have asked. I am no longer with Gold City. My 3 month old daughter has been very sick for the past few weeks and I feel I need to be with my family at this time. Family has alway came first in my life but I am so sad to leave my dream job. I just did not think it was fair to Gold City for me to hold them back not knowing the future health of my little girl. Please pray for my family that she will get thru whatever her little body is going thru right now. I will miss GC and cherish the little time I had there!” –Brent Mitchell

    I’ll miss him, great guy, fun to pick on on FB!! Please join me in praying for the Mitchell’s their daughter Paislee has a bad UTI among some other stuff.

    On another note WELCOME DANNY KEETON!!! Look forward to meeting both he and Chris somewhere down the road.

  9. Now they just need to bring back the Band of Gold… again. At least just a bassist.

  10. “This lineup holds great promise.” Go back in time to December of 2009, and we see the same statements being made regarding the addition of Josh Cobb and Roy Webb, as well as the return of Tim Riley.

    (Edited as per new Comment guidelines.)

    • I understand that groups always seem to say how great the current guy or lineup is. They go from having the best this or that to finding another best this or that. 😀 However, in this case, the lineup with Cobb and Webb DID give them promise and they were pretty well-received. Now, after a season, they have another lineup that although different, is also one that will get some excitement going and hopefully some stability and consistency for a while.

      I think Dan fits them well. He has a bit of a Gold City sound, but also seems to have some power there. He seemed to have a little problem on the live streaming I saw, but he is early in the group and needs some time to get used to being there and get some stamina built up. I think every tenor they have had (just about at least) were in the same boat. Gold City arrangements can be hard to sing at all, let alone several nights a week and several songs at a time.

  11. This is great for Gold City….and for Dan…

  12. Dan is an amazing tenor! Beautiful voice with notes to spare. Let me say too that I dearly love Gold City and I’m praying for God to poor out His blessings on this ministry team. Who’s with me???!!!!!!

    • I am!

      • Me too Michael!!!

    • Me three. How gracious of you to stop by…

    • You can count me in!

  13. Well if anybody can figure out a way to blame GC for Brent’s little girl being sick … they’re more adept at sophistry than I am.

    • Oh just wait Amy…It’ll happen. Probably not here but “over there” on “the other blog site” it’s free reign. I admire Dan Riley for his patience sometimes.

      BTW I’m with Mr. Booth on this one. I like Danny K, and feel great things are about to happen, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and GC as well.


    • Don’t worry, I get your point!

  15. Sometimes the constant revolving door gets to be a distraction. I know people in charge of groups (like Daniel) feel overwhelmed with the constant changes – out of his control.

    When people join groups, there should be a signed committment for at least a certain period of time (the longer the better). Of course some things come up that is out of the singer’s control (like a sick family member. I agree, family comes first). But there should be a way to have those who audition and get the job to be firmly committed to staying.

    Good luck Gold City on staying together and strong to provide good, loving, and blessed gospel music.

  16. I heard Dan Keeton with DMB a few years ago. WOW! Ed Oneal said Jonathan wilburn recommended him. I was so impressed! I bought Dan Keeton Quartet’s live cd and wore it out! Dan is the tenor they needed when Jay Parrack (the best tenor in history of Southern Gospel) left. This is a FANTASTIC hire!

  17. I’m still not sold on their lead singer. I think he is a good singer but I just don’t see his tones to be high enough to match that high end harmony thats needed in this group. Could be, hope so.

    • sourceofpower: In response to your doubts about their lead singer, I offer this video as a rebuttal. Here is Craig West singing the Gold City staple, Midnight Cry:

      I was at this concert and I can tell you that I came away very impressed with his vocal ability. It is worth noting that I was told after the concert by another group member that Craig was in the midst of recovering from bronchitis.

      • Aaron Swain. Thanks for the video Craig does a great job on this, but he is singing lead. I said “high end harmony” maybe his microphone just needed to be turned up a little bit on Carried Away. Harmony is the concern for me with Dan being much stronger vocally then the last tenor. That being said, I’m sure this will work out as the group sings together.

      • Oh, I see now! I think it may have been the mix on the webcast, as it had several sound issues throughout the night. Mics being too low were probably one of them.

        Don’t know how it was live, but it was Dan’s second night filling in, so everyone was probably still getting used to the sound. I have no doubt that Craig will do just fine in harmonizing with Dan.

  18. I think the fact that Dan has been there for Gold City in the past is a good sign that he’s serious about working with the group. I think his tones will work better with them then Brent’s. I’ll be praying for the his family.

    In all honesty, most of us have no idea what it’s like to keep a group on the road. It’s a lot easier to say what we would or wouldn’t do. So, will Daniel Riley make mistakes? Yes, and prayer/exhortation is a better solution than crude criticism. Keep in mind, most of the time we have no idea what he can or cannot control.

  19. I think that Gold City has a solid sound with this lineup.

  20. Heard them last night in Presque Isle Maine…. Tim was unbelievable as usual, easily hitting A’s, G’s and a few F’s) the F on Under Control at the end was as smooth as cream and was easily felt…. Daniel was as solid as ever…. one of the best baritones on the road today!

    Craig has much potential… as someone else has mentioned, a mixture of Michael English and Ivan Parker, BUT to me he sounded strained last night. It could have been an off night, but he didn’t sound “loose” enough(like Ivan and Jonathan did for instance)

    As far as Dan Keeton, he has the high notes to match the best of them, but sounded kinda “thin” to me.(I remember Jay being a bit that way when he started too) I imagine as he gets used to the rest of the group he will just get better with time. On a side note, he looked mighty nervous as well, which kinda surprised me.

    Overall a great concert!!!

  21. I am confident Dan will do well with Gold City…it is a dream come true for him…honestly, not just a cute comment during a concert…he has the range, great voice and the heart!

  22. If you want to know if Dan can sail off the high notes, listen to the second verse of this song: