Video of the Day: Tribute Quartet

Tribute Quartet’s new tenor, Riley Clark, recently surprised industry observers by picking up a top 10 Singing News Fan Awards tenor nomination in his first year on the road. What makes watching his career take off so remarkable is that every time a new video comes out, he has made a noticeable improvement. This is no exception:

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  1. His vocal control and his ability to connect with his audience are incredible!

    Now if only Gary would tell this poor kid that it’s okay to breathe while he’s singing, his face wouldn’t be so red by the end of the song…

    • There have actually been even notable improvements there, too.

      • Yes there have, this video was one of the better one’s I’ve seen.

  2. Just remember, kids…

    19 YEARS OLD

    • Yeah. And not a year on the road yet!

  3. Ha! You are absolutely right, Daniel. I saw Tribute a couple of weeks ago and I can see a noticeable difference in Riley. Watching him there’s really no question in my mind why he picked up the nominations…. he’s got great stage presence for his first year on the road….

  4. 2 things:

    1. Great Lyrics!

    2. I hope those church records in the top left are not correct! If a “Big Time” group like Tribute is singing in churches that have a record attendance of 73 the SGM industry is in worse shape then I ever imagined.

    Please don’t scream at me. It’s saturday… I love this music, and I want to see it get back into the main stream of Christian Music.
    Daniel you seem to follow these guys around quite a bit, we’re you there? Can you clarify some things?

    • sorry edit* were not we’re my eyeliner got in my eye. oops

      • Eyeliner? I certainly hope you’re not a guy! πŸ™‚

        Tribute has some huge dates but sometimes sings in smaller churches, as well. A church that small would be a distinct rarity; however, they didn’t necessarily know how small the church was when their booking agency set up the date.

        Oh – I’ve seen them once in concert, I think. Maybe twice. (This doesn’t count NQC, where I’ve seen their sets a couple of times.) It just might seem like more since I work for their record company and drop by the studio and chat for a few minutes whenever they’re in. πŸ™‚

    • That 73 is for Sunday School, not a service FYI

    • The concert was at a “smaller” church that has a “big” presence in its community!! This was a Thursday night concert and I know that LOTS of groups do these kinds of dates getting to their bigger Friday, Saturday and Sunday dates.

  5. Why should the size of the church matter If that church can support having a “β€œBig Time” group”? And is SGM not a ministry? Why should the size matter?

    • I think the point is just that “smaller” churches typically can’t afford to have SG talent in them unless perhaps a regional group or maybe a pass through.

  6. I love Riley’s voice. He’s going to be a great one. Very impressive.

  7. I can’t get enough of Riley’s (and all of Tribute’s) raw emotion when he/they sings. You know when you watch or listen to these four that it’s from the heart. Sometimes I question that fact about groups on the road, but there’s no doubt in my mind about this one!

  8. I sure hope God sees fit for me to be here in another 10 years to see the growth that will take place over the years. Riley is awesome. We had the opportunity to see Tribute in Modesto last month. Our first time seeing them. I was blown away then. Great job Riley. You are amazing.

  9. Not necessarily if the “smaller” church is ambitious and raises funding to bring top groups in. Don’t misjudge what a small church can do in their community.

    • That is why I said “typically”, not impossible. It stands to reason that normally, smaller churches have less money to work with (or chances are they would be “bigger”. Now granted, some might be small because they give so much to other things, but still, generally that type of church will grow because they are active.

      This doesn’t mean at all that the smaller church is less than or that they can’t do mighty things for God. Sometimes they might be like the widow with her mite and give more than the larger ones as far as percentage, effort etc. The fact remains though, generally smaller ones have smaller amount of members, smaller amount of money coming in, smaller amount of “excess” funds etc.

      Once again, it can happen, but I said “typically” and I think that holds true.

  10. Wow, he pretty much might be the best, natural tenor on the road.

    • I’d hesitate to say “is” presently – but I think “will be in a few years” is entirely possible.

    • Yeah I think its too early to say right now. However, he certainly has the potential.

      I can’t stop watching the video. I’ve probably watched it 15 times already today.

  11. Tribute is singing for a revival tonight 10 miles from me. That’s about as close to me as I’ve ever been able to get to see a group live. I’m quite excited, especially after this post.

    • Let us know how it goes!

      • Oops, I had the wrong night. They’re singing tonight. The revival meeting was good last night, so I’m going to go back tonight and hear Tribute and hopefully see someone saved.

    • The revival tonight was awesome. Tribute was there to have church and really fit in with the spirit of the service.

      Their performance of “One Holy Lamb” (one of my favorites anyway) is something you have to experience in person. Tonight the song was right on target because the preacher’s message was about the analogy of the antibodies in a lamb’s blood and the sacrifice. He brought in a live lamb to accentuate the message and had Tribute sing the song twice more for the invitation.

      I’m going to have to get our church to bring them in now.

      • Wow, thats pretty cool!

      • Levi,
        I was there. Our church is having the revival and the feeling in the church was amazing. Tribute is FANTASTIC! They have been to our “little country church” twice now and have been beyond amazing each time.

        Riley had just started with them the last time they were here, and the amount he has improved (although I thought he was fantastic the first time) is unreal. These guys are first rate all the way around. I can’t wait to see them again. To be quite honest I follow more of contemporary Christian music and had not listened to a lot of Southern Gospel, until hearing Tribute last time. I am now officially a fan πŸ™‚

  12. Who is that singing bass?

    • It’s their new bass singer. Anthony Davis.

  13. I’d like to say welcome to Tribute and congratulations to Anthony…a young man whom I count as one of “my” quartet boys. He is a Dyersburg boy who used to come to my church every now and then on Wed. night to hear our music. He sang with another fine quartet previously, Firm Foundation, and he is a great fit for Tribute. It thrills my soul to see a quartet of young men start out and become successful. GO, Tribute boys
    !!! πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit tonight…

    Tribute is not one of the trendy groups in SG. They don’t have a big history dating way back. The group members aren’t big names in the industry, and didn’t come from high profile groups. Harmonies aren’t always necessarily spot on. The members probably aren’t individually the best singers on the road. They don’t have a big stage presence up there.

    But here’s the kicker…Yes, they have all these things that, in the world’s view, might normally put them lower on the list of top touring artists. However, they just seem to have that “it factor” that many groups today lack.

    Instead of people leaving the venue saying “wow, I really enjoyed the concert and their great singing,” I think there’s more of “wow that was a powerful experience and I really felt the presence of God in the room.”

    I wonder sometimes about if there was a choice if people would rather have the first over the second simply because they paid to come to this concert, but they don’t necessarily want to pay to “go to church.” Not that its wrong or bad, just my own observation.

    Me personally, I’d take the second option over the first any day.

    • That’s exactly the feeling I had after the service. I’m always kind of nervous before a bigger name group sings at a church rather than in a concert and especially for a revival. I’m always afraid they’ll be too set in their concert-mode and forget the setting and situation for which they are singing.

      Tribute did not disappoint. Riley Harrison Clark was a joy to watch because you could see he felt everything he was singing. Also, before the service the guys (especially Gary) were going around to everyone, shaking hands and talking with them.